High School Football Tonight with NWG at Smith(7pm) and a look at the Upcoming Week of High School Football

Big Game Tonight/Monday with Northwest Guilford(0-0) at Ben L. Smith High School(0-0) in that newly renovated Claude Manzi Stadium, and we are looking for a 7pm kickoff in this one, since it is on Monday night…..Should be a very large crowd on hand to take in the battle between the Vikings and the Golden Eagles….Jordan Williams the new Smith QB and he will be looking to hook up with Barry Ford and Smith has that hard-running RB/LB in Zach White….Northwest can right at you with Tre Turner looking to run past you from all directions and Jacob Leonard, the NWG QB, will be looking to get that ball in Turner’s hands as many ways as he can, with passes, handoffs on sweeps, pitches and maybe some laterals/toss-sweeps too….Cameron Cloud will the other player that gets his hands on the ball a lot for Northwest and Cam can go to the house, if he gets that first step on you, and blows on down the field….The defenses will be busy at Ben L. tonight and Smith does not want to take an L(Loss), even though they are, Ben L. Smith…..

And as for the rest of the week….
Smith goes to Southeast Guilford(1-0) on Friday(Bill Slayton Stadium) and Northwest Guilford will be hosting Western Guilford(0-1) on Friday night at Roscoe Billings Stadium….
Plus you have Southwest Guilford(0-1) at High Point Andrews(0-1) on Thursday at Simeon Stadium in High Point….
For Friday we see….
7:30pm Kickoffs on Friday…
Southern Guilford(0-1) at High Point Central(1-0) at Simeon Stadium in High Point
Dudley(1-0) at Ragsdale(1-0)….Kenneth Miller Stadium, in Jamestown
Northern Guilford(1-0) at Page(1-0)…Marin Kirby Stadium
Grimsley(0-1) at Asheboro(0-1)…Lee Stone Stadium….
Cedar Ridge(1-0) at Eastern Guilford(1-0)….Tommy Grayson Stadium
Northeast Guilford(0-1) OFF…..Bill Bookout Stadium

*****High Point Christian Academy(1-0) at Ravenscroft(1-0)
*****Trinity(1-0) at Bishop McGuinness(0-1)


  1. The comment of even though they are Ben L Smith is very NEGATIVE. Those kids put in alot of hard work to have their whole county put them down. Its a shame that the article written seemed to be so lopsided & showed who the favorite of the writer was.

  2. Sometimes those little puns are maybe going a bit off the page, but the said writer is trying to a be creative and the Ben L. Smith name gives us sort of different school name and not just the quick Guilford County directional naming…..

    On the county teams I changed them too, I made Southeast Guilford SEG, Northeast NEG, Southwest Guilford SWG, and so on….Just trying to be creative and no hard feelings meant or intended…I was with Smith back in the day when they were taking the town down with Eric Ebron and a cast of outstanding athletes….

    They were like (10-0) heading down the stretch run at the end of the season and we had those kids on shows with interviews and the like every time we turned around….

    The L. in Ben L. has been used in other references before here, and sometimes we will say they put the L. back in Ben L. just to be laying something out there and it doesn’t always have to be about loss….

    We do so much of this blogging and writing, we are just looking for different avenues and we will keep an eye on how we use our phrases….

    Glad somebody is reading and keep on reading let others know what is going on over here….

    N&R is doing a great job, GreensboroSports.com is out there too, looking to break through and NEWS 2 Tonight was at the game tonight, NWG at Smith with Patrick Wright right on top of the action…

    We hope to have some video up here tomorrow and I have shot of a Smith TD that will be good for ails you, but the bad kicker is that the ref took the TD away, due to a penalty….

    Might one of our best shots ever, and I haven’t even seen the video yet, but that is how you have to live and play, that next shot is going to be my “best ever”…..

    Good games and some good conversation….

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