High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Looking back at last night’s ball games:Names and Games with Paige, Simpson, Graves, Teague, Brown and the Death of Jay Thomas(610 AM)

Working to scan the Guilford County/area globe as we look back at last night’s games….

On the Grimsley Whirlies’ win from the Asheboro Courier-Tribune and at least three key interceptions for Grimsley in the first half….
CLICK HERE for the Asheboro Courier-Tribune…
Win #100 for Grimsley coach Darryl Brown last night and he is starting to hit the numbers like Daryl Barnes used to do….And C.K. Siler too…

Joe Sirera from the News and Record on the Page win over Northern Guilford last night and a big night for the Page Pirates’ QB Javondre Paige…
CLICK HERE for the N&R on Page-NG, from Joe Sirera…

J.P. Mundy from the News and Record on Dudley’s 74-21 victory over Ragsdale….
CLICK HERE for the Munday report on a Saturday….
A quote from Dudley coach Steven Davis on what’s due up for Dudley next Friday night(Page)…
“They(Dudley football players) know what’s at stake next week- bragging rights throughout the city,” Dudley’s coach said. “We’re not in the same conference anymore, but we all know each other. It’s been a great rivalry since I’ve been head coach here, so they know what’s at stake next week and I think they’ll be ready.”

Check out this post from out site/GreensboroSports.com, from Wyatt Smith, on the Southeast Guilford-Smith game where Ryan Douglas threw for 105 yards and a TD for the Falcons, and the ‘Flying Falcons’ had LB Jax Hackett flying around all night long….Did not hear anything out of Jaylen Guy(WR/RB/DB/KR/PR) man for the Falcons and not sure at this time about his status…
CLICK HERE to check out the SEG-Ben L. Smith game from Wyatt Smith….

More on the way….And from The BIG WAYS(610 AM) out of Charlotte, these days known as WFNZ the Fan, where Mark Packer, “The Pack Man” and Gerry Vallincourt, not to be confused with Vicky Vallincourt, out of BIG WAYS from back in the days, radio man and actor Jay Thomas, age 69 has died from cancer….He was a good one/talented and was involved in a lot of sports-related events and skits over the years and one of my favorite Jay Thomas stories was when he had to give “The Lone Ranger”(Clayton Moore) a ride after one of their radio remotes for BIG WAYS 610 radio back in the day….
CLICK HERE for the word on the death of Jay Thomas….
CLICK HERE for the Jay Thomas-Lone Ranger story as he told it on the David Letterman Show and they used to try and knock a meatball off of a Christmas Tree back on those shows with Dave and Jay…You see the link to the YouTube video with Jay Thomas and David Letterman…

Dominique Graves from Eastern Guilford with 5 touchdowns on Friday with 4 rushing TD’s and 1 passing TD, as D. Graves threw for 105 yards going 11-18 and he rushed for 92 yards on 11 carries….228 yards for Eastern Guilford overall on the ground last night in the Wildcats’ 50-7 win over Cedar Ridge….
CLICK HERE for the full story on Eastern Guilford over Cedar Ridge, from Adam Smith at the Burlington Times-News….

The Game of the Night down around Charlotte last night might have been Myers Parks’ 23-20 win over Ardrey Kell in OT and the Ardrey Kell Knights are coached by the son of Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey and that is Kyle Brey….
CLICK HERE to read more about this game…

Read about Mallard Creek mauls Matthews Butler when you CLICK HERE…42-9 Final with the MC Mavericks way out in front…

Scotland County gets past Durham Hillside 34-21 and CLICK HERE to check this one out from WRALSportsFan.com….

Wake Forest rolled over Richmond County last night, 38-13 and CLICK HERE to see more on that game from WRALSportsFan.com…..

Looking back at some of last night’s local numbers on ‘The Rewind’ one more time….

336:Total yards for Javondre Paige from Page HS in the Pirates’ win over Northern Guilford…
334:Total yards for Gerald Simpson from Dudley HS last night in the Panthers’ 74-21 win over Ragsdale…6 TD’s overall for Simpson last night..
300:Win total for Coach Jimmy Teague from Reidsville after his RHS Rams whipped McMichael last night…
202:Yards passing for Jakob Lenard from Northern Guilford last night in the Nighthawks loss at Page HS and 4 TD passes for Lenard last evening…
197:Total yards passing and rushing combined for Dominique Graves from Eastern Guilford last night….5 TD’s for Graves with four of them coming on the run….
179:Yards rushing for Zariek Rush from Dudley last night and three TD’s while on the run….
160:Total Yards for Tre Turner from Northwest Guilford in the Vikings win over Western Guilford….Tre Turner from NW Guilford. 149 Receiving Yards 2 TDs, 2 rushes, 11 yards, 1 TD….Total 3 TD’s Friday night, and now 4 TD’s on the season…
105:Yards passing for Ryan Douglas from Southeast Guilford HS last night and he threw for one touchdown….
100:Win total for Coach Darryl Brown from Grimsley after last night’s Whirlies’ win at Asheboro HS….
4:Interceptions on the season for Christian Herbin from Northern Guilford after another pick at Page last night….

*****We have nine(9) spots taken in the Numbers Race and who should get that 10th and final spot….Know of another BIG performance that we missing????? Let us know and we will add in the 10th member to our ‘Elite Club’ above….*****
Still room to add more into the room above…….

+++++More numbers will be coming in, but for Curt Ervin at High Point Central in the Bison’ win over Southern Guilford, Ervin with 2 TD’s total, going for 1 rushing and one receiving….Defensively, John Oxce, from Southwest Guilford HS, with 7 TFL’s, two sacks and a fumble recovery for the SWG Cowboys in their win over High Point Andrews on Thursday night….DeAndre McBride, from High Point Central with 3 Interceptions and one of those went for a Pick Six on Friday night vs. Southern Guilford HS…McBride also threw for 2-point conversion… +++++

$$$$$$$$$$ In case someone was interested and maybe missed the CLICK ON on Jay Thomas and that now ‘world-famous’ Lone Ranger Story, here it is coming in our way from Wikipedia.org, and we just have to keep carrying on….

Thomas made his annual Christmastime appearance with David Letterman for the first time in December 1998. Letterman and one of his other guests that evening, then-New York Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde, took turns tossing footballs at the Christmas tree across the stage, atop which sat a large meatball. As the two tried to knock off the meatball and failed repeatedly, Thomas came out, decided to join in the festivities, and knocked the meatball off of the tree. (Thomas had played quarterback on his college football team.)

When Letterman talked with Thomas later on, Thomas told a story about when he was a young disc jockey at WAYS 610AM in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thomas had been making a promotional appearance at a local car dealership which had also booked Clayton Moore to make an appearance, dressed in his Lone Ranger costume.

As the story goes, after the appearance Thomas, who at the time sported what he referred to as a “white man’s Afro”, and his friend, who was wearing high heeled shoes, tight pants, and a tie-dyed shirt, went off to get “herbed up” (smoke marijuana) behind a dumpster, after the broadcast ended. When they returned to pack up their equipment, they discovered that Moore was still there, as the car that was supposed to drive him to the Red Carpet Inn on Morehead Street (some years he would say the Red Roof Inn) never arrived. Thomas offered Moore a ride in his old Volvo, and Moore accepted. As they were sitting in traffic, an impatient middle-aged man backed his Buick into the front end of Thomas’ car, broke a headlight, and drove away.

Thomas gave chase to the Buick through heavy traffic, finally caught up to the man, and confronted him about the damage. The indignant driver denied breaking the headlight, and Thomas threatened to call the police. The man said nobody would believe their story because Thomas and his friend looked like “two hippy freaks”. At that moment, Thomas said that Moore, who was still in costume as the Lone Ranger, got out of the car and said to the man, “They’ll believe me, citizen!”

For every year thereafter, with the exception of 2013, Thomas appeared to re-tell the Lone Ranger story and once again attempt what Letterman calls the “Late Show Quarterback Challenge”. For the final appearance of the story in 2014, Thomas was again successful in knocking the meatball off the top of the tree. Thomas missed the 2013 Late Show Christmas episode due to surgery on his throat; John McEnroe took his place and told the Lone Ranger story, then tried, unsuccessfully, to knock the meatball off the tree by hitting tennis balls at it…$$$$$$$$$$



  1. Looking ahead a little bit. It appears the two teams that pushed Dudley last year and help propel Dudley to a state 4A title in 2016 in my opinion. Will be the same two teams that will push them again this year and propel them to a state 3A title in 2017. Hillside and Page. If Dudley continues to score and the young defense play somewhat solid D. I think they will bring home a 3A state title. A Dudley/E.Guilford 3A state final would be awesome!!!

  2. Would Dudley and E Guilford be able to meet in a championship. Or would they be on the same side of the bracket?

  3. @Dudley1…Hopefully the Pirates can erase some mistakes and give Dudley a good game! I’m hoping for a great game with the Pirates coming out the winner. But I know that will be tough for that happen.

  4. Dudley and Eastern Guilford could meet for the 3-AA Title and it all depends on each of the school’s ADA/ADP/their Average Daily Attendance/Participation which comes out right around October 31 and that tells how large your school is in terms of your sports participation for the 4-AA, 4-A, 3-AA, and 3-A enrollments for the NCHSAA post-season participation…

    If they both hit the 3-AA marks then could meet in the Final Game if one goes East and the other goes West in 3-AA….

    Dudley will be 3-AA this year, after being at the 4-A level/classification last season…

    Eastern Guilford was 3-AA last year and they were in the East….Dudley was placed in the 4-A West, so if the direction that they took last year will carry over to this year, you could have that dream matchup, with Dudley and Eastern Guilford meeting for the NCHSAA 3-AA Title…

    A lot of things will have to fall into place, but that would be a great thing to see for our Guilford County schools…

    Page at Dudley this coming Friday and then Page at Eastern Guilford the following Friday, so that should give us a good indication of how everyone is sitting around the top after the first 4 Weeks of the 2017 season…

    Hope this all plays out to our advantage, and hoping the breakdown will help clear up the possible playoff picture….

  5. Dudley head coach should be ashamed of himself. Putting up 74 on a team. Saddest thing is that you seem like you are ok with it, im just referring back to the broadcast you did last night when you were literally laughing at the score. Im sure those student athletes, kids, children werent laughing. And you arent bad as play by play announcer but the Million Dollar Man comments should be kept for your next book signing at Borders.

  6. “James Lograin” my question to you is what was the Dudley coach supposed to do? Were theu still throwing bombs with two minutes left in the game???

  7. Mr. Lograin, Dudley’s coach did have his 2nd and 3rd string players in the game during the 3rd and all of the 4th qtrs.

  8. James Log,

    Some of those points came from the bench ala Alston Hooker coming in at QB to get gametime experience. Player rotation is the secret sauce of a top tier program.

  9. If you think the Dudley coach cannot run out clock when he has already hung half a hundred on their opponent then your Make America Great Again hats are on way too tight. Or the Dudley coach should not be molding young adults who have way too many influences in the 21st century anyway.

  10. “James Lograin”, it appears that he tried by putting his 3rd string in the fourth quarter……….also, what do you teach kids by “taking it easy” on them??? That is a bad life lesson IMO. Ragadale scored in the first half of that game so it isn’t like they had no players. Games like that happen. You learn from them and move on. Ragsdale will only get better from that game. That is MHO.

  11. When did I ever use the words “taking it easy” Embarrassing student athletes on the field is not taking it easy good sir.

  12. “James Lograin” I don’t think they were trying to intentionally embarrass the players. I see it as a learning/teaching moment. What were they supposed to do, take a knee every play? Now THAT would have been embarrassing.

  13. You are right. I apologize. I have seen the light. Thank you for articulating your point and it is explaining to me how it was a teachable moment.

  14. You sound like a sad sore looser. The Ragsdale kids came to play last night. They didn’t roll over. Dudley had to keep scoring in the first half. The next time one of our third string kids get an int we will tell him to fall down instead of running back for six. Or how about we tell our 3rd string rb to just take a knee when he gets the ball. Or maybe the Ragsdale team should just quit when they get down by 30.

  15. Stop cying that not how the game went. And to introduce as “stop crying ” is real mature and. Stop pinning your own hopes and dreams on 16 year old kids. Listen to yourself ” we will tell him to fall down ” just another loser parent who always has something to say in the stands. You dont coach. You dont teach. And secretly your wife probably wants to do the head coach. F. U.

  16. I’m sure they had the running non-stop clock going in the second half of the Ragsdale-Dudley game…

    We did have the “Million Dollar Man” cleared up last night bringing Ted DiBiase into the picture, but that did not have anything to do with the score of the game in Jamestown…

    At least we didn’t go with any “Rock N Roll” Buck Zumhoffe references….

    Coaches, announcers, even players, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time….

    Heading toward time to get ready for next week’s games…

  17. I have coached and taught before. You are a poor excuse of a man coming up here crying over a score. You sound more and more like a pedophile wanting to baby teenager’s. You are the parent that wants to give the last place team a participant trophy. It’s OK little Danny let me rub your back. SMH

  18. “Stop Crying”, that last comment…….a little over the line with some of it’s content IMO.

    “James Lograin”, you mentioned people having on their Make America Great hats. I just want to clerify something. I am a Ragsdale grad, I am African-American (if that makes a difference), and I’m not a Trump supporter (if that makes a difference). My son has played on teams that have won BIG and LOST big. He has also been on teams that have lost every game in a season and teams that have gone undefeated in a season. He probably grew more as a player on the team that lost every game in a season than any other team because it taught him to NEVER give up. We always looked at the big loses or tough seasons as learning experiences.I just wanted to share that.

  19. “Smh” I guess you were a benefit of affirmative action. Piss off and your wife hooked up with two coaches in Guilford County. I know that for a fact because this blog is not anonymous.

  20. Fellas, fellas, come on now……….

    “James Lograin”, you mentioned people having on their Make America Great hats. I just want to clerify something. I am a Ragsdale grad, I am African-American (if that makes a difference), and I’m not a Trump supporter (if that makes a difference). My son has played on teams that have won BIG and LOST big. He has also been on teams that have lost every game in a season and teams that have gone undefeated in a season. He probably grew more as a player on the team that lost every game in a season than any other team because it taught him to NEVER give up. We always looked at the big loses or tough seasons as learning experiences.I just wanted to share that.

  21. If you guys want to finish it, finish it down by the football field….

    We don’t need to be getting personal on here…

    Football comments in the football comments section are meant to fun and informative and not personal battles…

    If you have an ax to grind, take it down to the hardware store and if want to dig at each other take the digging down to the graveyard and do the digging there…

    Keep it cool and have some fun with the games, support your teams and share some good info…..We are open, we listen and we care, but the one-on-one stuff takes away from the good news that can be spread around, and otherwise, we just end up spreading around manure….

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