High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:(4-0) Teams are becoming harder to come by and BTW here are some new/updated #’s/Looking at those Local Linkin Logs

Final:East Forsyth 70, WS Carver 0
*****East Forsyth-WS Carver game to continue today at 3pm….East up 14-0 and driving in the 1st Quarter….Game called last night due to power failure on the light poles and game will get going again at 3pm Today/Saturday…..East up and driving for another score in the 1st Quarter and thanks to East Forsyth assistant coach Aaron Beal for this update….*****

Here are some #’s that just jump off of the page at you this morning/afternoon….

A Look at a new look Top Ten for Guilford County and only two Unbeatens left in the County….
Dudley(4-0) at Southeast Guilford(4-0) next Friday night….
+++++And talk about a team that was looking for a win:
Charlotte Garinger High School beat Central Academy team 42-0 to end a 55-game losing streak that spanned six seasons. Garinger’s losing streak was just four short of the N.C. record, set by Gumberry High from 1972-78.+++++

New Top Ten:
3)Eastern Guilford(3-1)
4)Southeast Guilford(4-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(3-1)
7)Southwest Guilford(2-2)
8)Northern Guilford(2-2)
10)Northeast Guilford(2-1)

Other key numbers and members to be looking back at from Friday night….
We mentioned that we had Dudley(4-0) and Southeast Guilford(4-0) left Unbeaten in Guilford County and are some other (4-0’s) to be keeping an eye out for….
Charlotte Catholic(4-0) after topping Ardrey Kell, 38-14, on Friday night….Myers Park is (4-0), Charlotte Harding is (4-0) and Coach Rodney Brewington’s South View team is off to an (4-0) start….The top 4-A team in the state, Wake Forest, is also (4-0)….

Some of the numbers jumping out off of the page for us today include the 85-yard touchdown grab by Tre Turner, from QB Johnny Pagano, for Northwest Guilford last night…..Javondre Paige had 221 total yards for Page HS last night, in the Pirates win over Eastern Guilford, with Paige throwing for 155 yards and rushing for 66 and he picked up one TD…Dominique Graves, the EG QB had 152 yards passing and he ran for a TD….Cody King from Page had 91 total yards and one TD…Big TD run of 50 yards for King….The kickers were the ‘Kicker’ in the Page-EG game with Thomas Murray(Page HS) booting a 44 yard punt and Colin Smith(Eastern Guilford HS) nailing a 44-yard Field Goal….Murray 2-2 on PAT kicks and a FG….Faraji Joseph from Dudley hit on both of his PAT kicks and he drove his kickoffs deep into the Durham Hillside end zone on a consistent basis on Friday night….Joseph is wearing the same #83 jersey that last year’s Dudley Panther kicker Kenji Patterson used to wear, and maybe the thread of good kicking has been passed along….Devan Boykin and Malachi Manness led Ragsdale to the Tigers’ 20-19 victory over Southwest Guilford in Overtime in High Point last night….That is the word I got last night from Kris Walser and Kris said put Boykin at 100 and Manness at 91 yards rushing from Friday…..

Gerald Simpson with a TD run and a TD pass to Nigel Fitzgerald for the Dudley Panthers last evening and overall Gee Simpson did a very good job of managing the game at the helm for the Panthers….Five stars/***** for the revamped Dudley Defense in the Panthers’ win over Hillside, as the Panthers would bend between the 20’s, but they would not break and let Randy Trice Jr.(QB) and Jamal Elliot(RB) get into the end zone in the second half at Tarpley Stadium…

+++++If you know of more names and numbers that we need to get in/list here, shoot those names and numbers our way….We always have names that have been left out, but we do not leave them out intentionally, as our intent really is to promote the kids, but sometimes we can’t do it to the max, unless you send us those names…..+++++

Looking at those Linkin Logs…
CLICK HERE for the link to the Dudley-Durham Hillside game from J.P. Mundy at the News and Record….

CLICK HERE for the link to the Page at Eastern Guilford game from Joe Sirera at the News and Record…

CLICK HERE for Wyatt Smith from GreensboroSports.com on the Page at Eastern Guilford game…

CLICK HERE for the Eastern Guilford-Page game from Alex Hager at the Burlington Times News…

CLICK HERE for the link to the Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford game, from Tim Nash at the News and Record…

CLICK HERE for the link to the Reidsville Rams-WS Reynolds game from Jay Spivey at the WS Journal….


  1. Braxton King of Southeast Guilford had a good game going until he went out with an injury. His first run from scrimmage sent for about 60 yards and he second run went for about 20. I believe he went out in the second quarter. The offense is still working on consistency, but they are getting there.

    SE is kind of in a no win situation next week though. If they beat Dudley the tag line will be, “Dudley wasn’t at full strength” and if they don’t win the tag line will be “I told you so”, at least I’m sure that is what the News and Record will say………

  2. Dudley beat a very good Hillside team Friday night and they were not at full strength. So I don’t think you will hear any excuses from Dudley either way. I’m still buzzing over that QB from Hillside Grady Trice. Man that kid was a baller!

  3. Andy I see Coach Beal’s name up there and I still to this day can’t figure out as to why Jared Rolfes demoted Coach Beal from DC at NW and then let him walk to former conference rival East Forsyth. He is a NW guy. He still lives in the NW area and would’ve made a great Head Coach at NW. Before I go any further let me state I think NW got a great coach with Wallace but Beal would’ve been great just because he is a NW guy who’s won conference titles there and NW Page game would be even that much more heated. Now that Rolfes is at Page you know he is really going to try to get one on Beal and that East Forsyth team after they put over 100 points on him in two years. Can’t wait for that game. There will be some fireworks for sure on the field and if not on the field just keep an eye on the coaching staffs. 2 years ago Rolfes and Beal had to be seperated by police officers at midfield after East beat down NW. Should be fun! Andy, please cover this game in a couple weeks.

  4. Rowfus Beale both have a great rivalry. I know Beal isn’t the Head Coach but he’s the DC at East and Rofess calls plays at Page. This year I will say Page is the better team and should beat East by 1 or 2 scores. I think if Page gets up look for them to try and run the score up and rightfully so. People don’t forget Coach Beal! You turn to eat crow! Thought we were losing this game when NW lost East. Glad Rollfes ended up at Page so we can get this game back! Go Page

  5. I care because with Roscoe gone there arent too many coaching rivalries like there were about 10 years ago. I will say in 2 weeks Page wins 35 – 17. They get the offense going and the Page defense crushes the weak East Forsyth offense. Seen Bullins and their O twice. He’s not that good without C.Beal in the backfield to bail him out when he’s struggling

  6. Andy,

    I know this is a cross county game but cover this one for us fans. Two of the top teams in the Triad with both coaches drama. lots of story lines to cover! Think its being played at East Forsyth and they always have a great crowd. Couple weeks away but you should start planning. Thanks Andy
    Grimsley fan
    -Mike Turner

  7. We are not trying to create any hatred among our coaches…

    I have the utmost respect for both Coach Rolfes and Coach Beal….

    Coach Beal told us this Summer he was not interested in the Northwest job when it came open this Summer…

    He is happy at East and he said one day he will go after a head coaching job, but the time is not right now….

    Coach Rolfes has to be very happy right now at Page, with the Pirates off to a strong start…

    We will see how the schedule is looking in a couple of weeks and if there is not other coverage lined up for that game, we will sure take a look at it….

    We want to keep the coaching fraternity and the schools all civil and all good….

    The heat can come in these rivalries but it needs to come from the field and not from the sidelines…

    Got to really got caught up with the field results and leave the strategy to Coach Rolfes, Coach Willert and Coach Beal…

    Be easy on the coaches, there’s is not an easy task and whatever happened in the past is old news and everyone is looking to make new news…

  8. Andy,
    I don’t think people are asking you to create or feed into hate among the coaches. I think what they are trying to say is can you cover the game on the radio and on the website all week even though its not in this county? Both teams are going to have great records and both teams coaches don’t like each other (its no secret) therefore it should make for a hell of a game!

  9. We can sure build up the game and will plan to do that and carry the game if we can pull it all together…

    Just don’t want to see any bad blood from the past go spilling into the 2017 season…

    Really it has to be about this year and what is going down/on now and not what may happened a few years back…

    It seems like on the surface the REAL BIG GAME would be the Page at Northwest Guilford game, but we will sure keep our eyes and ears open and plan to promote the Page at East Forsyth game too…

    This thought hit me hard this morning, “Coaches lead, but players play the games”…..It really is in the end, all about the players, since they score the TD’s, they make the blocks to open the holes for the runners and they make the tackles….

    Big games coming this week with Dudley(4-0) at Southeast Guilford(4-0) and Southwest Guilford(2-2) at Northwest Guilford(3-1) and I’m sure that there are other big ones out there too…

  10. Just curious how SE 4-0 is behind two 3-1 teams…
    No respect…. I guess they have to beat D this week!

  11. That EF/Page game is gonna be really interesting. But any game involving Page is interesting, I guess. On this board, you either love’em or hate’em.

  12. Football Fanatic, I can understand what you are saying from a certain viewpoint, but strength of schedule definitely plays a very high role in considering rankings. If you consider that Page has played Dudley, Eastern and Davie, who were all Preseason top 15 in the state, that counts.

    Furthermore, Eastern and Page are coming off of state championship appearances…and Dudley just won the state last year.

    Thats not to say that SouthEast isnt legit. They may very well turn out to be the truth, but it is somewhat of a “prove yourself” type of concept when it comes to teams who have played lower ranked teams. I am a Page guy then Dudley guy second, so i tend to root for them, but I have some kids that are on the SouthEast squad that I love like little brothers, I want them to succeed! But, like i tell those SE kids when we’re at church, you gotta prove it!

  13. After much consideration we had Dudley at #1 after they beat Page and Page beat Eastern Guilford and that is how 1, 2 and 3 come together….SEG has defeated HP Andrews, Smith, NWG and Grimsley and the power of schedule of those three teams does not yet match up from what we have seen from Dudley, Page and Eastern Guilford…

    Eastern Guilford was a bit upset when I had them ranked behind Page prior to the Page-EG game, even going in EG was (3-0) and Page was (2-1), but I had this feeling that Page would go in and knock off Eastern Guilford and they did….

    If SEG can beat Dudley this Friday they(the Falcons) will have earned that #1 spot and they will get it…

    I was thinking back today and I have been tracking this stuff since 1970 and sometimes I am right and most of the time I am….

    I do slip up on occasion and this week might be that week…..The crazy thing is that all those years when I was involved with playing football, I never played on a losing team…

    Lots of games, lots of years and lots of time just hoping that you were guessing right….And you know, sometimes we were….

    Football was and is in my blood and I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to leave this sport alone and believe me, with this sport, as with almost all sports, there is something new to learn every day…

    I am always learning and seeing new things and I am just glad to still be putting this info out here and I am thankful to have a platform to share this info with the sports fans….

    As the ‘Black Avenger’ Ken Hamblin used to say each day on his radio show, “Onward, upward and Beyond”….

    Carry on my wayward sons, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary heads to rest, don’t you cry no more……Kansas and J.C. Watts the day Oklahoma best Nebraska……

  14. Back story on the Beal Rolfes rivalry. Beal was at NWG for 7 years before Rollfes was hired. He was named the defensive coordinator by then Head coach Joe Woodruff. Woodruff made him the DC from what I heard because NW had just lost OC Coach Oele who moved back to Michigan to be with family. A few months later Woodruff found out he would be leaving NW too. Rollfes is hired by NW Guilford as the HC. Rolfes had all intentions on leaving the defense the same like he did at Page this year. Only he heard about Todd McComb wanting the job. McComb was hired and Beal was demoted back to DB coach

    I think Rolfes found out that Beal was going to leave and gave him the Special teams coordinator job. Not even 1 year later McComb left just like many of us thought he would. When he left Beal was asked to interview for the job again. So he did and a few weeks later Rolfes brought Beal in and told him he was bringing his buddy from Ohio (new Western HC) down to run the defense. Beal said thank you but no thank you and left for East Forsyth. East made Beal the Co-DC and a year later he was named the outright DC.

    Here is the screwed up part. They left Miller on Defense for 1 yr and moved him to offense and brought in Pat Neal as the DC. I’m no football guru but give us Beal any day over Neal. Atleast Beal is a proven winner but oh well.

    Now the fun part. Beal goes to East and they flat out dominate NW. The East Forsyth defense shuts down Rolfes and all those D-1 player NW had on offense. After the game Rolfes and Miller went right after Beal talking trash trying to start a fight. How do I know? I was right there on the field with the cops trying to break it up. I will also say Beal was just walking away and the NW coaches were the ones running their mouths. Thats when I lost a lot of respect for the NW coaches. Under Woodruff that crap wouldn’t have flown. The next year it was very similar with Rolfes taking shots at Beal in the paper. Nw fans were taking shots and him on social media and other sites. Put all that together we have a great Rivalry!

    Now Rolfes has even more weapons than he had with Hennigan, Turner, and cloud. East Forsyth has lost almost everyone on their team last year. Rolfes should win and win big. I just know Beal and the East defense will be ready. Sorry for the long post just wanted people to know the story. That’s about as true to the point as you’ll get. My kid was at NW and played for Woodruff. Beal was on the defensive side of the ball but I got to know him pretty good.

    Rolfes to me didn’t like the fact he made a bad decision and Beal’s teams were getting the better of him and people were letting them know about it on every site. But this year I think Page wins and I bet Rolfes runs the score up just cause he doesn’t like Beal or East at all. Should be fun to watch like others have said

  15. Andy,

    I say let them put up whatever they want. Everyone is a big boy. As long as they aint talking trash about kids let the adults handle it. I hope PAGE beats them down too and rolfes doesn’t shake Coach traitors hand. Go PAGE!

  16. All in all I think it sounds like way too much drama if you start re-living the NWG-East games in such detail….

    Still say it is all about the kids and they don’t care about any of the mess that might have gone on the past…

    Still say the Page-NWG game will be the game the kids will be pointing to….

    The adults need to give it a rest and let the coaches coach….They are the ones in charge of the overall operation…

    Let the kids play and the coaches coach…

    The fans are lucky/blessed to have these coaches and Guilford County is sure blessed with loads/lots of talented football players and we better enjoy it while we can, because the well could dry up in a few years….

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