Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – September 15, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: Dudley at Southeast Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Southwest Guilford at Northwest Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE #8 – 10:34 PM

Dudley (5-0) – 42
Southeast Guilford (4-1) – 17

Page (4-1) – 31
Winston-Salem Reagan (2-3) – 3

Southwest Guilford (3-2) – 30
Northwest Guilford (3-2) – 23

Eastern Guilford (3-2) – 11
Smith (3-2) – 14

Ragsdale (3-2) – 32
Northeast Guilford (3-1) – 40

High Point Central (3-2) – 21
High Point Andrews (0-4) – 7

Grimsley (2-3) – 42
Western Guilford (0-5) – 26

McMichael (1-3) – 6
High Point Christian (5-0) – 35

Winston-Salem Atkins (2-3) – 26
Bishop McGuinness (1-4) – 27

Mount Tabor (3-2) – 13
Glenn (5-0) – 30

Asheboro (1-4) – 21
Wheatmore (5-0) – 24

Mallard Creek (4-0) – 17
Charlotte Harding (4-1) – 9

Wake Forest (5-0) – 35
Southern Nash (4-1) – 0

Reidsville – 35
Magna Vista – 0

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  1. Dudley played three quarterbacks and beat an undefeated team by twenty five points after losing their number one receiver in a one man fight. Other than that it was a Ordinary Friday Night in Panther Land.

  2. My question is where did all those Page Haters go? Page just put the beat down on Reagan. Then we get a warm up before we go over to East Forsyth and smack the mighty Eagles around! I know Coach Rolfes has been excited for this one for awhile. He finally has a team that can match East with athletes. Can’t wait for the Coach Rolfes Coach Beal rivalry to take place again! I would say that Page is a 2 maybe 3 TD favorite right now. GO PIRATES AAARRRRRRRRR!!!!

  3. SE looks really good, about as good as the 2006 team. The fight did change the momentum that was going for SE. Other than that, Tinsley and Co. has them headed in the right direction.

  4. Played good?…. you got smashed 42 – 17 but I could see how thats a moral victory. I wasn’t 60-0!

  5. Were you at the SE game? I was, much closer than what the scoreboard says. Now go cheer on your Pirates and relax!

  6. Forget Page and Dudley wins tonight. How about Smith beating Eastern Guilford though. Coach Wiggins is truly turning that program around over there.

  7. It never fails SE plays Dudley and freeze up. I’ll agree they hung with them through out the game but they got blown out in the 4th. All Yeah Dudley played 3 Quarterback but of course they’ll still be good, remember those two guys were supposed to battle it out to start before Simpson got there.

  8. The facilities at Western Guilford are in desperate need of total replacement. No stadium in the county is in such a state of disrepair. Behind the stadium is dark with bullet holes in some of the windows. The visitor bleachers and nothing short of dangerous. No fault of WG but come on Guilford County Schools this school has a proud tradition and it is time to renovate this stadium. You have totally redone SEG, Dudley, and Page and it is time to build WG back to at least decent shape. I have not kept up hopefully this is in the plan.

  9. I agree with See WOW, unfortunately for SE, football is 4 qtrs and not 3 qtrs. Dudley also showed the importance of having your 2nd and 3rd string players ready to play because injuries will happen. Lets not forget, Dudley is a young team

  10. I would argue that SE took two steps forward and Dudley has taken a step back………last year this game was OVER from the first snap. I would also argue that IF all of the kids that play at Dudley, but live in SE district came back to SE the tables would be flipped. HA HAAAAAA!! Get at me. 😉

    Either way, Rush seems to have been the real difference. Had he not played, that game could have EASLY turned out like the Smith/ Eastern game or the Page/Dudley game. Close or a SE win.

  11. Page QB is same kid, jersey was torn in the Eastern Guilford contest. So Paige wore a different numbered jersey

  12. I’ll agree Dudley really isnt that good this year, but aye they’re winning. I’ll be surprise if they repeat tho.

  13. Heard Coach Doug Henderson was over at Western last night and you think he might be able to rattle a few cages and if he saw those bullet holes and the bad condition of the Stadium(Doug Henderson Stadium) maybe he can create a “Call To Action”….

  14. Once again NW is off the radar as expected. Tre is the real deal and the running backs are really good. The line players are too slow to compete against better than average teams for 4 quarters. The CB’s and DB’s are simply too small to cover. NW plays the most basic defense in the city. They don’t shoot gaps, the LB’s sit waiting for action without attacking and the CB/DB give too much space. NW would be better off bumping the receivers off the line and having the LB’s shoot the gaps. Teams are running and throwing where they want when they want too much. Unless NW scores 30-40 pts a game, they will lose. NW will finish .500 or less on the year if nothing changes. Getting bigger in the secondary and shut down those holes on the line.

  15. What do people expect from Dudley? The team is not just good, it is doing just fine. Has anyone seen more than one Page football game? They are average winning games against inferior talent, but their fans think that type of football is awesome. Again, the football IQ of the people in this county matches what is demonstrated in coaching plans by NW and Ragsdale coaches. I forgot to mention attending at least 2 Grimsley games…by gosh…

    *The men people place in the lives of student-athletes…

  16. Ummm , you say Southeast has talent…then complain about the talent they DON’T have.I didn’t see Dudley take any steps backwards in crunch time

  17. Reading what Ted doe writes is watching paint dry. Boring and stupid. Ted Doe has no clue. Its Dudley or Noooo body. He trashes page and every body else in the Triad. He has so much time on his hand. Question are you marriec

  18. “Ross”…….my point is that we have more talent than people realize. I can’t complain about kids going to Dudley. It is there right. That being said, if the talent that is at Southeast comimg through the ranks stays at Southeast the story lies may change a bit. Same goes for a few other schools. Dudley has a squad and a lot of good kids so I can’t trip on them, but there are other talented players and teams in Guilford county that don’t get much credit.

  19. You’re right Southeast has talent. It takes a ton of work from the kids and coaches to develop our local talent and it’s good to give credit when due.Pulling for Southeast the rest of the way.

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