Friday Night Finish:Earl Bates(NEG) early season candidate for Coach of the Year???

What do you think about that, Earl Bates(NEG) early season candidate for Coach of the Year?????

I know it’s not really early, we are now 6 weeks into the season, but in some ways it still feels like we are in the ‘Early Season’ mode….

Northeast Guilford at (3-2) and pretty close to (4-2) after falling at Eastern Alamance on Friday night….

NEG at Eastern Alamance and Northeast lost the game 14-10, but they lost this game by only 4 inches….NEG had the football 4th and goal from the EA 1-yard line with 30 seconds left. NEG QB Ta’rique Ridges came up 6 inches short…That’s how close NEG was from knocking off the Eastern Alamance Eagles…
(Game-based info by way of Text Message)

NEG will be at home next Friday night with a chance to defeat the Northern Guilford Nighthawks for the first time ever….

NEG now at (3-2) and really playing well under new head coach Earl Bates….Should receive much consideration for Coach of the Year in Guilford County, based upon what he has done up to this point of the 2017 season….

This is sort of Crazy the way NEG is coming around under Coach Bates…The Rams are on the “Rebound” and if they can take down the Northern Guilford Nighthawks next Friday night, who knows what the rest of the season may hold, for the Rams….

Friday Night Stats for Northeast Guilford HS:
Courtesy of David Saint-Hilaire…..
NEG rushing-273
Eastern Alamance rushing-160
NEG passing-35
Eastern Alamance passing-97
Total for NEG-306
Total for EA-257
NEG 0-4 on fourth down conversions
NEG 4-10 after starting out 3-3 on third down conversions

Here is how the teams are lining up now after Week Six of the 2017 high school football season….
Southeast Guilford(5-1)
Southwest Guilford(4-2)
Eastern Guilford(4-2)
High Point Central(4-2)
Northeast Guilford(3-2)
Northern Guilford(3-2)
Northwest Guilford(3-3)
High Point Andrews(1-4)
Southern Guilford(0-5)
Western Guilford(0-6)

*****Among the big games coming next Friday night in and around “The County” include:
Dudley(5-0) at Southwest Guilford(4-2)
Page(5-1) at East Forsyth(4-1)
Northern Guilford(3-2) at Northeast Guilford(3-2)
Ragsdale(3-3) at Glenn(5-0)
West Forsyth(5-0) at Northwest Guilford(3-3)

+++++If you know of other key games coming our way next week, let us know……*****


  1. The kids on both sides of the Northeast/ Eastern Alamance game played their hearts out and both sets of coaches really coached well, it was like a playoff game. The officiating was the worse i have seen in my 36 years of following high school ball and this crew should not be used again in my opinion. Great game,just sad that officials could determine the outcome ,Eastern Alamance has a good squad but Northeast took it to them all night,very good hard fought game! NE will be a factor by playoff time !!!

  2. The scores are one door/post down on the Scoreboard…

    Our scoreboard at the game had Ragsdale down 33-28, but good news they came back and won and that is real good news….Glad that 33-28 was not a final and Ragsdale turned that 33-28 into a 34-33 win…

    I had Ragsdale picked to win that game, so that is great news all the way around….

  3. Not even close……COY should go to 1st year Coach Tinsley. They will be a factor in the playoffs.

  4. Hey Andy. Earl Bates is “Coach of the Year”? And Stephen Hawking can beat Usain Bolt in a foot race ! Oh better yet, Coach Greg Crum from the Greensboro Pride is being recruited by Saban because he’s so impressed what Brum is doing at Greensboro College. Just ask Earl Bates out to dinner and movie already.

  5. Hey folks just asking…..No need to get all touchy here, let us know who you think deserves the COY at this stage of the season, if not Earl Bates…

    Andy wants/needs to know…

  6. I was a coach Tommy was there. I know what our program could do. I know how it was destroyed within a year. So, yes I think it is a good subject.

  7. Coach Bates should definitely be considered for coach of the year. The Rams are back on track and playing well. They are 1 poorly officiated game short of being 4-1 and looking toward to beating Northern Guilford for the first time in school history.

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