NCAA Basketball Coaches charged with Corruption and Fraud:”The Rifleman” Chuck Person a ‘person of interest’ and on the list

Chuck Person has been charged with accepting kickbacks for steering student-athletes to financial managers…..
You can check out more about the charges against Chuck and the other NCAA basketball coaches when you CLICK HERE…..

*****Person was named after NBA player, MLB player, and actor Chuck Connors(“The Rifleman”).*****

+++++Nicknamed “The Rifleman”, Chuck Person had his No. 45 jersey retired at Auburn on Feb. 18, 2006.+++++

Chuck Person, “The Rifleman”, is from Brantley, Alabama and was a college teammate at Auburn with both Charles Barkley and Chris Morris…..


  1. Hey Andy, this sounds alot like what your old buddies from Northern used to do. Maybe we should get the FBI to investigate Roscoe and the other Northern folks. Didnt they bust a football coach for drug trafficking 2 years ago?

    Disappointing is’nt it? Do you ever go to see coach Stan in prison at all? You were a big fan? Right ?

  2. One more piece on Chuck Person and his nickname, “The Rifleman”…..His full name is Chuck Conners Person…

    He is totally named for the TV Rifleman Chuck Conners, with again the full name of Chuck Conners Person…

    Saw this on the the indictments against him and the others in the fraud and corruption charges….Printed copies available at….

    This could become one of the largest/biggest sports stories of the year or even the decade for that matter…

    Lots of bribes and money going around…..

  3. I remember the old Flying Dutchman from radio, I think it was Pete Berry and I remember the old Flying Dutchman from football, Norm Van Brocklin….

    I remember Stan K. too and I keep him and his wife, sons and daughter in my prayers and thoughts each day….

    Hoping some day Stan might show Remorse, pay Restitution and find/experience Redemption…
    Got to show some forgiveness and accountability for his wrong-doings, re-pay the wrongs/monies he took and get on with life, through Redemption of some sort….
    (Keeping a lower profile would be a good start/beginning)….

    We all have a lot to work with and work on, and those were the days, back in the day…..

    Good group of kids and I just ran into Jonathan Frye a while back up at Omega Sports, where he was selling me a pair of basketball shoes….Experienced concussions while at Tulane and then on to APP and he could never complete college due to the head injuries/the concussions….

    Michael Neal and Jacob Lawson on to APP, Christian McCain starting LB now for the San Diego Chargers, John McBeth assistant football coach with former Northern Guilford head coach Brian Thomas now down in South Carolina, Asad Lamont played hoops for UNCG, Austin Coltrane still in college was at Campbell and may now be at N.C. State…..Saw Chris Forlano working up at the $1.99 Cleaners on Battleground the other day….

    Lists could go on and on and I just saw Corey Kimber, the former Dudley pitcher and he was with the San Diego Padres farm system until Tommy Johns surgery got him a couple of years back, saw Corey back on Sunday night at CiCi’s Pizza and he is still working baseball, pitching in the Independent Leagues and saw his brother Eric Kimber, was with Kansas City farm teams, he/Eric was up there too….

    Corey Kimber, a very big young man and Eric is very slim….

    I see and hear about these kids all over the place every day and wish no ill will on any of them or their families…..I hope they all do well and the same for all of the coaches I have run into over the years….

  4. It’s sad the FBI had to do NCAA’s job
    I guess they were to busy figuring out what bathroom we could use
    Karma baby

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