Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – September 29, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: Northern Guilford at Northeast Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Dudley at Southwest Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM


Dudley (5-1) – 6
Southwest Guilford (5-2) – 34

Page (6-1) – 20
East Forsyth (4-2) – 19

Northern Guilford (3-3) – 6
Northeast Guilford (4-2) – 10

Ragsdale (4-3) – 14
Glenn (6-0) – 19

Eastern Guilford (5-2) – 53
Southwestern Randolph (4-3) – 0

WS Parkland (4-3) – 19
Smith (3-4) – 12

West Forsyth (6-0) – 43
Northwest Guilford (3-4) – 13

WS Reagan (3-3) – 35
High Point Central (4-3) – 22

Grimsley (2-5) – 14
Reynolds (5-1) – 28

High Point Andrews (1-5) – 20
Reidsville (7-0) – 60

Southern Guilford (1-5) – 33
Burlington Williams (2-5) – 19

Mount Tabor (5-2) – 56
Western Guilford (0-7) – 0

High Point Christian Academy (5-2) – 12
Charlotte Christian (4-1) – 37

Western Alamance 48
Morehead 0

Rockingham 27
McMichael 10

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  1. Dudley been barely getting by all season, I knew a L was coming soon. I’m really shocked at the blowout tho.

  2. Im going to say it, didnt think Dudley was much better than SE. (I have no dog in the fight) They have been plagued with injuries, so I think the jury is still out. Still a very talented team who will go far!

  3. It was Southwest’s that did the trick. They had three early turnovers deep in Dudley territory that resulted in 18 quick points. One was a scoop fumble for a TD and on another the defensive player TOOK THE BALL OUT OF THE QB’s HAND on the handoff exchange and rumbled for a TD. They wanted it more. Also, Miles Berry left the stadium on crutches. BTW, Rasheed Wallace if UNC and the Detroit Pistons was at the game.

  4. Hey Andy, the Northern-Northeast audio stream was pretty good but I tried the Dudley-Southwest game for a while and it just skipped around all over the place and never ran for more than 15 seconds uninterrupted. It was impossible to listen to. I gave up on my phone and then tried my laptop about an hour later with the same results.

  5. SWG did a good job of capitalizing on early Dudley miscues. There were a lot of 2nd and 3rd string kids playing for Dudley tonight. The injuries have taken their toll on the Panthers. But, we will see how they bounce back just 1 loss.

  6. Another week of football and just another lost at Northwest Guilford. The offensive backs are good and they don’t give up. The defensive backs are too small against teams like West Forsyth or Page. NW showed more effort tonight against West than they did against Reidsville but these teams are out of NW’s league. I can’t believe NW does not have better talent.

  7. Yeah, saw Rasheed Wallace tailgating in the parking lot before the SW/Dudley game…knew it was a bad sign for somebody!

  8. Page East was the best HS Football game I’ve seen all year! Both Defenses were as advertised and just like I said it came down to Defense and special teams. In the end East Defense was on the field the entire 2nd half and ran out of Gas. Great game, great win by Page.

  9. Yes Nigel Fitzgerald was out tonight as well serving a two game suspension for throwing punch in the SE game.

  10. SWG vs. Dudley on playback right now with a Super Clean copy featuring Kris Walser and Coach Daryl Steele on the call, plus NEG-Northern Guilford is now on replay as well at GreensboroSports Radio…

    Check out GreensboroSports Radio and check out those games….First win in school history for NEG over Northern Guilford….

    We got that East Forsyth record adjusted….EF (4-1) going in and (4-2) coming out vs. now (6-1) Page….

  11. Man thank goodness Page defense is good, another game with multiple picks thrown by Page QB (3 int). That slow start to the offense is what’s going to get Page blown out in the playoffs. Happy for that come back but man that offense has to get going
    He has Cody King, Naseem Alston, Assad Alston, and Nick Baker at WR. The weapons are there for that offense to be better.

  12. That Smith/Parkland game was good. Smith defense is legit, they had about 3 picks last night. That offense had alot of missed opportunities tho, alot of dropped passes. Overall I love the direction that Smith football program is going.

  13. Dudley had 5 starters out as well as 3 addl that tried to play and had to get out early in the game. SW played great defense, as they scored most of their TDs. That win was big for them. Dudley running the plays that EVERYBODY knew they would, nothing new, straight up the gut. Coaches need another strategy. They will definitely bounce back. State Champs reboot & rebound.

  14. Every team has injuries getting into the mid part of the season. Not implying anyone is but no excuses. Dudley will be fine., Congratulations to SW for a great win.

  15. Just play the hand that’s dealt you. SE vs Dudley – SE was missing their starting RB/ starting punter ( which hurt ) Starting LB/2nd RB and a key special teams/scatback. May not have made a difference , may have, but this is the first you have heard anybody from SE mention that. No excuses just accept a loss.

  16. The NWG fan is upset, but this is not the place to trash the coaches and the players….If upset beyond degree, I would suggest, Stay Home.


  17. W Forsyth is OVERRATED!!! They are a good team, but a weak NW team played them close for a half. I was also hoping to see more from KJ Henry. Seems like he took the night off.

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