Friday Night Finish with Southwest Guilford, Page, Northeast Guilford and Southern Guilford getting some High Marks

You are going to have to give marks of ‘A’ to the Southwest Guilford Cowboys, the Page Pirates, the Northeast Guilford Rams and the Southern Guilford Storm, on this Friday Night Finish…

Here you go then, mark this down…..

Northeast Guilford-A
Southern Guilford-A…..

The above Guilford County high school football teams just got top grades for their Friday Night Finishes and you have to hand it to the Cowboys, the Pirates, the Rams and the Storm….

Those were some crazy games out there on Friday night and we have the numbers to prove it…..

SWG posts/lays 34 points on the #1 team in the state, the Dudley Panthers and SWG only allows six points on defense and SWG has Sean McIntosh with a scoop and score on defense, John Oxce with a scoop and score on defense and Jaren Rainey steps in for mop duty and he takes off on a 65-yard TD, as the game-closing QB for the Cowboys….

Page goes into hostile East Forsyth territory in Kernersville and the Pirates come out with a 20-19 win and now Page is laying to claim to the point that they are just as good in 2017, as they were in 2016, and Page will look to run the table in the Metro 4-A Conference…Haven’t seen all of the results/#’s, but I feel certain Thomas Murray played a big/large role in the Pirates’ victory tonight, in K’ville….

Northeast Guilford bent, but they did not break, in the Rams’ first-ever win over the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…We had been hearing and seeing some big things from and about Ta’Rique Ridges and the Ridges kid is the right man to be running the Rams and Ridges can run and he also found his passing touch on a TD toss to Zeke Nicholson and the run after the catch by Nicholson was outstanding….

How many years has Northern been a high school and that is the number of years it took NEG to beat the ‘Hawks and history was being made near McLeansville tonight/Friday evening, and we are hearing that there could be statue of NEG Ram coach Earl Bates being erected out in front of the NEG school building, by Monday morning at 8:45am….
Northeast got past Northern and NEG was bending, but the Rams would not break….

NG had chances late in the game, but on one occasion the ‘Hawks had too many men on the field and they gave NEG an automatic first down….Northern jumped on a NEG punt that came back to the Ram punter high and as he is trying to just cover the ball, Christian Bass from NG gets on that ball, and runs it down close to the Rams’ 25-yard line….

NG got a huge first down run from the QB Ryan Flippin, but he had to leave the game for good and Jacob Lenard came in and he threw a TD pass to Ford Moser on Lenard’s first play, but the play came back and no TD, due to offensive pass interference being called on Moser…..

NEG would hold on big-time from there and for NG, they lost 10-6, but they missed a field and an extra point kick wide-left…..With those 4 points you have a tie game, but the theme of the night for NEG was we will bend, but we will not break and NEG HELD ON and the Rams got that win and did you hear, Ridges can run and NEG got great support from Davion Swain on the ground, with his hard and determined running on the ground and close to the ground, in the second half….Defensive line ‘mates Ramone Darby, Rodney Blake and Anthony Hairston all stood out, all night long for NEG, with LB’s David Olla, Amari Jackson and Quan’Dre Clagon showing their stuff on the Ram defensive front all night long, along with DB Desmond Overton all night long too…..

Quite a wild night and a huge Northeast Guilford win up at Bill Bookout Stadium, on the Northeast Guilford campus….Still curious how many years that Northern had beaten Northeast, but we saw it all and history was made tonight in McLeansville…Bryce Johnson with a big interception for Northern in the second half, but like I was saying earlier, NEG would bend, but they would not break and on this night NEG HELD ON, and the Rams claimed the victory….

I was at that NEG-NG game and that is why we wrote considerably more about that game….

Southern Guilford defeats Burlington Williams and even though we weren’t anywhere near that game, this was great and big moment for Southern Guilford, as the Storm picked up their first win of the season and it was the first win as a Southern Guilford coach, for Storm leader/coach Bear Bradley….

SG back in the Win Column and now just one Guilford County team without a win this season/year and that is the Western Guilford Hornets, who got crushed 50-0, at the hands of the Mount Tabor Spartans tonight…..

Let’s look at those report card marks again, as we close out Week Seven of the ’17 season….
Southwest Guilford-A
Northeast Guilford-A
Southern Guilford-A

*****I don’t know how we keep doing this, but every week, we keep coming up with a new Theme for our ‘Friday Night Finish’…..*****

We will see you in the morning, at the ‘Saturday Morning Rewind’………………

+++++Hey, how are we going to fix this poll?????

Do we have Page at #1, they are (6-1), Dudley is (5-1) and the Panthers just lost, but they beat Page, 19-14 and then you have Southwest Guilford, who just knocked off #1 Dudley….SWG at (5-2)….

Who do you spot up as #1 among that bunch?

Southeast Guilford is (5-1), but they got took it on the chin vs. Dudley……

How do we sort out the new #1??????????+++++

Do you go Page at 1, Southwest at 2, Dudley at 3 and SEG at 4????
Dudley falls from 1 to 3 and is that a fair fix???
Page at #1 and what do you say?


  1. I would go

    See if Dudley can make some adjustments with all the 2nd and 3rd string players they have in due to a lot of injuries to starters. If they loose again then they should drop to 4 or 5.

  2. Looking around the state, Charlotte Catholic will be the new 3A #1. Dudley will probably drop to 5th or 6th. If this trend holds, and I am going to remain positive. But, It may be that there will be no state titles again this year in Guilford County in 3A or 4A.

  3. Yall dont knw sports or football at all!!! How can SW jump SE in poll SW lost to RJR an Ragsdale not to mention struggled with andrews an NW.. an SE beat andrews an NW with ease.. an the jump by beating a beat up team that had it coming.. im a page man but i knw football an SW is not a good football team.. remember this post cause SW will go down to Smith in two weeks

  4. Hard to make Page #1, when Dudley beat them head to head and they each have a lost.


  5. By what I can track from MaxPreps, the Northern Guilford-Northeast Guilford rivalry goes back 10 years with the first win for NEG over Northern coming on Friday September 29, 2017…..

    NEG-NG rivalry not as tight as the NG-NWG rivalry, but pretty close…

    Eastern Guilford-NEG also a very close fought rivalry, going back all the way to the days of EG swallowing up NEG players, with the key man being Bobby Hedrick, one of the top running backs in Guilford County history, who was due for NEG, but ended up at Eastern Guilford due to the re-districting and the arrival of a new school….

    NEG-NG or NWG-NG, or even NEG-EG, take your pick…

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