Do you take the Male sports reporters more seriously than you do the Female sports reporters?/Did Cam Newton send out a bad vibe?

When Cam Newton said he thought the female sports reporter’s question was funny when she was asking about the Devin Funchess pass routes, did Cam disrespect that sports reporter(Jourdan Rodrigue/Charlotte Observer)?????

Do you take the female sports reporters just as serious as you do the make sports reporters?

I was tying to think back who the first female sports reporter that came to my mind was from over the years, and I would have to say, Phyllis George, from the old NFL Today Show on CBS…She was on there with Brent Musburger, Irv Cross, Jimmy ‘The Greek’ and others….

Phyllis George did a good job, but she was more like a sports news features reporter, than she was a pure sports reporter…

Then later the NFL Today Show brought on board Jayne Kennedy and she was around with Brent, Irv, Jimmy ‘The Greek’ and crew for a while….

On today’s CBS NFL Sunday Show, they don’t have any female studio members and the same can be said for FOX with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Jimmy Johnson, along with the host Curt Menefee…James Brown leads the CBS Show with Bill Cowher, Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason and others…

But no women on those shows…..

Can Newton was in one of his playful moods when he said Jourdan Rodrigue, from the Charlotte Observer, was talking funny when she asked about those pass routes…I think he was a bit surprised when she asked that real serious question….I don’t think Cam Newton meant any harm, but his response comes at a time when our nation is seeking all kinds of equality right down the line….

I bet quite a few athletes would have been at least a little bit caught off guard if they would have received the same question from Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer, it is just sometimes you don’t expect to be getting a question of that magnitude from a female reporter….And why not?

You don’t think of the female sports reporters having gone through that much football detail in their training period, but I guess with Jourdan Rodrigue from the Charlotte Observer, we(the male sports fans) were wrong and that sort of surprises me too…

Just seems like you don’t expect a woman to stand up and start rattling off all of the major sports related terms and details, but Jourdan Rodrigue is the female reporter that can prove us wrong…..

The older sports fans and scribes think the biggest piece of the pie is theirs since they have paid their so-called dues, but the young reporters and the female reporters for that matter, are opening some eyes and ears….I guess all of us old sports die-hards better start paying more attention and respect to the females on the scene and to the younger males out there on the scene, as well….

This day and time you are only as good as your last write or read, and you need to keep up and Jourdan Rodrigue from the Charlotte Observer is definitely ahead of the curve, and she might bring the curveball at you when you are expecting the changeup….

Cam Newton got caught off guard and he reacted off-key, but in the future we can not underestimate the power and pure sports presence of those on the sports beat, like the female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue from the Charlotte Observer….

Do we take the male reporter more seriously than we do the female reporter?????

Maybe we used to, but we better not any more, because Jourdan Rodrigue and the wave of future reporters, have come ready to claim their foothold on the sports reporting landscape….

Cam messed up, but I think he was sacked when he didn’t realize that the reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue , knew her game and she knew it well and she wasn’t trying to show off, she was just trying to do her job….

Here is Scott Fowler’s take from the Charlotte Observer:

+++++We have Samantha/Sam Ponder leading the Sunday Football Show on ESPN, so I guess it is time to sit back and take notice, female reporters are going to work to reach the top and they will work hard to get there….You can either sit back and take notice, or get out there and work your butt off, to stay in the game….+++++