JV Football Finals Tonight for Thursday(10/5/17):Got any Scores?/It is Time to Light Up that Scoreboard!!!!![Winners=SEG, SG, HP Andrews, Smith, Grimsley, NWG, EG, WS Reagan, N.C. State, New England]

Smith tops Dudley 8-6 and see more on the high school slate below….College game ends, high school games all back up top….
Let’s get those JV scores rolling….
Smith 8, Dudley 6
Grimsley 34, Ragsdale 16
Eastern Guilford 33, Asheboro 14
Southern Guilford 32, Southwestern Randolph 14
Southeast Guilford 44, Southern Alamance 26
We’re checking, but going with SEG at (4-2)
High Point Andrews 20, Eastern Randolph 6
WS Reagan 28, Glenn 6
Northwest Guilford 40, High Point Central 28 /strong>

Time to get that scoreboard cooking….N.C. State up on Louisville 17-10 at the half, in Raleigh….Now 17-13 N.C. State with 5:06 to go in the 3rd Quarter….
Now N.C. State 24, Louisville 13 with 1:04 left in the 3rd Quarter….
N.C. State lead now at 24-19 with 12:08 to go…..
N.C. State to the End Zone on a one-yard run by Reggie Gallaspy II(Southern Guilford HS) and a two-point conversion pass and N.C. State now up over Louisville, 32-19 with 10:04 to go in the game, in Raleigh….Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford HS) having a strong game for N.C. State at safety…..
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central HS) with an interception return of 25 yards for a TD for N.C. State and State is up over Louisville, 39-25 with 2:52 to go in the game….
Final:N.C. State 39, Louisville 25
New England 13, Tampa Bay 7
End of 3rd Quarter:
New England 16, Tampa Bay 7
New England 19, Tampa Bay 14

Rockingham County at Northeast Guilford(2-3)
Northern Guilford(4-1) at Eastern Alamance
WS Parkland at Western Guilford(0-5)


  1. Grimsley 34-16 over HP Central. Whirlies 6th win in a row after opening 49-48 loss to NG.

  2. Why is it posted Grimsley over HP Central last night? Northwest beat HP Central last night by about 12 pts. So unless HP Central twice last night maybe Grimsley should double check what school they played.

  3. Dudley’s JV lost to Smith’s JV. Think I need an earlier drink to ease me into tonight’s game.

  4. We need to find Lamar Daniels and get him to come into here with some more of the scores we have not been able to locate by way of MaxPreps…JV Football results and MaxPreps are not clicking in 2017….

    We have to find to find out what the people WANT, what they NEED!!!!!!

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