Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview with our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists HS Game of the Week plus Pigee Picks and Poll

Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview
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High School Football for TONIGHT in and around Guilford County, with all of our games set to kickoff at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted….

Ben L. Smith(3-4) at James B. Dudley(5-1)…This will be our ‘Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week, from Tarpley Stadium, on the Dudley High School campus, where it will be a busy night, with N.C. A&T’s Homecoming in town, but this evening you can hear this big game with Dennis White, beginning at around 6:45 on GreensboroSports Radio…Dennis White TONIGHT from “The Tarp” with the Smith Golden Eagles vs. the Dudley Panthers on GreensboroSports Radio. Your local source for high school football in Guilford County, GreensboroSports Radio……
Ragsdale(4-3) at Grimsley(2-5)…Wyatt Smith at this game tonight in coverage for GreensboroSports.com…..
Northeast Guilford(4-2) at Rockingham County(4-2)….Rams vs. Cougars and both at (1-1) in the Mid-State 3-A and the fur is about to fly tonight at The ROCK, when the Rams and Cougars get together….The Rams will not be on the lamb tonight, now opposing know the Rams are for ‘Real’ with Ridges and his crew and ‘The General’, Earl Bates…
Northwest Guilford(3-4) at High Point Central (4-3)…Kris Walser and Coach Daryl Steele on the scene tonight at A.J. Simeon Stadium in High Point for the Vikings and the Bison and you can hear that game on GreensboroSports Radio….Kris and ‘The Coach’ tonight with NWG-HPC on GreensboroSports Radio….Your local source for high school football in Guilford County, GreensboroSports Radio….
Southeast Guilford(5-1) at Southern Alamance(3-3)….Falcons back on the fly and watch for that sideline fly pattern with Ryan Douglas to Brent Apple….The Go Route goes good too….Sometimes Douglas and Apple almost look like Cam Newton and Devin Funchess on the ‘Connect’….
Eastern Alamance(6-0) at Northern Guilford(3-3)…EA has been on a TEAR as of late and they have a date with the Nighthawks on this Friday evening and look for Flippin to Moser on the slant, or Lenard to Moser on the slant, Moser one of the best slant receivers in the state and with the injury taking down Tre Turner for the season, from Northwest Guilford, Moser might be the top receiver in the County right now….We mentioned Apple from SEG also very good and Cheeks from Smith is in this discussion, plus Cheeley from Eastern and you also have JJ Julian from Northern, plus Seth Ashley and Chad Turner too….Bottom line, Eastern Alamance will put you on your bottom and you better look out and hold on to your hat/helmet when you come across the middle against these guys…
Asheboro(1-6) at Eastern Guilford(5-2)…..You can smell the gravy when Graves is cooking for EG and most Friday nights, Graves is ready to put the opposing team in the grave and seal up the tomb….Dominique is quite unique in that he can run and pass with equal productivity, but we still feel he has a bit of an edge as a better runner than passer, but if you are Asheboro, you might just ask DC Norman Weeks if the Blue Comets would like to go ahead and pick their poison, but you can be certain, Coach Weeks on ‘D’ and Coach G/Gillespie on ‘O’ will have their men ready to go and when the Blue Comets from A’boro hit G’ville/Gibsonville tonight, the EG Wildcats will be bringing Graves, Roberts, McMullen, Cheeley and the whole ‘Cat cluster with all they can muster, right at the men from ASHE……Could be a long night for the Comets and you might have time to spot Haley and her Comets and Bill and his Comets too….ASHE ‘O’ vs. EG ‘D’ and we will have to wait and see what transpires….
Southwestern Randolph(4-3) at Southern Guilford(1-5)…..Bear Bradley and his Storm got a nice ‘First Win of the Year’ last Friday night at B. Williams and now they get to try and make it two in a-row and don’t you know, SG will want to throw and show what they can do tonight vs. SWR….If you have a truck, boat or car, get out to see SG-SWR tonight at the C.K. Siler Stadium and let’s see if that Storm can duplicate what they did in the second half last week down in Burlington….
T. Wingate/High Point Andrews(1-5) at Eastern Randolph (3-4)…..Andrews might be ready to come back with some hip pointers out of High Pointer and they will need all of those and more to make it work off of Highway 22 down in Ramseur tonight…..Going to be tough for the Red Raiders to bring back the Lost Ark/Art this evening, but if T. Wingate can put the brakes on the boys from ER, we might see HPA on the way to the 2-A playoffs…
Western Guilford(0-7) at WS Parkland(4-3)…..I just hope Western Guilford just isn’t playing out the string, resigned to go (0-10) or (0-11) and that the Hornets can invent some offense tonight at Parkland and find a way to lasso the Mustangs…..Last wwek WG gave up 50 and scored zero vs. Mount Tabor and this week, WG goes over to WS and they best have a strong offensive game plan going in, or the ‘Stangs will try and turn WG QB Edrick Purnell in Eduardo Turnbull and we all not what that means……TROUBLE……
Cannon School(4-2) at High Point Christian Academy(5-1) 7pm……This will feature the Carolina Cougars, the Cannon School Cougars coming into High Point/High Pockets to face the HPCA Cougars….Cannon coached by Brad Hoover, the former shaker and mover from Ledford HS, WCU and the Carolina Panthers….Major meeting at the Ed Price Sports Complex in HP tonight, right adjacent/next to the Simeon Stadium and if you get a chance, get out there and yell at Brad Hoooooooover tonight…..And pull for the local Cougars……
Bishop McGuinness(2-4) at East Surry(3-3)…..East Surry has to be for near real, since they played Ragsdale tooth and nail before they fell and since game is up at Rural Hall, is that not the home territory of East Surry, I know they are in Surry County, but my overall high school football knowledge does not carry well outside of our county and as far as outside of the country….Not very likely I can help with that stuff outside of the country, good buddy….East Surry has me ready to worry and I hope the Bishop can make a move to save the game tonight/Knight….

We have again written too much for this day, but that has been the norm for us over the years, and as always after a nice high school football lunch buffet, enjoy the games tonight and let’s all stay safe as they hit the turf, in and around Guilford County….
+++++Don’t forget to follow Don Moore and the Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard here tonight at the site, for all of the scores as they come from across the county……..+++++

*****Page(6-1) OPEN
Southwest Guilford(5-2) OPEN*****

Picks and Poll to follow……

Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Poll:
2)Southwest Guilford(5-2)
4)Southeast Guilford(5-1)
5)Eastern Guilford(5-2)
6)Northeast Guilford(4-2)
8)High Point Central(4-3)
9)Northwest Guilford(3-4)
10)Northern Guilford(3-3)

Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Picks:
Northeast Guilford
HP Central
Southeast Guilford
Eastern Alamance
Eastern Guilford
Southern Guilford
Eastern Guilford
WS Parkland
High Point Christian Academy
East Surry
Last week (7-6) on the Picks and for the year, now (55-20)………Took a whipping last week and looking to rebound this Friday Night….