Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – October 6, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: Ben L. Smith at James B. Dudley with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Northwest Guilford at High Point Central with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE #10 – 10:35 PM

Ben L. Smith (3-5) – 6
James B. Dudley (6-1) – 38

Ragsdale (5-3) – 34
Grimsley (2-6) – 13

Northeast Guilford (4-3) – 12
Rockingham County (5-2) – 14

Northwest Guilford (3-5) – 6
High Point Central (5-3) – 21

Southeast Guilford (6-1) – 35
Southern Alamance (3-4) – 0

Eastern Alamance (6-1) – 48
Northern Guilford (4-3) – 49

Asheboro (1-7) – 0
Eastern Guilford (6-2) – 45

Southwestern Randolph (4-4) – 14
Southern Guilford (2-5) – 21

T. Wingate Andrews (2-5) – 13
Eastern Randolph (3-5) – 7

Western Guilford (0-8) – 14
WS Parkland (5-3) – 37

Cannon School (4-3) – 7
High Point Christian Academy (6-1) – 14

Bishop McGuinness (2-5) – 0
East Surry (4-3) – 48

Matthews Butler (5-1) – 28
Myers Park (6-1) – 7

Western Alamance (7-0) – 65
Person County – 6

Mt. Tabor – 50
North Forsyth – 12

East Forsyth – 10
West Forsyth – 21

Reidsville – 67
Carboro – 8

McMichael – 26
Morehead – 21

Glenn – 33
WS Reagan – 7

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  1. Exactly opposite of 2014. Northern was undefeated and EA beat us for the first time ever. It was our only loss that season. Now EA was undefeated and lost to us. EA may go on to be state champs this year, just like we did in 2014! I am sure it was a thriller! Reminds me of the old days!

  2. So now NW can’t even score one touchdown? NW got crushed by HP Central tonight. The Page game won’t even be close. Ragsdale is likely 10 pts better than NW which leaves Grimsley as the lone remaining game that NW will have a chance to win. The next couple of years at NW are going to be terrible. Players are not being used properly and I don’t think the coaches are communicating well with the players or each other. What is happening NW?

  3. Hey NW fans…Do the world a favor an shut up! You guys realize you have one of if not the best offensive minds in the State as your new Head Coach. Just because he doesn’t give your son the ball like you think he should doesn’t mean the coach doesn’t have a clue. Quit saying he’s not using your kid the right way. The problem with NW is the same problem it always has been. You parents think you have a bunch of Superstars but you don’t. Hennigan is a once in a lifetime player at NW. Your players are average football players and that’s why Woodruff ran the Wing T. On top of that its a new system and your defense has more holes than a piece of Swiss!

    You parents keep running your mouths. I hope Wallace leaves and you guys get a Coach in there that will run the Wing T or Option. That’s the perfect system for your undersized weak Olinemen and slow RB’s. I really feel bad for your new Head Coach. You guys are talking about beating Page? Really you need to be talking about rebuilding and giving this guy everything he needs to make it happen. Facts are Facts! Truth Hurts! NW needs to be fully torn down and built back after Rolfes destroyed it in less than 4 years.

  4. And Tre Turner is a basketball player who VT might turn into a FB player…but he ain’t no Hennigan.

  5. Northwest’s problem may be the coach. Not that he is not a good coach, but maybe he does not realize that his offense may not fit the athletes that NW has. Every now and then NW will have that athlete that is incredible. Tyson Stewart comes to mind. Rusty Larue comes to mind. The Henningan kid comes to mind. Coaches don’t win because they have a popular scheme. Coaches win because they bring in a PROGRAM that will meet the needs of all the kids. You take a look at all of the schools around this area in the last 20 years. The best schools that won that did not have all the great athletes, were great programs. Now the exception was Northern. They recruited their players under Roscoe. But you take a look at Page, Northeast, Ragsdale, Thomasville, Williams..etc. They were all teams that did not always have the best athletes, but did have good programs which created a culture among its players. Dudley is also an exception because they have all of the good athletes, as well as a good coach. The rest of the schools have to build a program, which takes time. Some people do not understand that. Until Northwest starts to win the conference ever year, as well as playing for state titles, they need to be patient, or just simply stay quiet while their coach tries to build a program.

  6. Woahhh there propasser1983, Page has had several great athletes over the years and we should since we have the biggest attendance zone in the area. The 2011 state title doesn’t materialize without the best athlete in the city in James Summers.

  7. “Truth Hurts”, I don’t know what you are talking about, but Tre Turner is the truth on the football field. He is patient, very explosive, and strong. He is very polished.

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