Most Recent High School Football/NCHSAA Playoff Projections from the HighSchool OT at

Most recent NCHSAA Football Playoff Projections coming in from Nick Stevens at the High School OT, which comes in our way from….

CLICK HERE for the 4-A Projections….Page, NWG in 4-AA, with Ragsdale and High Point Central in the 4-A’s….Things could change depending on how the conference games turn out, but here is what we have for now….

CLICK HERE for the 3-A Projections….SWG, SEG, Dudley, Smith and Northern Guilford in the 3-AA’s, plus Eastern Guilford, Northeast Guilford and Southern Guilford in the 3-A’s….

CLICK HERE for the 2-A for the 2-A Projections with High Point Andrews in the 2-AA ranks, along with Burlington Cummings, Ledford and Randleman….

CLICK HERE for the 1-A Projections…..


  1. Here is a good thought/interesting question for you…

    @NickStevensHSOT quick question… how does South Caldwell get a 2 seed in the 4A bracket? they are 1-6

    Nick Stevens? @NickStevensHSOT 12m12 minutes ago
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    They are the No. 1 team from a split conference so they are seeded as a conference champion.

  2. This is not a good projection. If the season ended now, they repeatedly have Dudley behind 3-3 & 4-3 teams. That makes no sense regardless of how each conference finishes.

  3. @Confused Dudley’s problem is that if the season ended right now, the Panthers finish fourth in their conference behind Mount Tabor, Southwest Guilford and Parkland and those other teams finish higher in their conferences. But the season doesn’t end right now.

    The good news for Dudley is that the Panthers still play Parkland and Mount Tabor, so they can finish as high as second if Southwest wins and can probably share the title with Mount Tabor and Southwest if they beat Mount Tabor and Tabor beats Southwest.

    Still four weeks of conference football to play.

  4. If things remain as projected, I see Page avenging its loss to Wake Forest. WF plays to Page’s major defensive strength, stopping the run. The game will come down to heart and the headsets.

  5. With so many teams moving down to 3A this season Wake Forest may end up in the 4A bracket. Page will be 4AA and most likely runs into Mallard Creek. That should be fun.

  6. As an old legendary hall of famer coach who won some state championships around here used to tell us, “Don’t talk about the playoffs. The only goal we have is to be practicing on Thanksgiving Day”. Don’t jinx it, respect the process. Just concentrate on the next game, the next 10 yards, the rest will come.

  7. With all the 4A and 4AA bye’s in the first round my first thought is that the NCHSAA is to blame for this. Had they left the classifications as they were last year this would never have happened. What were they thinking. Another example of a behind closed doors decision made once the coaches left the meeting.

  8. Yes Glenn I agree. NCHSAA is to blame but what ever decision they made with this reclassification, taking $$$ out of their pockets by having first round byes at both 4A and 1A classification. There aren’t anymore games at the 2A and 3A class. Seems like they follow the lead on decision making from GCS.

  9. How is NorthWest still in the picture of this projected playoff photo? They are 3-5 and soon to be 3-6. HP Central and Ragsdale both have a winning record as of today. Grimsley may be the only team that NW has any chance of beating going forward. Are teams with a sub .500 record allowed into the playoffs? NW will finish either 4th or 5th in a 5 team conference that is not seen as usually strong.

  10. In the MaxPreps Rankings, which is what the NCHSAA is relying heavily on this year, Northwest Guilford is ranked at #108 in the state among all schools and High Point Central is ranked at #111, even though HPC just took down NWG, last Friday night…

  11. MaxPreps rankings are terrible. Playoffs should not be determined by them at all. MaxPreps is unreliable and very seldom correct.

  12. ……these predictions are always fun and give us a lot to discuss. That said….they are a lot like college bowl predictions right now….one thing is certain it will not look like this in the end. A lot will happen in the coming weeks that will put a clearer focus on playoffs. In the interim, let’s have fun debating. 🙂

  13. It won’t be long and the real numbers will be coming out, have fun till then and after Page, the Metro 4-A looks to be a shootout…

  14. Overall record of the five teams to beat Northwest: 28-6. Strength of schedule is why Northwest is ranked where they are by MaxPreps.
    And the SOS is only going to go up with this week’s game against Page.

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