Guilford County JV Football Finals Tonight(10/12/17):Got some scores you all need to review!!!(Smith in a ShockaZula over Southwest Guilford)

Guilford County JV Football Finals Tonight:
Smith 20, Southwest Guilford 19
Grimsley 38, High Point Central 12
Grimsley now at (7-1) and this might be the surprise team of the Season of ’17…Page is having a great year, so that Page-Grimsley game ought to be one to keep an eye and ear on in the next couple of weeks…I’m thinking many of the Varsity coaches also help coach the JV teams, at least to some degree, if not as the head coach, they work helping as bench coaches during the games….Any way that Grimsley-Page game for the JV’s is shaping up to be a real good one and I think Grimsley gets next week OFF and the Page JV’s will visit HP Central….
Page 53, Northwest Guilford 6
Page(7-0)….If this is a look ahead to Friday, NWG would be in big trouble….X-large win for Page in this one, and looks to be No stopping the Page JV in 2017….
Eastern Guilford 46 Southeast Guilford 22
Is this a preview into what we will see on Friday night? Let’s see what others say…..
Northern Guilford 26, Person 22
Northern Guilford(5-2)
I do not see the Varsity game(NG-Person County) being this close….Any word on if the Person varsity is this tough and if they are on the same level as the JV, as far as how competitive they make their games?????
High Point Andrews 13, Randleman 0
Very large win for the HP Andrews Red Raiders….First of the year, didn’t look like they would have a team, but now????? Looking Good!!!!!

Western Guilford(0-6) at Dudley(3-3)
Northeast Guilford(2-4) at Morehead
Asheboro at Southern Guilford(3-3)


  1. Ummmmmm, no, the SE JV is not the varsity. That game should be much closer. Tonight Eastern just had more athletes than we did. Our offense did pretty well, but our defense had some holes. We had a few key players out that could have helped, but whoever is on the field had to get the job done.

  2. Have seen EG favored by 4 and SEG favored by 1 so far in some of the journals…..Buck Bain’s Curb Market had this as a pick’em game back on Monday afternoon, but surely that has changed by 10:26pm on Thursday night….

  3. What has happened to Northwest football in just one year? The players look like they have quite on the coaching. Coaches are clearly confused. The players body language is proof of what is happening between the players and coaches. Both the JV and varsity players have quite on this coaching staff. Northwest is going back to the days that people knew they would not put a good product on the field. This is the wrong set of coaches to fix this problem. The losses are getting worst by the week. The next couple of years will set Northwest back for the next 5-7 years as players transfer, stop playing or never come to NW from middle school. When does field hockey and baseball season start back up? Northwest football is officially in the toilet.

  4. The word is quit, ” NW FOOTBALL IN THE TOILET,” not quite, you are dumb . Obviously your higher education stopped in the 9th grade, thus the extremely weird interest in JV football. I bet you don’t even have children. Go get a six pack of Pabst, rent Varsity Blues, while pretending that was your life in high school.

  5. Andy No one is talking about the Grimsley JV Football Team. With the win last night brings them to 7-1 on the year. I actually think the are coached better than the Varsity team. (Don’t know if they are running the same offensive and defensive schemes). In 2 weeks they would go against Page. Would like to see that.

  6. To “James Lograin”. People write on this site in the middle of other things with quick thoughts. Real readers understand that quick messages will often say “quite” instead of “quit”. This has nothing to do with education but more a function of getting a quick message or thought out between other more important things. The sad part is that while you are questioning others you said “dont” instead of “don’t”. Your use of the “,” really shows where you were educated. You need to pay more attention to what is in the mirror today before you try calling out the rest of the world. You and Trump would make a perfect pair.

  7. Grimsley JV now 7 – 1! The scheme is exactly the same, and the coaches are exactly the same. Which is one reason they are having success. They understand it starts with the JV program. Success is coming for this program.

  8. Well if it starts with the JV program, then the NW program is truly in more danger than I thought originally. The varsity program has tanked for the year. It is sad when the Grimsley football program is seen as a far better program than NW. Grimsley has been the doormat of other programs for years. NW is quickly taking that title from Grimsley. These are sad times for the entire NW football program. Some people did not like the last coach but I know for a fact a lot of people loved him. Welcome to the bottom NW! Sad times 🙁

  9. Northern JV Game was 26-6 with 6 mins left in the game. I think they were getting kids into the game and Person was able to break off 2 long TDs late. Northern controlled the game pretty much with their 2 RBs and a couple of TD passes from #2.

  10. Has anyone looked at the football records of Kernodle Middle or NW Middle from last year? I am curious.
    Has anyone noticed the number of injured NW players on the sideline?
    And if I recall correctly, I read the NW Varsity football coach from last year left when it was time to get things started for this season.

  11. Late start, plus the injuries don’t help, but it is time to ease up on the coaches…

    Their job is tough enough already and the Varsity teams haven’t even played tonight….

    NWG has been good and they can be good again, but this year has to become a learning and adjusting year and then you start to re-build….

    And even now, there is still hope for teams like NWG and Grimsley if they finish strong, just get a few wins and they have a chance to still be in the playoffs…

    The 4-A’s are looking for fresh bodies and let’s see what unfolds….

    We have tonight, who needs tomorrow, we have TONIGHT’s games, why don’t we let them play and then start going crazy over the Varsity games after they are over tonight….

    We have Tonight Football Fans, why don’t we stay….As in stay COOL, until they finish school, as let’s wait till the games for this Friday are over and let the Friday Fish Fry/Fray get under way/begin then….

    The way the stories/news I am hearing, they are unfolding and coming in way too early in the reporting here, so If I was a coach and I was at some of these schools, I would be much better off leaving than I would be staying….

    Kind of crazy but it is about making the right decisions in what we say and what we do….Like the little Ford girl says, what you Like, what you Need….

    We need to get ready for Tonight and talk about Tonight, when Tonight’s Football is Finished….

    I have a story or two we will relate on our broadcast tonight, so tune in and check it all out…

    But until then just remember, WE HAVE TONIGHT!!!!!

  12. Got that Smith over SWG score posted and I had lost it this morning among the other comments, but it posted and if that happens in the Varsity game tonight/Friday it will Shock Theater/ShockaZula City all over again….

  13. Smith beat SW because SW played with a 3rd string QB last night and Smith used a few of their 11th grade varsity players who don’t typically get a lot of playing time

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