Friday Night Finish:Big Shocker or maybe even a ShockaZula as Grimsley tops High Point Central for Whirlies first conference win in the Season of ’17/Syracuse messes up Clemson’s season

The Shocker of the night has to be that Grimsley over High Point Central game, with the Whirlies posting their first conference win of the season, in that 37-13 victory by the Whirlies…

Wonder who got going tonight/Friday for the Whirlies??? We need to find a newspaper report on this game…….

Whoever got it shaking, that was a convincing win…..Crazy night and we need to get some Whirlie numbers…

Up the road a fer piece, we saw another upset masterpiece, as Syracuse took down Clemson, 27-24….

From the Syracuse-Clemson game…..Eric Dungey accounted for 339 yards and three touchdowns to push Syracuse past the reigning National Champions, in a 27-24 victory on Friday night, in Syracuse, New York…….

Grimsley, Syracuse and then there was Southern Guilford…..The SG Storm began the season at (0-5) and now you look around the Storm have won three straight games, to stand at (3-5)…..Southern eased past Asheboro, 17-14 on Friday….Storm deserve the recognition…..

If you are looking for a team to ride down the stretch run, that team might be Page….Page posted another win, to go (7-1) on the Season of ’17 and that Page defense is maybe the best defense around right now….Their offense is very potent too and the soph. QB Paige, leads the Pirates and he gets it done and he has a load of options back there in the backfield and at WR…Paige and Page could go a long way again this Season of ’17….Page was rolling over NWG on Friday, but NWG’s Cameron Cloud had a large effort for the NWG Vikings on Friday night…..

The ‘Game of the Night’ at least this was the headliner going in, Eastern Guilford at Southeast Guilford turns out to be a 19-7 win for Eastern Guilford, and the Wildcats look to win the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference….This was a huge win for EG and we will have to get some numbers on this game, to give it true meaning….

It always seems like there is one game that turns out to be the real, ‘Game of the Week/Night’and this week it seems like the Grimsley-High Point Central game, with Grimsley winning, is just that game….

Last week the Shocker was Northern Guilford over Eastern Alamance and tonight/Friday, Rockingham County played Eastern Alamance to 5 point game, before EA took over and won 35-30 over The ROCK…..

Glenn got past East Forsyth and that moves Glenn to (8-0) on the Season of ’17…..Around our area, I think it is Glenn, West Forsyth, Western Alamance and Reidsville that are the only remaining Unbeaten teams, at this stage of the Season of ’17…..

If you attended that Eastern Guilford-Southeast Guilford game we could an eye-witness account of that game and we need a word or two or more, on the Grimsley-High Point Central game….Grimsley off next week and High Point Central goes to Page….Northwest Guilford will visit Ragsdale….Mount Tabor will be at Southwest Guilford in a game that will shake up, or shake loose the standings at the top of the Totem Pole, in the Piedmont 3-A Conference…..Dudley at Mount Tabor in the last week of the regular season….Mount Tabor is a “marked team” for our Guilford County schools…..

Dudley got Western Guilford by 29 on Friday night and you have to give Western some credit, the Hornets did post 20 points versus a very tough and hard-nosed Dudley defense….

Northern Guilford worked over Roxboro Person 31-10 on Friday and the Nighthawks still have Western Alamance left on their schedule and NG could win the Mid-State 3-A Conference with a victory over WA….NG has already defeated Eastern Alamance, and that came last week, 49-48, at NG….The Northeast Guilford Rams made it back to the Winner’s Circle on Friday, as the Rams dismantled Morehead 49-14 and that will be the fifth win of the season for NEG and the last time the NEG Rams won five games in a season, George Washington was headed down Highway 29 North on a rented mule, with Tommy Pursley helping to pull a plow behind that mule……

These teams look to be winning their conferences….Page in the Metro 4-A….Eastern Guilford in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference, Southwest Guilford, Dudley or Mount Tabor in the Piedmont 3-A Conference and Western Alamance in the Mid-State 3-A Conference….Any substitutes?????

Who is going to be the Player of the Year in the county?????

We have you thinking again and next week, on a late Friday night/early Saturday morning, we will try and do the same thing…..

Grimsley over High Point Central and Syracuse over Clemson are your top candidates for the ‘Game of the Week’ tonight and who are you voting for? I know Clemson-Syracuse is not a high school football game and that they should not even be playing college games on a Friday night, but…..Some big games with these two and Clemson is GONE in their run/quest for the NCAA 2017 College Football National Championship….

Who is getting your biggest props of the night?


  1. To be clear, Dudley was up 42-0 at the half. At that point, most of the starters came out the game. Western did not score 20 on the starting defense.

  2. Whirlie running attack overpowered HPC. Quan Nora(2TDs) and Born Lesane(1 TD) gashed the Bison all night for at least 300 rushing yards. Soph. QB Chris Zellous hit Nile Harris and Greyson Grandis for TD strikes. Whirlie defense played pretty solid all night (and have all season for that matter), while the offense avoided the turnover bug for the first time this season.

    Got an off week to prepare for archrival Page.

  3. I want to see a replay video on the fumble play in the first quarter.Bad call,the QB was clearly down and flat on his back and the play was over.Congrats to Eastern my family were all Eastern fans in the eighties when my mother taught there. Still love my Falcons and coach Tinsley will have them ready to fight another day.

  4. I attend games around Guilford County . Last night I attended the Dudley vs Western game . Dudley would have completely demolished Western if they left their starters in the game . I think they felt sorry for them since it was their homecoming . Don’t let those 20 points fool you . Consider it a gift . It became a practice field for Dudley’s second and third string .

  5. Eastern’s offense is SO vanilla. All those weapons and they don’t use them. Makes zero sense. Kids want to play at next level but if you don’t use them ?. You cannot beat good teams with that offense. SE and Tinsley lost but did a lot of things on offense with less talent. Dadburn shame. Not a fun team to watch.

  6. Football Fan come on man! Isn’t the whole point to win the game. Which is exactly what Eastern did. I will take a vanilla offense and a win all day. By the way their offense isn’t vanilla. It is a good scheme that mixes the power run scheme with RPO’s. They also have the ability to strike deep at any time. I’m not even an Eastern fan but these things are obvious when you see them play. Never mind the fact they have won 22 out of their last 25 games. And as far as college goes for high school players. If you can play they will find you. Kids and parents need to quit worrying about what position they play and insignificant things. Colllege coaches could care less about stats and positions. They just want to see film on good high school players. Guys that tackle, block, and are physical. Football Fan gat a clue man!

  7. Lol at the voice of the whirlies who thinks page and grimsley are still rivals. How many years has it been since grimsley won? 10? 11? This year will be no different and neither will the next few years. Page’s only rival is dudley

  8. Come on, I have a clue I played college basketball and my brother played in NFL. I have coached basketball for 25 years. If as a coach your job is to help these kids get to college. I was told by one of the great high school coaches ever that my job should be about scholarships and not put my only focus wins and loses. That what’s wrong with coaches. All say they are for the kids in reality they are using kids to get therir next job. When you have the better team you show it. Playing not to loose gets you a loss a Smith. If you don’t use kids don’t be mad when they leave to go somewhere else. I tell kids that another team may give you a beter opportunity.

  9. Funny how that same vanilla offense went 15-1 last year. Yeah saw Tinsley’s offense slinging it around to the tune of 4INT’s and what 30 rush yards.

  10. Great win for EG, great team.

    No excuses @ SE, responsibility falls on QB.More Preparation,film watching, execution etc.Leaning totally new offense this year and we changed up signal calling this week due to familiarity @ EG. Still have to be ready come game time. Defense did its job, offense just wasn’t ready. We’ll get there.

    Good Job Eastern.

  11. We miss Coach Tinsley dearly. He is a classy young man. It was hard to root against him. Truth is both defenses played well enough to win. Southeast had 6 turnovers and defense gave up 13 points. One turnover was a sack/fumble score by our defense. I tend to agree with Football fan- gonna be hard to make another deep playoff run with only one consistent weapon – the qb- against good competition. I’m glad we got the w just hate it was against Coach Tinsley.

  12. 3 of EG receivers played on last years 15-1 team and all 3 had more catches and yards than they do this year. You do the math. Open up the offense.

  13. SE EG -Neither team looked good. Plenty time to pick it up and make good runs in the playoffs. Not sure we will see any locals in a state title game…. sure hope im wrong!

  14. @voice of whirlies – Page will be beatable sooner than people think. Rolfes will destroy that team within a few years. Don’t give up on a Whirlie win.

  15. I actually like what EG is doing over there with their sports program they have some good talent. If you go back and look on Max Preps the rec stats this year are right on target with last years #s with games left to play. Only difference I see is # 16 getting a lot more action this year compared to last year. They have a lot of receivers to spread the love too. Speaking of recruiting now that’s one thing I might have a slight issue with at EG. I think the coaches should do more in trying to get coaches to see the kids in Basketball and fball. I have seen that the Matthews kid take a couple visits not sure if it has been for fball or bball though.

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