Friday Night Finish:Questions for the Weekend with Metro will anyone challenge Page?, Piedmont 3-A talking Dudley, SWG or MT?, Mid-Piedmont 3-A shows EG leaving them all behind and Mount Tabor, The Rock and WA make it a LONG night for our teams!!!

Long title but, you have to agree with me, Mount Tabor, The Rock and Western Alamance all ruined our Friday Night Finish, as those three teams took down Southwest Guilford, Northern Guilford and Northeast Guilford…..

How will that Piedmont 3-A Conference end up now with Mount Tabor spoiling Southwest Guilford’s night, 17-14 at ‘The Ranch’….Bad night for Guilford County with a Forsyth County team coming in here and messing up our Cowboys’ season….SWG can still win the Conference, but there may end up being a three-way tie for first place….SWG beat Dudley, Mount Tabor beat SWG and now if Dudley beats Mount Tabor, there will be a three-way time for first in the conference….

Who is going to win this thing?????

We will not see NG or NEG going where they want to be, with The Rock ruining Northern Guilford’s night, after that Rockingham County 26-21 victory over the Northern Guilford Nighthawks at, The Rock….Had to be some good numbers for the ‘Hawks, but the numbers only look really good when you win…

Western Alamance made the Northeast Guilford Rams feel the pain tonight at Bill Bookout Stadium, as the WA Warriors took down the NEG Rams, 38-0….WA turned the Bookout into the Cookout tonight and the Warriors got cooking and hurt our Guilford County Rams..

Do you see the Guilford County theme??? Can we save our Guilford County team(s)???

Rockingham County beats us, Forsyth County beats us and then Alamance County beats us…..

With the win tonight over NEG, it looks for certain that Western Alamance will win the Mid-State 3-A Conference Title…WA all the way, is what they are going to say down in Elon….

Toughest loss? Had to be that loss by Southwest GUilford by just a field goal, as the game was ending at ‘The Ranch’….

From the Metro 4-A Conference, I’m not sure anyone will challenge Page….Will Grimsley challenge Page next Friday night at the ‘The Kirb’/Marion Kirby Stadium???

Ragsdale has beaten Grimsley and Northwest Guilford and they will face High Point Central next Friday before the Tigers end their regular season at home vs. Page, on Friday November 3…..

Tonight, Page rolled over High Point Central, 48-0 with Javondre Paige tossing at least five TD passes and one of his favorite receivers was Cody King, and then there was Nick Baker, Naseem Alston and Naim Bradshear….Page led by Paige is the odds-on favorite to win the Metro 4-A and Paige at Page is only a sophomore…If he keeps getting better, somebody is in for a long 3 years and it won’t be the Pirates, that is for sure…

On this Friday, for Ragsdale, it was Malachi Maness, Malachi Maness, Malachi Maness, Malachi Maness with four TD’s in the first half alone…We had predicted that he would score at lest three TD’s and he got more, with at least four for the night….Top back in the county, Malachi or Zyreik Rush at Dudley…..Right now the lean is toward Malachi…..

Page takes the Metro, Western Alamance takes the Mid-State 3-A, either Dudley, SWG or Mount Tabor will end up with the Piedmont 3-A trophy and who will it be, Eastern Guilford takes the Mid-Piedmont 3-A, Randleman collects the PAC 7 2-A crown and who are we leaving out???

From this Friday Night Finish we found Javondre Paige, Malachi Maness, Cody King, and other stars taking their spots, plus I saw defense from the Page Pirates headlined by headhunters like Alex Gray, Alan Tisdale, BJ Turner and Steven Scott, plus that Alex Angus is a real hitter too….Strong night up front for the Page O-line with Mackovic, Spigner, Ivey, Sumner, Stephens and all their friends and Kam Gavin is really stepping up his game along the defensive line for Page….Saw them all tonight and I saw the Heard sisters taking over the Friday Football Show on FOX 8 and doing a real good job, as the Rookie Anchors….Plus Emma Heard was named the 2017 Homecoming Queen at Page HS…..

As we head down the Friday Night Finish trail we got Dudley topping WS Parkland 28-12 and the highlights shined on young Panthers like Nigel Fitzgerald, Gee Simpson and Zyreik Rush…..They were on the offensive highlight reel on the Friday Night Football Shows….

Southeast Guilford won down at Southern Guilford and the Falcons took home the game ball after their 34-21 win over the SG Storm….Highlight shows showed Ryan Douglas and his offensive friends controlling the game and the scoring for the Falcons…..We will add in other numbers on the Saturday Morning Rewind…..

Dominique Graves, Nic Cheeley, and Christian McMullen got the shine for Eastern Guilford on the football shows and Eastern Guilford showed there is no doubt the EG Wildcats are the top team in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A and they proved it with the ‘Cats 56-14 victory, over Southern Alamance….

Fine Friday Night Finish for the Smith Golden Eagles at Claude Manzi Stadium, Ben L. got busy late and came away with a 27-24 “W” over WS Parkland….Smith now sits at (4-6) and slowly, but surely, Brandon Wiggins(Smith head coach) is getting this club back in order…..

We have a pretty good Friday Night Finish working here……High Point Andrews grabbed another win tonight and now the Red Raiders are 3-1 over their last four contests……

Do you want to change your vote for Guilford County High School Football Coach of the Year?????

Coach Johnny Boykin, over at Ragsdale, in Jamestown, has his Tigers now sitting at (6-3) and they have a great shot to be (7-3) coming off of their visit to High Point Central(A.J. Simeon Stadium) next Friday night….Coach Boykin has his young men at (6-3) and Ragsdale finished at (4-7) last year in Coach Tommy Norwood’s last year with the Tigers and if Ragsdale goes over to HP and wins and say if they were to fall to Page at home, on November 3, Ragsdale would go (7-4) and totally reverse last year’s record of (4-7)…..2016 at (4-7) and 3017 at (7-4), not a bad turnaround, but for sure, still some work to do…..

Northeast Guilford, led by Coach Earl Bates, is at (5-4) and the Rams still have McMichael and Person County left and with wins that would put NEG finishing on a Friday at (7-4) and NEG defeated Ragsdale, 40-32, earlier this season….NEG would close the regular season at (7-4) just like Ragsdale and NEG ended 2016 at (4-8) and almost another identical turnaround….NEG in 2016 at (4-8) and in 2017 at (7-4) and we could find NEG at an (7-5) ending and Ragsdale ending at (8-5), depending on who each team gets in Round One of the NCHSAA Playoffs….

Wow, when you start crunching these numbers it does get wild and crazy on a Friday Night Finish….SEG is now (7-2), but they did go (6-6) back in 2016…..SEG has a very good chance to Finish on a Friday, at (9-2) and as we keep crunching the numbers and if we keep on crunching the numbers, we may be here all night and until sunrise….

Coach Boykin, Coach Bates, Coach Tinsley, even Coach Rolfes for the job he has done keeping Page in the road and on the right road and Coach Rainey over at SWG has his boys fighting for the crown and Coach Davis at Dudley might still take his Panthers to the Conference Title, and that is with much of his team being beat up and injured during a large part of 2017….

Wow, when you do your research, like we have done here tonight on the Friday Night Finish, this study gets very interesting….

And tha top back or Player of the Year in the County????? Is it Malachi Maness, Malachi Maness, Malachi Maness or do you go Rush, Rush, Rush and what about Dominique Graves at Eastern Guilford being up for the award????

You have to think an offensive player will take the MVP Award and are we on the right track with Maness, Rush and Graves??? Or do we need to go and look elsewhere?????

One thing for certain is that we have done is get you thinking…..These topics have to have you thinking or scratching your head by now….

This is some of our best work of the season, here on tonight’s Finish and we started out this evening not knowing which way we were going and look at the job we turned in….Another classic ‘Friday Night Finish’ and we close it out on Saturday Morning….

You folks ought to enjoy this offering and the price is so right for you, FREE….

Time to go get that Friday Night evening meal on Saturday morning….Got done/Finished early tonight/this morning/this week, on the ‘Friday Night Finish’…..

GONE and give us some feedback, WE ARE HUNGRY!!!!!

+++++Let’s add this in for a ‘Friday Night Finish’ encore……Kudos to Coach Baker up at Rockingham County High School…….+++++


  1. SWG wild ending!
    Less than 7 seconds remaining MT called a TO for a fg attempt from the 3; second down. SW BLOCKS the kick then a loose ball scramble and MT recovers at the 15.
    OT right? Wrong…. Refs say 2.6 sec remain on clock…what!!??
    After about 5 min of real-time chaos MT kicks and makes the fg. NO good b/c SW offsides, so dead-ball.
    5 min more chaos.
    The ball is then moved 5 yards closer and MT makes the last attempt over.

  2. You heard it here first. Grimsley will beat page this week. At best Pagevis mediocore playing mediocore teams. GHS will surprise alot of people this week. So i am not sure page will win the metro outright. Grimsley have the athletes to play with page and the are geling at the right time. You heard it here first

  3. GHS Arm Chair………wake up man, you are dreaming! Grimsley could possibly beat UNC Cheat, but not the Page Pirates!!!

  4. I have been say all year for Eastern to open up offense. This team has the most talent in county at skill position and need to show it. EG has an number of basketball players on the team just to point of they athletes. They could have done this every game. Hope they don’t go back to no fun offense.

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