Friday Night Finish:Some of Friday’s Blowouts lead to great matchups for next week:Check out the Wars for next Week

We saw several big scores again tonight/Friday evening and this week’s blowouts are leading to next week’s Major Matchups…..Page took care of Grimsley 42-0 and that leads Page to Jamestown next Friday night where they will meet the Ragsdale Tigers for the 2017 Metro 4-A Conference Championship….

It is like you are having a one-game tournament for these teams next Friday night November 3….Ragsdale blew out High Point Central 56-15….Page at (9-1) overall and (3-0) in the Metro vs. Ragsdale(7-3) and the Tigers are (3-0) in the Metro….There should be a big crowd at Kenneth Miller Stadium in Jamestown, next Friday night….

Look at some of these other scores with Southwest Guilford over Western Guilford 49-0….Northeast Guilford defeated McMichael 52-0….That Page game 42-0 over Grimsley and Ragsdale 56-15 past HP Central…Some crazy scores, but we have more….The Dudley Panthers pounded North Forsyth 48-6, Southeast Guilford blasted Burlington Williams 49-7 and there were more…

With the Dudley win over North Forsyth coupled with the Mount Tabor victory over 48-22 over WS Parkland now you will find Dudley(9-1/4-1) at Mount Tabor(8-2/5-0)…..Mount Tabor(5-0) hosting Dudley(4-1) next Friday night and if Dudley beats Mount Tabor then you will have a three-way for first place in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference…SWG beat Dudley, Mount Tabor beat SWG and now if Dudley can just beat Mount Tabor, we will have a nice mess on our hands….The three-way and do-or-die….

Page at Ragsdale for the Conference Crown and Dudley visits Mount Tabor for the Conference Title…

Like we were saying back up top, Tonight’s Blowouts have led to next week’s Conference Championship Games….FOr the high schools, this will be like the ACC Championship Game, the SEC Championship Game and the Big Ten Title Game all rolled into one….

The Championship Games/Title Games next Friday night and then the Playoff Pairings will come out on Saturday, the next day, on Saturday November 4…..

Reidsville was another one of the blowout winners on Friday night with the Rams running right past the Bartlett Yancey Buccaneers, 65-0….You also had Mount Airy taking out Bishop McGuinness, 73-6…..WOW!!!!!

Lord help us, we had some blowouts tonight…..65-0, 52-0, 49-0, 42-0, we had some lop-sided games tonight/Friday….Trinity beat High Point Andrews, 17-0 for another shutout, Southern Alamance got by Southern Guilford, 41-21….High Point Christian slipped past Statesville Christian in a game we thought that the HPCA Cougars could never win….Huge win for HPCA…..

Cody King is fast becoming the fastest man to score in the Page Pirates’ lineup….Cody King had three TD;s for Page in the Pirates win over Grimsley, with Cody, one of the top kids in the county running for two scores, 64 yards and 15 yards and he caught a TD for 31 yards….That’s 110 yards for the King of the County, right there…Zyreik Rush with way over 100 yards rushing for Dudley tonight….
Page in their three conference games has won them, 57-14, 48-0 and 42-0…..

Looking again toward next Friday night, the last week of the Regular Season….
Page at Ragsdale….Conference Title on the line…See record above….
Dudley at Mount Tabor…..First Place in the Conference at stake…See record above…
Grimsley(3-7) at Northwest Guilford(3-7)….With the winner likely getting a Playoff Spot…
Eastern Guilford(8-2/5-0) at Southern Guilford(3-7/3-2)
Southeast Guilford(8-2/4-1) at Southwestern Randolph(4-6/1-4)
Smith(4-6/1-4) at Western Guilford(0-10/0-5)
Southwest Guilford(7-3/4-1) at North Forsyth(1-9/1-4)
Person County(2-8/1-5) at Northeast Guilford(6-4/3-3)
Northern Guilford(6-4/4-2) at Western Alamance(10-0/6-0)
High Point Central(5-6/1-3) OFF
Wheatmore(9-1/4-1) at High Point Andrews(3-7/3-2)


  1. At this point, Page’s worst enemy is themselves. They have to guard against overconfidence and complacency. The offense can’t come out sluggish against Ragsdale, no matter how good the defense is. If they eliminate the early turnovers they should roll. There are not many defenses in the state, much less the conference, than Page’s defense this year. Page could afford to turn the ball over early against Grimsley because, well…they’re Grimsley. Ragsdale may be able to do more with a short field. Tighten up the offense, keep playing well on defense and we’ll be well on our way to another run at the title.

  2. On some fans saying Ragsdale can’t match up with Page, we have to remember that Ragsdale beat Southwest Guilford and I think that one was 20-19 RHS, and then Southwest beat Dudley 34-6 and earlier Dudley beat Page 19-14, so with our deductible rendering, Ragsdale over SWG, SWG over Dudley and Duldey over Page and since Dudley lost to SWG and Ragsdale beat SWG, and Dudley beat Page, Ragsdale should be ready to tangle with PAGE….

  3. Ragsdale kept it real close with Glenn too… But Andy, Dudley also hung 74… SEVENTY FOUR points on Ragsdale.. you have to take that into consideration if we are playing the head to head game.

    No doubt that Ragsdale is better this year. Maness has been making plays but so has Page’s defense, this is a good test for both teams no doubt about it.

    Page isn’t sleeping on anybody at this point and ESPECIALLY not Ragsdale.. with all the adversity that has already happened with being down early and comeback victories, the young men at Page know that they need to truly play all 4 quarters with high heat.

    Grimsley could have scored on Friday night, but the Pirates matched the Whirlies intensity and then some, even the back ups went out there, busted their twos, made plays and preserved the shutout. You could see it against NWG and HPC too, they arent taking anyone lightly…..

  4. The one thing that I will same about Ragsdale vs. Page is this. No one who was at Page last year has forgotten about Ragsdale’s complete lack of respect for the game last year. Page was up big at the start of the 4th quarter and like most teams subbed in everyone on their bench. Ragsdale on the other hand left all of their starters in and continued to kick on side kicks.

    Please believe that if I know the coaches like I think that they will be doing anything but sleeping on the Tigers!

  5. Page will be getting Assad Alston back for the Ragsdale game. Him and Cody together can be deadly nothing but speed.

  6. Are you all really saying Page must look out for Ragsdale? SORRY but HAHAHAHAHAHA! This game will be close for about the 1st kickoff. Only way Page doesn’t win this game by 4 TD’s is if they forget to come. Doesn’t matter who their coach is they might as well rename the Metro the Page conference because they are not playing anyone. This conference will hurt Page in the long run because their last challenge will be in early Oct. every year. They won’t be use to battling for 4 qtr. They will win a lot of conf trophy’s and thats it. Their D is ok. Its not as great as the Page people keep saying it is. Who has Page played this year worth anything besides Dudley? East Forsyth is bad this year so you are saying Eastern Guilford is your quality win? Sorry but Mallard Creek and Wake Forest will still put a beat down on Page and their horrible Defensive nickname. RED DEATH!!!! LOL!!! Come up with something new. It was a bad name back in 2012 lol

  7. I just want to encourage everyone not to give Ragsdale a chance in this one. Being underestimated has worked out well for us up to this point. Yes, we gave up 74 against Dudley, but that was early in the season and our Defense has come a long way since then. We also put 21 first half points on the board against Dudley when their starters were still in the game. Outside of that, a 40-32 loss at NE Guilford and a 19-13 loss at Glenn. So essentially, we could be 2 possessions away from being 9-1 going into this game. Two seasons ago the Tigers were 1-10 and now find themselves playing for a conference title against one of the best teams in the state. This game will be closer than most people think.

  8. You got a problem with RED DEATH?

    Not sure what you’re smoking, tough guy, but Page’s defense can play with anyone.

    And get it straight f— face, its RED DEATH.

  9. Yes I got a problem with Red Death. Its a stupid name. You play a kids game with a ball involved there is no killing so why Death? Also that name was for the State title team in 2011-2012. Come up with a new name Douche Bag!

    Now as far as the Page defense goes Pole smoker! You guys have played NOBODY you know it thats why you got all triggered and butt hurt when I said something. Now we all know the triad as a whole is down. Dudley is a shell of what it was last year…I mean come on they lost to SWG and you guys got beat down by them. When you actually play someone in the 704 you will see what a real team looks like. You QB is horrible as is your offense. You guys are really trying to hype up Ragsdale to make yourself look good. Ragsdale almost lost to East Surry and almost had 100 put on them by Dudley. Also, Your offense is trash and your defense is Good. Whatever your players do well don’t worry cause your head coach will screw the rest of it up like he did at Northern Guilford. Thats why they had to bring Roscoe back. Good Day F Face!

  10. LOL… when we actually play someone from the 704?? Page DESTROYED VANCE last year at their BEST by 35 pts… Page has also beaten multiple Charlotte schools in the past 5-6 years ie. Mallard Creek, Butler, WM, etc. no other Triad area schools can say the same.. not even Dudley

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