Middle School Football Today/Tuesday and Tomorrow/Wednesday in Guilford County:Hairston and Swann Middle Tuesday Winners

Hairston Middle 28, Penn-Griffin 6
Swann Middle 52, Western Guilford Middle 30
Swann(4-2)/Western Guilford(3-3)
When we arrived score was at 8-8 in the First Quarter….
Swann then scored on a 70-yard Kickoff Return by #15 and the two-point conversion was good and Swann goes up 16-8 with 4:31 left in the First Quarter….Western Guilford came right back and scored on a 7-yard run by WG QB Slade and the two-point conversion fails and with 34 seconds left in the First Quarter, the score reads, Swann 16, and Western Guilford 14 and that is how the First Quarter ends, Swann on top of WG, 16-14…
Swann gets in the end zone a two-yard TD run by #5 and after the two-point pass fails, with 4:53 left in the Second Quarter, Swann goes up 22-14 on Western Guilford….Swann gets right back on the scoreboard again on a 44-yard TD run by #15 and the two-point pass play play for the conversion is good and with 3:08 remaining in the First Half, Swann has grabbed a lead of 30-14 over the Tigers from Western Guilford Middle School…Western strikes right back on a 33-yard run by Slade, but the two-point conversion fails and with 1:24 to go in the First Half, it is now Swann 30 and WG 20….
Our Halftime Score at Marion Kirby Stadium on the Page High School campus reads:
Swann Middle School 30, Western Guilford Middle School 20
In the first half Swann led by #15 and #5 and #15 probably had near 150 total yards in the first alone….#10 Slade and #24 helping to carry the Tigers and Slade is pretty close to 150 yards on all of his long runs….

In the second half #5 for Swann Middle takes off on a 40-yard TD run that came only 17 seconds into the Second Half and after the Lions, from Swann, made good on the two-point conversion, the score now stands at Swann 38, Western Guilford 20…..Then Swann’s #5 is on the move again, as he runs 58 yards for another TD and after the Lions’ two-point pass for the conversion is no good, you have Swann up 44-20 on Western Guilford Middle…
Then it’s here #10 goes again, as Western’s Slade(#10) is blasting off on a 70-yard kickoff return and Slade adds the two-point conversion run and with a minute and a-half left in the 3rd Quarter, it is now, Swann Middle 44, Western Guilford 28…..
Not to be out-done after the smooth kickoff return for WG by Slade, Swann’s #15 puts it into OverDrive and he runs the ensuing kickoff back for Swann 68 yards and that should put him over 200 Total Yards, at least, on the afternoon….The two-point conversion is good by the Swann Lions and they now Western Guilford, 52-29, with 1:19 to play in the 3rd Quarter….
As we hit the End of the 3rd Quarter our score is:
Swann Middle School 52, Western Guilford Middle 28….Western tackled the Swann runner in the end zone late in the game to earn a safety for the Tigers and they say no lead is safe, but with that safety, Swann is still in front 52-30 and on this Tuesday afternoon/early Halloween evening, our Final Score is:
Swann Middle School 52, Western Guilford 30
I am guessing that #15 for Swann and #10, Slade, for Western Guilford, both had over 200 Total Yards on the day…They both were running all out in this one and #5(Swann) and #24(Western) were giving them both strong support……Nice win for the young men from Swann and they will all part of the first graduating class from Swann Middle School, next June, that is the Swann current 8th-graders will all be a part of that historic class from the Swann Middle School…..
Sort of a long write-up and as you can tell, lots of scoring in this game……

*****Middle School Football for this week in Guilford County*****

Games for Today/Tuesday October 31:
Eastern Guilford Middle vs. Allen Middle at Smith High School/Claude Manzi Stadium 5pm

Games for Tomorrow/Wednesday November 1:
Southern Guilford vs. Ferndale at AJ Simeon Stadium in High Point 5pm
Jackson Middle vs. Northeast Guilford at Smith High School/Claude Manzi Stadium 5pm
Kiser Middle at Mendenhall Middle at Deebs Young Stadium on Mendenhall campus 5pm
The Academy at Lincoln vs. Welborn at the High Point Athletic Complex 5pm
Jamestown Middle at Southwest Guilford Middle 5:30pm at SWG High School
Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford Middle at Billings Stadium/NWG High School 5:30pm
Southeast Guilford Middle at Kernodle 6pm on the Kernodle campus

Allen Jay Prep OFF

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