JV Football Tonight Finals with all of your Guilford County scores that we can locate:Page, Smith, Grimsley, Eastern, Southeast, SWG, Glenn, WHEAT and PC on the way with Wins!!!

JV Football Finals for (11/2/17):
Page 25, Ragsdale 0
Page JV’s close the season at (10-0)
Smith 60, Western Guilford 6
Smith ends up at (6-4) overall and (4-2) in the Conference
Grimsley 30, Northwest Guilford 26
Grimsley finishes the 2017 at (8-2)
Southwest Guilford 47, WS Parkland 6
SWG(8-2)/WS Parkland(1-9)
Eastern Guilford 54, Southern Guilford 6
Eastern Guilford(6-4/5-1)/Southern Guilford(3-7)
Southeast Guilford 50, Southwestern Randolph 3
Western Alamance 21, Northern Guilford 6
Wheatmore 43, High Point Andrews 12
Person County 37, Northeast Guilford 6
Glenn 16, West Forsyth 8

Mount Tabor(7-2) at Dudley(6-3)

High Point Central OFF

In action at Jamieson Stadium, with Northwests Guilford at Grimsley, it was a battle until the final whistle had sounded, as the Grimsley Whirlies claimed the 30-26 victory to finish at (8-2) on the 2017 season and that is one of the best records for Grimsley football, in recent memory….We hopped in with 4:52 left in the 3rd quarter and the score was tied up at 14-14 and Coach Stanley said keep an eye on the Whirlies and an ear on Mr. Courts on the PA system….Grimsley scored on a 23-yard run by Mayo and the two-point pass from Mayo to Williamson was good and Grimsley moved ahead 22-14 over NWG with 3:44 to go in the 3rd quarter/period….
End of the 3rd Quarter:Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 14
Grimsley hit paydirt again on a 58-yard run by Spradley and the two-point conversion run by Mayo was good and with 9:59 left in the 3rd period, it was Grimsley 30, Northwest Guilford 14…..Northwest Guilford made it back to the promised land on a 1-yard run by Cassidy and the two-point run failed, as Grimsley’s Max Baker got the stop on the Vikings…At the 5:41 mark of the 4th period your score now reads, Grimsley 30, NWG 20….NWG was still in this game and the Vikings were moving the ball up the field behind QB Salmon and WR Garris and Northwest snuck one in on Grimsley and the lead was now just 4 points, at Grimsley 30 and Northwest Guilford 26….NWG’s two-point PAT attempt failed and when Grimsley got the ball back, the Whirlies just ran the remaining two minutes off of the clock and as Coach Courts counted down the remaining seconds on the PA system, the Whirlies were ready to lock down that 30-26 win and they did….
Final Score from Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley Whirlies campus:
Grimsley 30, Northwest Guilford 26

Close to home and after a trip to KickBack Jack’s, good to get out to check out one of the final games of the 2017 JV Football Season….


  1. Congratulations to our JV Wildcats. They started out young and inexperienced. They started out 1-4 with close losses to Page, Grimsley, Williams and ended up winning the last 5 games with a record of 6-4 (5-1) and won the conference championship for the second straight year. Our coaching staff is very proud of the progress they made this year.

  2. Congrats to Eastern on the Conference Championship. We know a couple of kids that play at Eastern and the are good kids.

  3. What was the Dudley/Mount Tabor JV final. That looks like the only score missing.

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