Friday Night Finish:The Regular Season is Finished/Over, so is the season for some of our Guilford County teams/schools

Looking toward the NCHSAA Playoffs and the brackets are do out on Saturday….Hopefully early Saturday afternoon….Big game down east tonight with Wake Forest over Heritage, 38-14 and close to 8,000 fans at this game….Another one big one locally, West Forsyth 17, Glenn 14…..Wake Forest(11-0), Heritage(10-1), West Forsyth(11-0) and Glenn(10-1)…

Playoffs with Page in, Ragsdale in, Grimsley still with an outside shooter hoping to get in, Dudley in, Southwest Guilford in, Smith in, Eastern Guilford in, Southeast Guilford in, Northeast Guilford in, Northern Guilford in, High Point Andrews on thin ice, Southern and Western Guilford out, Northwest Guilford out and High Point Central out….

Looking at them again…..
1)Page….#1 Metro…..Page looking at a Bye in Round One of the Playoffs…
2)Ragsdale…#2 Metro….Ragsdale might get one home game, but it could be tough….
3)Grimsley hoping to get there and all of the first three from the Metro 4-A Conference…Grimsley #3 Metro….If Grimsley gets in, they will be Road Warriors in Week One and beyond….

4)Southwest Guilford….SWG should have a shot to get at least two homes games….
5)Dudley….SWG and Dudley both from the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference….SWG #2 Piedmont Triad 3-A and Dudley #3 Piedmont Triad 3-A….Hearing Zyreik Rush suffered another injury as the Dudley RB tonight….
Dudley could feel the road calling their name in Round One….
6)Smith….Got to their fifth win tonight and the Eagles feel good about that getting them in….The MaxPreps Ranking will have to favor/help Smith, the Eagles were fifth in their conference.PTA 3-A….
If Smith is in, they will have to up the tank on the travel bus, and if you get in at this stage of the game, you don’t care, you are just glad to get in…..

7)Eastern Guilford going (15-0) and on to the 3-AA Final game last season and the Wildcats closed at (15-1) and now they sit at (9-2) in 2017 with games vs. 4-A’s Page and Grimsley, they lost to Smith and now look out for Eastern Guilford…..QB Dominique Graves needs to lead this team back to the finals….Eastern going in as the #1 team from the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference….I sense Eastern Guilford at home for at least the first two weeks of the playoffs…
8)Southeast Guilford in as the #2 team from the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference….SEG has to find a running game to along with their up field passing game…..Should be home for Round One….

9)Northeast Guilford at (7-4) and the #4 team coming out of the Mid-State 3-A Conference….One of the wild things is Rockingham County comes out of the Mid-State at (8-3), having beaten both Northeast Guilford and Northern Guilford….NEG looks to roading it in Round One and what a turnaround for the Rams, going from (4-7) to (7-4) in one season, with Coach Earl Bates, helping to open the gates….
10)Northern Guilford at (6-5) and the Nighthawks one game behind NEG in the Mid-State and NG hits the highway in Round One and will not come unless they keep winning and some team in the bracket seeded lower than them knocks off a higher seeded team and NG is set to meet that team next….Being able to say next would be nice for the Nighthawks in 2017….

11)High Point Andrews is still on this ice in the 2-A classification and if the Red Raiders get in at (4-7) that would be a plus for the Red Raiders….Grimsley would be at (4-7), but it is easier to get with an extended losing record on the 4-A side than it is on the 2-A side of things….

High Point Central(5-6)
Northwest Guilford(3-8)
Southern Guilford(3-8)
Western Guilford(0-11)…..This might be the first (0-11) season in the history of Western Guilford football and you thought your bunch had it bad……

Pluses for the last week of the Regular Season and coming our of Friday night’s game…..
Page had a very good receiving corp back in 2015 with Diondre Overton, Ronald Polite and James Ellis III, this year’s group of Pirate receivers may be even better, when look at the group as a whole, with Nick Baker, Naseem Alston, Naim Bradshear, Assad Alston and Cody King…..On the jet sweep, they can all carry the seed/load/pigskin….

Good to see Ragsdale honor Coach Tommy Norwood at halftime of the Page game on Friday….Well-deserved recognition for Coach Norwood, as he received that Big R plaque…..The man did the job and he paid his dues in Guilford County, over and over again, over the years…..

STAY TUNED….Brackets due out Today/Saturday…..

13 thoughts on “Friday Night Finish:The Regular Season is Finished/Over, so is the season for some of our Guilford County teams/schools

  1. Dudley penalized 14 times; players think because they put on a Dudley uniform they will automatically win games. Since the Floyd regime, Dudley has had to face so many on-field adversities. I wish my high school the best in the playoffs. Sadly, the entire county, including folks who probably would not had been allowed to attend those other schools, cheer against an institution based on external factors.

    Round 3 will be interesting for many schools with these newfound star coaches. “Reign on the top was short like leprechauns…”

  2. Sorry but not sorry to mention the blame for the “debacle” at NW. If any of you naysayers have ever been a young and upcoming coach, you would realize that greater coaching opportunities only come knocking on the door only so often. Let’s say for example, you were working as a.cashier at target. A managerial position opens up at a target across town with an apportunity to further your career. Suddenly, the regular customers who value this particular cashier do to his hard work and high level customer service become bitter and angry. Why did he move across town? Why is he being so selfish? It’s his fault the customers now hate shopping at this target!!

    If you really break it down, this scenario is nearly identical to the blame Rolfes has received for leaving yyNW for the Page position.

    If you are still perplexed and dumbfounded I sincerely encourage you to read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”


  3. I don’t know all of the details about the NW job, but from what I can tell the guy that was selected wasn’t even close to being given a fair chance due to how late in the preparation process he was brought in. It takes A LOT to get a program up to speed. The coaches, players, and yes, even the parents, need to be on board. I’d say the guy walked into a no win situation if he was only going to get one season to show what he has as a coach. At least give him a full off-season and season to see what he can do. Anything other than that and you are expecting him to achieve the unachievable. That is just MHO.

  4. Coming in late is no excuse. I understand that performance drives a lot of the hate. This situation is one of a lack of communication. It does not matter how poor your working situation is, how poor performing your people (aka players) are or how bad your environment is within the organization. If you are a poor communicator, don’t provide your people a clear vision & plan and can’t or don’t provide a plan for your people, then you have failed. Coach Wallace did not communicate with his players well. He did not instruct or communicate well with his coaches. He handled several situations that I am aware of extremely poorly. He does not deserve to be a head coach. He is better positioned as a piece of the pie but not the head. He does not handle making the top decision well. The bigger question is whether his boss has the guts to make the change that he knows needs to be made.

  5. I don’t think many receiver quartets can be compared to the Page 2015 group(Diondre Overton, James Ellis II, Miles Faison, Ronald Polite). Not to mention all are D1 receivers.

  6. The group of 4 from 2015 were great route-runners, but what makes this year’s receivers from Page special is the way they can also run that jet-sweep and the way that they run after the catch…

    The running after the catch by Naseem Alston this past Friday night vs. Ragsdale would make for a great teaching tool on an instructional video…He was running like a cross between Devin Funchess and Kelvin Benjamin, but wait a minute, they are the same guy, but again, Alston was giving it all and he got all he could and more heading up field at Ragsdale….

  7. “Here are the facts”……..can you provide details of what you mean when you say that a clear plan and vision wasn’t offered up. Do you mean from coaches to players???

  8. Facts…. if NW is looking for a coach with excellent communication skills look no further than Page Head Coach Jared Ro…. Oh that’s right he was your Head Coach but you painted the rock and tried to get him fired! You might thank the seniors from 2014. Count your blessings you have a competent coach like Wallace. Don’t screw this one up too!

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