High School Football for this Friday Night(11/10/17) with Round One of the NCHSAA Playoffs

4-AA West…#4 Page(10-1):First Round BYE….Page will play the South Mecklenburg(2-9) vs. Providence(8-3) winner in Round Two/Week Two…..
4-A East…#10 South View(8-3) at #7 Ragsdale(7-4) South View with former Smith coach Rodney Brewington leading the way and his son Donavan Brewington is the South View QB/Ragsdale’s Coach Johnny Boykin has his son Devan Boykin at QB….
3-AA West…#10 Statesville(9-2) at #7 Southwest Guilford(9-2)….Northern Guilford topped Statesville earlier in the 2017 season….
3-AA East…#10 Dudley(9-2) at #7 Southeast Guilford(9-2)….Dudley over SEG 42-17 when they met earlier in the season….
3-AA East…#14 Ben L. Smith(5-6) at #3 Lee County(11-0)…8 of Lee County’s 11 wins came by shutout and the games were not close ones…
3-AA East…#13 Durham Hillside(5-5) #4 Eastern Guilford(9-2)….Hillside with a very good QB in Randy Trice Jr. He is close to 1,900 yards on the year and he threw for 1 TD going 17-25 vs. Dudley with 205 yards…Dudley topped Hillside, 14-7….
3-AA East…#12 Northern Guilford(6-5) at #5 DH Conley(10-1)…Conley QB Holton Ahlers with 3,190 yards and 52 touchdowns passing, while rushing for 811 and 13 scores….Just over 4,000 Total Yards for Holton Ahlers….
3-A East…#6 Northeast Guilford(7-4) at #11 Eastern Alamance(9-2)…..EA slipped past NEG 14-10 earlier this season….
2-AA East…#12 High Point Andrews(4-7) at #5 Nash Central(9-2)…Nash Central QB Travis Griffin has thrown for close to 2,000 yards and he has passed for 27 TD’s and he has also rushed for close to 400 yards, with 4 TD’s….


  1. I think Smith vs Lee County will be a very good game

    Smith has played Lee County close the past two seasons!

  2. SEG has to play like this is the championship. Every series matters. Eliminate turnovers, CANNOT take not one play off, gotta win every quarter. Falcons CAN WIN this game. And this is no disrespect to Dudley.

    Good Luck Falcons !

  3. On Lee County, the scores on those shutouts went 35-0, 45-0, 39-0, 38-0, 56-0, 50-0, 55-0 and then 68-0 and it is hard to evaluate a true (11-0) team based on schedule, but they did beat Northwood, a pretty good team 35-0 and Northwood at (7-4) beat Orange(8-2) 21-20, but Northwood also lost to Durham Hillside 35-28 and it says that Burton Cates is still the coach at Lee County and if that is the Cates, we know Cates is a pretty strong based on the success he had at Eastern Randolph back in the day….

    Friday will be a new day and it might be the right day for Smith to go ahead and upset an unbeaten (11-0) team, but it will be tough and it won’t be easy for any of the First Games that are Guilford County teams will be playing….Eastern with Hillside, Northern with DH Conley and their crazy-stats QB, NEG at Eastern Alamance, Statesville at (9-2) coming to The Ranch at SWG, Coach Rodney Brewington coming back to Greensboro with South View to face off with Ragsdale and High Point Andrews going all the way down to Nash County…..

    Dudley has a very short road trip and it will be interesting to see if Zyreik Rush can play for Dudley after the dislocated elbow he suffered in the Mount Tabor game….If Rush can not play it will change the course and direction of that game…If he does not play in that first meeting at SEG there is a very good chance that Southeast wins that game….Dudley had two QB’s banged up in that game and Rush was just back from injury when he took the field at SEG and ran like a man possessed in the second half…

    Rush being well, could well be the difference in that game this Friday night with Dudley at SEG…Dudley needs a healthy Rush to win that game…SEG must prepare as if Rush will be at a 110% and nothing less or otherwise SEG won’t be ready for this game….

    No Rush and there might be a mad rush to the WalMart on Elmsley Square on Saturday morning or even late-night Friday….Dudley needs a healthy Rush to make a strong run in the playoffs and SEG needs to what the other man was saying…..SEG can not afford to make any mistakes at all and must limit their penalties….Any bad steps/missteps, even bad snaps by the Falcons, and Dudley will make them pay…

    SEG must find a tempo and stick too it and not try to get it all done in the first quarter or at the beginning of the game…You play four quarters and you must find a way to win them all if you are going to win against Dudley….

    Friday night has some good options and I hope everyone’s RPO’s are good to go for this Friday night….

    I still think Dudley will have to have Rush ready or we may see a different outcome than what we saw during the first meeting with the Panthers and Falcons…..

  4. I say watch for an upset with Smith and Lee County because the vast majority of the teams that Lee County has played had losing records and in a few cases “oh for” or pretty close to it. Maybe those teams were in tough conferences, but Smith has played tough teams and hung close in quite a few and based on the stats from their win against Eastern they have a shot.

    In terms of the SE Dudley game Dudley game I don’t think it is a lock for Dudley if Rush plays or a lock for Southeast if he doesn’t. Either way the Southeast players have to believe. I know that the Dudley players believe.

  5. Smith isn’t beating a Coach Burton Cates’ Lee County team. Not sure what you guys are smoking here…..

  6. Dudley will win this game like they always do, no change just a new coach, period. Panthers roll on to round 2! I believe they have more than Rush to be worried about……..

  7. You are right, they do have more than Rush to be worried about. The running back “Nation” that they moved up from JV is a handfull, Nigel Fitzgerald is serious business at wide receiver, Simpson is a good duel threat QB, and the athleticism of Dudley’s defense is no joke. I’m sure that there is more………

  8. Dudley does need Rush and many of us feel he is their key leader on offense…He has been with this team for a long time now, maybe since back when he was a freshman, and if Dudley has a ‘fresh’ Rush on Friday night and if can regain the Rush running form he had the first time vs. SEG and the form he had in 2016, Rush will run for large yards….

    SEG has Tre Love and Jax Hackett, say Anthony Badgett, Jaylen Guy and others that can step it up to this level, but for SEG they will need an 11-player effort on Defense to beat Dudley and it may seem like they need 22 me at some times when Rush is on the run…

    Makes for a great matchup and the last time I remember SEG beating Dudley was around 1983-ish, when Dick Kemp was coaching the SEG Falcons….

    If you want to win it, you have to “Remember the Goal” and that takes a 24/7 approach and this day and time with all the hectic nature and all that is going on, that is not an easy task to finish…

    “Remember the Goal”, let’s get these kids some good pub and roll….

    We roll….

  9. The Dudley/SE game will be one to watch . It could go either way simply because SE is playing an unhealthy Dudley team . I know they are still battling a lot of injuries .Tough year for them . They still have a lot of weapons on the team defensively .Hard to come up against their defense with that tough D-Line and those Linebackers along with those Receivers if they throw the ball. They had that game won Friday against Tabor . They were definitely the better team despite all the turnovers . I questioned some of the calls made by the Ref’s,especially that last TD when the player went out of bounds and the play was still ruled a TD. Some of the play calling by the Dudley Coaches was questionable too.Win or lose, those boys deserve a shout-out for perseverance. Hope they are able to play through the injuries and make another run for the championship .

  10. “Football Guru” said “It could go either way simply because SE is playing an unhealthy Dudley team”

    That is an interesting comment because all I’ve heard is how stacked Dudley is. So you are telling me that if they win it is because they were just better, but if they lose it is because they had too many injuries………you can’t have it both ways.

  11. NCHSAA needs an overhaul. There are some very good teams from areas like Guilford have to go packing because of the stiff competition and/or playing tough visiting teams. Meanwhile has anyone seen the Western 4A overall bracket? #2 seed is South Caldwell High School located between Hickory and Lenoir. They are in a split conference with two 4A teams and 6 3A. Their record is 1 – 10 but they beat the only other 4A team in their conference head to head – McDowell County. So they get a bye in the first round and a #2 seed. Makes no sense. Guilford should have been allowed to combine some 3A/4A conferences with the last realignment. Imagine if you moved in the likes of Dudley and Southwest Guilford with Page, Ragsdale, etc. Just as many playoff teams and great competition.

  12. Southeast Guilford has talent – I don’t have a dog in the fight . However, I wouldn’t go by what you heard . Dudley is no where near stacked this year . I know they’ve lost 9-10 starters this year due to injuries . SE is just playing a banged up talented team . They are playing 2nd-3rd string players , JV , etc . That’s reality not speculation . It’s hard to keep winning in this state . In previous years they were stacked . This is certainly not the case this year . I’ve watched them play many times this season .

  13. Football Guru, be assured, I know a little bit about the situation at Dudley. I heard about all of the JV players that were moved up during the season. My point is just give credit where credit is due. Dudley has enough right now that if Southeast beats them it will be an honest win.

  14. Southeast has Talent – We just have a difference of opinion and that’s ok . A healthy Dudley team would beat most if not all teams without question within the Triad .Page and a healthy Dudley are the two true championship caliber teams in our area . If SE beats Dudley , they will beat an unhealthy team . The outcome would not be any question if they were healthy . That’s why I stated earlier that the game can go either way . I’m not trying to debate the issue just my opinion .

  15. Football Guru, your entire response is what I have problem with. Your “assumption” is that other teams are healthy and at full strength…………..At this point in the season most teams aren’t at full strength.

    Now if you want to talk about who the best team in the area are Reidsville might be the best team in the area, yes even better than Dudley and Page.

  16. Southeast got talent – I am certainly not a Dudley Fan and never will be But , I don’t think any program has as many starters and players out at one time . Injuries are no stranger to the game but the quantity does matter to the overall effectiveness of the team . We played them earlier and suffered our only loss of the season . That says a lot . They were much healthier then. I hate to admit it , but they are one hell of a team . Kudos to Reidsville but they didn’t play us , SE or Dudley . That’s why I believe no one is debating their record in this conversation .

  17. Pirate Nation, like I said, most teams aren’t at 100% at this point and from what I can tell Dudley still has Simpson, Fitzgerald, Berry, Crosen, Johnson…….they have enough to win. They very well may run over Southeast in Friday night, but if they don’t, don’t chalk it up to not being healthy. Take the L and show some respect to the other team.

    Also, I have seen Reidsville up close…….feel free to THINK they aren’t “worthy”, but those kids are not to be taken lightly. They have a common opponent with Page in NW and they laid it on them moreso than Page. Give credit where it is due.

  18. From what we have been told, Zyreik Rush will not play for Dudley on Friday night….Dudley may have to go to the air more and get Nigel Fitzgerald and Michael Wyman started and count on the running legs of Gee Simpson more, plus the young running backs that got going last week late at Mount Tabor…

    Going to make for an interesting game on Friday night at Southeast Guilford….

  19. Would be fun to see those Page linebackers go after Reidsville…All of Page vs. Reidsville would be good football, but I would especially like to see those Page Pirates’ LB’s go after the Rams and how would that turn out?????

  20. Southeast got talent – Just so that you know ,Berry went out during the SW game . Robertson , Rush , Matthews is out too in addition to the laundry list of other players .. But, I don’t care to waste any more time on this conversation . You have your opinion and others have theirs . We all may never agree. That’s the beauty of free speech . On to the next topic for me . We will all have to wait and see on Friday . Have a great day

  21. Football Guru, yes Miles Berry did go out in the SW game, I was there, but from what I can tell he is back on the field. Like I said every team has injuries at this point. I don’t know how the SE/Dudley game will turn out, but one thing that I do know is that BOTH teams are good teams and BOTH TEAMS have good players. We should give those players and teams the respect that they have earned.

    Either way, we don’t talk about West Forsyth or Glenn much. They BOTH did a number on Mount Tabor this year, especially West Forsyth. We get so caught up in the Greensboro teams that we forget about teams in the surrounding areas.

  22. Dudley has easily had the most injuries this season. No other team around here even comes close, the Panthers have had numerous players out for the season since week 1 and 2, with more guys going down later on too. This isn’t a “but every team has injuries this time of year” situation.

    Like Football Guru said, the current championship caliber programs in this county are Dudley and Page.

    These are two teams with outstanding depth and this is the reason why Dudley is still the favorite tonight against SEG, even though they have numerous guys out for the season, and have all year.

    But this year has also shown you that even with outstanding depth, if you have a lot of injuries some of these teams that are getting stronger can sneak up on you a la SWG over Dudley earlier this year.

  23. Pager…….how quickly we forget. Eastern Guilford lost to Page by ONLY three points and they are coming off a State Championship run themselves last year, but they are never mentioned in these conversations when some of you mention “championship caliber”. I think I’m going to coin a new phrase. Football snoob……….

  24. Trust me, no one has forgotten about Eastern Guilford. Page definitely knows about them.. those kids are as tough as their coaching staff and they have some good ones over there in Gibsonville. Yeah Page beat them by only 3 points, we have a new coach, new offense, and had to replace 95% of our offensive production from the last 2 years. it was one heckuva game, hats off to both teams for giving it their all. Even with the youth and newness, Page still controlled the game and you could tell they had enough and more in the tank at the end.

    Yes, EG made it to the 3AA state championship game, and we tip our hat to them for their efforts/work. But in many peoples eyes to be championship caliber/elite, you have to go out and WIN atleast one of these things (within the last 10-15 years) and also get to more than just a couple regional finals and state title games. Something only Dudley and Page have done recently and NG as well. This is why even teams like East and West Forsyth are not considered championship caliber, because they have not been able to bring home the bacon.

  25. Pager……..the snobbery……lol!! You have to win one to be considered Championship Caliber……….oh boy………

    Page and Dudley certainly have more of a winning “heritage” than some other schools in the area, but those other team certainly have Championship caliber teams this season. Especially West Forsyth, Glenn, and Reidsville (who has one of the most illustrious programs in the state).

    And all that “splaining”……..I don’t think that ANYONE has mentioned that Southeast has a new coach AND a COMPLETELY new offensive scheme, completely new. Those kids didn’t even run an offense like that in middle school. It hasn’t been mentioned for the simple fact that no one cares. If you win you did great and if you lose you suck. No one really cares why you lost. Will the record book say “new coach, young players”. Nope.

  26. Im not talking about this years teams, im more so talking about Championship caliber/elite PROGRAMS over the span of many seasons. WF and Glenn have good teams this year, but they are not elite programs.. Reidsville is elite has been for decades, no question.. we arent really including these teams on here because this is a greensboro site and we usually only talk about Guilford County teams.

  27. Reidsville has been in damn near every ranking that I have seen here this year……..so has Southwest Guilford again, the snoobery………

  28. Yeah, on this site. All of those links to the Greensboro News and Record count.

  29. this site has its own poll… its been like for the past 10 years.. Reidsville has never been on it. Andy has also linked a lot of other polls from around the state over the years, NCPreps/Carolina Preps/MaxPreps etc. to get our teams and players more recognition/good pub.

    We can include Reidsville though, if it makes you feel better.. Dudley, Page, Reidsville

  30. I’ve never seen that poll, but if Southeest has been on it Reidsville certainly should be as well………..

    I’m pretty open-minded especially when it comes to recognizing talent. Some, not so much………..

  31. Like i said earlier, it only includes the teams from guilford county.. This isnt triadsports or greensbororeidsvillekernersvilleclemmonssports its greensboro sports, so we generally only talk about the schools in this county.

    The News & Record has a larger coverage area, as they should..

  32. Na,it should be Greensboro/High Point/Jamestown/McLeansville.com because teams from those areas are discussed here and covered regularly. Snoobery.

  33. @ Andy

    you were asking how the Page LBs against Reidsville would turn out, well lucky enough for us, we have these maxpreps rankings.. and they have this tool where you can project a match up

    Here is what it says…
    PROJECT A MATCHUP – neutral field
    [2017] Page [Walter Hines] (Greensboro, NC) 31
    [2017] Reidsville (NC) 24

  34. Call me what you want, i dont care. still doesnt change the fact about who is who in this COUNTY the past 10 or so years. There is this thing called the future, and other programs can have a say about this fact.. so far the closest team we have is E. Guilford

  35. So why isn’t it GuilfordCountysports.com……….snoobery. If the GREENSBORO NEWS AND RECORD includes Reidsville in its coverage I’m guessing they are good enough to be covered on greensborosports.com. That is just my guess. Also,considering that they play guilford county schools……….

  36. I had a feeling you hadnt been around here very long……. noobery. but its probably because Andy is a radio guy and only has radio coverage in greensboro, so when he started the site years ago he tried his best to cover as many teams as possible, but it was mostly the greensboro schools, then as time past the site grew to cover all the schools in guilford county..

  37. The poll is at the top of the site currently, but ill paste it here just in case..

    Danny Pigge Pigskin Poll:
    2)Eastern Guilford(9-2)
    4)Southeast Guilford(9-2)
    5)Southwest Guilford(8-3)
    6)Northeast Guilford(7-4)
    8)Northern Guilford(6-5)
    9)Ben L. Smith(5-6)
    10)Tie:Grimsley(4-7)/High Point Andrews(4-7)

  38. Maybe it needs to grow again to cover more counties because it is a travesty to not have one of the best programs in the state not included to make people feel better……..8-o……;-)

    Gotta run. Got a game to get to.

  39. I understand your sentiments, Reidsville is the mark of sustained success through many decades. Truly dominant with periods of dynasty. No one has ever questioned that. You speak as if we do not know what has gone on here for years. I am assuming you are rather new to this area?

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