Graham Sporting Goods Middle School Football Today in Guilford County:Last games of the Regular Season(Through the Fog and the Rain we are seeing some FINALS!!!)

Southern Guilford Middle 40, Welborn 0
Southern Guilford(6-1/6-0 Conference) and SG Conference Champions
Trevon McKinnon scores on TD runs of 13, 32, 35…..Zayvion DeJesus scores on 34 yard run….Dakota Locklear scores on 21 yard run…..Zachary Ware returns INT 50 yards for TD…..Zymir German runs for a PAT and pass to Tyler Clyburn for another…..Triston Reagan recovers fumble……
*****Tremendous effort by entire SG Knights team.*****
Hairston Middle School 46, Allen Jay Prep 8
Northwest Guilford 44, Kernodle 6
Played in the fog and the rain at KMS…Saw the NWG kicker got off a real nice boot/kickoff in this soupy weather and the kid has a good foot…David Shook(6’7), the former basketball ace for Ragsdale and UNCG back in the day has a son on NWG and he is going to be a good one, Walter Turner, Tre Turner’s younger brother lines up at center and defensive tackle for NWG and his future appears to be bright, John Hughes, the NWG AD has a son on the NWG Middle School team and if he was #88, like I think he was, the young man could be big for Northwest Guilford High School in just a year or two…..Good day to be out of doors and the air was a bit crisp, but it did not dampen the spirits of all of the Middle School football fans, who were watching their last Middle School football game for 2017….

More scores to follow we hope and by 8pm, we have the feeling that all games will have gone final…..

Today is the last day of the regular season and loads of games today, instead of Wednesday due to the early dismissal of school tomorrow/Wednesday….
Records below based on what we had coming out of last week’s completed games………

There was one game on Monday and we will be looking for a score on that and you had Monday for Middle School Football in Guilford County,
Ferndale vs. Penn-Griffin at AJ Simeon Stadium, in High Point…

Today/Tuesday’s games:
Eastern Guilford vs. Kiser(2-4) at Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley HS campus 5pm
Western Guilford(3-3) vs. Jackson Middle 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium on the Ben L. Smith HS campus
Southeast Guilford Middle(5-1) at Mendenhall(4-2) at Deebs Young Stadium on the Mendenhall Middle School campus 5:30pm
Northern Guilford(5-1) at Southwest Guilford Middle(2-3) 5:30pm

Season Complete:
Allen Middle School
Jamestown Middle School
Northeast Guilford(5-2)
The Academy at Lincoln
Swann Middle School(6-0)….Makeup game at Eastern Guilford on Thursday….


  1. We are still waiting to find out too…

    Last week we had them at (4-2), this week we have them at (5-1) and by next week Swann may be (6-0)…

    Would also like to know who they lost to…

    Maybe Paul Swann from the old Swanno Show on WKEW Radio can find out for us…Last I heard he had left Greensboro and was the producer on the Charlotte Hornets basketball games, but that was maybe 25 years ago and whatever happened to the old Swanno Show????

    And did Swann Middle School lose or are they a perfect (6-0) for the season of ’17?

  2. Northeast Guilford actually finished the season at 5-2 with a win over Jackson Middle last week and then a forfeit from Allen Middle

  3. We will keep an eye out for that Eastern-Swann game and they will be busy, PLUS #15 and #5 for Swann have been busy young men all season long….

    Should be a good game tomorrow with Swann at Eastern Guilford and I had seen that game on Eastern Guilford’s High Athletics Schedule earlier in the week and did not know what was up with that, but now we do…Makeup game on Thursday at EG..

  4. Here is the beat from the EG Athletics Schedule that was posted here on the site back on Monday…..

    11/09/17 Thursday H 5:00 PM Middle School Football vs. Swann Tommy Grayson Field / EG Stadium

  5. Thanks to the NW Guilford Coaching Staff for not lretting our kids drop there head after 2 close loses. This team preformed at its best in close games. Looking forward to next season as the Vikings will be a force in middle school football.

  6. The word I got was Mendenhall over Southeast Guilford Middle, but I do not have a score….Both SEG and Mendenhall finish at (5-2) for the season….

    Swann(6-0) set to be at Eastern Guilford Today/Thursday and Northern Guilford at Southwest Guilford Today/Thursday….

    Middle School Football finishing up and JV Football already done for 2017…

  7. So NW, Northern and Mendenhall all finish the season tied for first with a 5-2 Record. Northern beat Mendenhall, Mendenhall beat NW and NW beat Northern

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