Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – November 10, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: Dudley at Southeast Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Statesville at Southwest Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM


South View (9-3) – 38
Ragsdale (7-5) – 35

Statesville (9-3) – 0
Southwest Guilford (10-2) – 48

Dudley (10-2) – 21
Southeast Guilford (9-3) – 13

Ben L. Smith (5-7) – 0
Lee County (12-0) – 40

Durham Hillside (5-6) – 12
Eastern Guilford (10-2) – 31

FINAL – Corrected
Northern Guilford (6-6) – 7
DH Conley (11-1) – 59

Northeast Guilford (7-5) – 13
Eastern Alamance (10-2) – 20

High Point Andrews (4-8) – 7
Nash Central (10-2) – 41

Cape Fear (9-3) – 42
Orange (8-3) – 0

North Mecklenburg (9-3) – 27
Richmond County (7-5) – 23

Athens Drive (7-5) – 19
Pinecrest (8-4) – 50

WS Parkland (6-6) – 6
A.C. Reynolds (11-1) – 59

West Carteret (8-4) – 14
E.E. Smith (9-3) – 44

Roanoke Rapids (8-4) – 7
Randleman (10-1) – 43

Reidsville – 51
W Lincoln – 0

East Forsyth – 35
Mooresville – 6

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  1. Northern’s score was 7 not 10. That touchdown came in the last two minutes of the game from Justin Julian. WOW, that QB @ DH. Conley is the best in NC. Northern still rebuilding and losing 20+ seniors this year in the Class of 2018.

  2. Great game over at SE. Dudley is still fighting, gotta respect that. Great season for coach and his players over at SE. Now go punch New Hanover in the mouth and advance!

    *Them boys over at SE will be a force for the next few years. Coach Tinsley has to be in the running for COTY!

  3. I agree Coach Tinsley is doing a great job and will be a force, but isn’t the reason you all got rid of the last guy is because they couldn’t beat Dudley? (0-2).

  4. Good game between Dudley and Southeast tonight. Those young running backs filling in for the injured Zarik Rush were good for Dudley tonight. Tinsley has SE playing much better football. Dudley just have their number right now.

  5. SE/Dudley was a good game. But not good enough for the Falcons. Good luck to Dudley next week.

    Coach G, from what I can tell there was more to the previous coach being let go than not being able to beat Dudley.

  6. Truth is Dudley is one of the premier programs in the state. Not many teams beat them. A “half strength” Dudley team is still pretty good. I’m proud of the season Coach Tinsley had with SE in his first season. Good luck to Dudley the rest of the way.

  7. Northwest Guilford would love being a borderline playoff team. That would be far better than our current expectation of a borderline dump site of a program. NW did not even win a conference game this year. At least it is basketball season – oh wait a minute – we lost all of our prep tournament games last weekend including to a chapter school. Oh well when does track season start 🙂 Never mind we did not win a track meet last either. Who am I kidding – I am at NW. Enough said 🙁

  8. @Nighthawk
    You obviously do not know who you are talking to. I have been a Nighthawk fan since Day 1. Had a son who played on a state champ team who has a ring. I am in touch with the coaches past and present often. Truth is, Northern was almost shut out last night. Last champ team was 2014.

  9. Just curious new to the area and a huge HS FB fan.
    What has happened to NG . How did they start so strong
    And end up being a mediocre team. A new program normally gets stronger with time as talent gets better each year?

  10. @Brian Winters

    NG won state in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. They went all the way to the state semi finals in 2013, and 2015. In 2015 legendary SC HOF coach Johnny Roscoe retired due to glaucoma. He had several staff coaches who had been with him the entire time who wanted the HC job but did not get it. In fact several external offers were made and rescinded or turned down. All but 1 of the former coaching staff left NG. A late May 2016 hiring decision was finally made. For 2016 and 2017 the program has been rebuilding. At the time NG was winning, the program attracted many players who moved to the area to be on the football team. A ton of d1,d2 and d3 talent. Once the coaching changed and the rebuilding began the players started being attracted to other winning programs like Page (who has some of the old NG coaches).

  11. Thanks NG program for that explanation I had heard the program started with a number of D1 recruits who moved to the area.
    That would explain the early success. 6B8B

  12. Shout out to the SW Cowboys first round shutout 49-0 last night
    On to AC Reynolds in Ashville. Congrats to Coach Rainey and DemSW
    Cowboys 10-2 on the year so far.

  13. Was trying to decide which game to attend last night . The Dudley /SE game was one for the books . Didn’t know if Dudley could pull it off with all the injuries . Experience showed up last night . Those running backs are young but will be a problem over the next few years . That defense is solid as a rock . Pope, Shannon , Stewart was holding it down. Can’t say enough about those two linebackers Landon Johnson and Davis. They cause havoc on the field . As Jr.’s they have stepped up to the plate . Great game and season SE. You guys played a good game . Hope Dudley can continue to advance . Those kids still have some fight in them even at half strength .

  14. Before Northern Guilford had any success, they got big time players to move into their district, players like Keenan Allen (Grimsley), Gabe King (Page), Christian McCain (Page), the list is really too long to remember.. but after Roscoe took great D1 talent from other programs they started winning. The basketball program did this too except they got caught and had a state title vacated.

    So now that the initial coaching staff is gone, and they are working with the talent that they are supposed to have, they are finally getting a taste of reality.

  15. Let’s keep it real at the same time. Show me a team that hasn’t had players transfer and I’ll show you a team that isn’t truthful. NG lost, at a minimum, 6 starters for this season to players moving to another team. Not complaining or saying they don’t have the right if done correctly….just stating the facts. The transition in coaching has been a rough patch as it can often be….especially when a coach with the success of the former coach had. So all of this “transfer” talk should be spread around evenly across Guilford County. @Pager…..3 of them moved to Page….you’re welcome.

  16. @pager

    Let he who is without sin throw the first stone! Page got three NG Varsity starters this year! Let’s face it, players and the parents follow the winning teams and winning coaches in hopes of chasing big dreams and nailing opportunities.

  17. The thing about it though, NG got players to come into a new school with no prior winning, so it was a bit shady. Its one thing to have a program already and a winning tradition, people moving into your district is natural and its going to happen. But when NG was first built and they had these high D1 talented kids rolling in from other districts from the beginning, people are going to look at you with skepticism.

  18. When Page was first built, we didnt recruit kids away from Grimsley or Dudley, we played with what we had, and had mediocre success for a long while.. you take your lumps as a program and build it in the right way….

    All this instant gratification crap needs to go out the window, it isn’t teaching our kids anything about a great work ethic.

  19. Hey NG I attended and played football for Tommy Pursley 2007-2010 and I can tell you we didn’t cheat or try to recruit. We lost players to Northern such as Maurice Harris who got to go there because his mom was given a custodian job and we also lost James Scales to this as well. So don’t be talking about other programs cheating because I can assure you that didn’t happen at Northeast we were just victims of it.

  20. Oh the victim card. Wasn’t specific but said it can be spread around Guilford County. Don’t have issues if a family makes a decision and transfers within rules. Free country if things are done correctly.

  21. No one said NG had ineligible players, but many know what happened over those years… keep trying to justify the shadiness of your program, no wonder you’re the nighthawks.

  22. So the long and short answer to all of this is that Northern is getting closer to the losing culture that Northwest has established than Northern’s winning ways of the past. Stay away from the light Northern. Don’t enter the long nightmare path that the Northwest boys programs have adopted.

  23. @NG
    wounds? lol.. it clearly doesnt matter anymore, i was just letting the people know what happened and this is PART (not all) of the reason why NG was so successful early, because i think it would have been really special to see Roscoe coach the real young from the northern side of the county… but instead, in the eyes of many its pretty tarnished.

    None of what NG has done has ever really affected Page too much honestly anyways except add fuel to the fire that Gillespie reignited 10 years ago. yeah we lost mccain who was a gamechanger his freshman and soph years at page. but northern taking allen away from grimsley was alright in my eyes lol and king was a brat/liability anyways. NG was atleast a solid opponent to play against, and honestly they still are.
    @NW sad — Northern isnt even close to the level of doormat that NWG has seen before.. don’t get ahead of yourself.

  24. @regap
    check your facts sir.
    McCain, King and Scales did not play a regular season down with Keenan in 2009. They went to ORMA and 09 was the first year NG was eligible for the state playoffs since opening in 08.
    So the loads of D1 talent, except for Harris, in 10,11,12 and 14 was not transferring in. The 11 and 12 teams had very few D1 players. In fact Logan is the only D1 scholarship from the 25 seniors on the 12 team and this team arguably may have been the best in the state.

  25. Three years ago Northern had a pair of players who called themselves “brothers” even though they had no relation, so that one of them could come and play out of district

  26. I didnt specifically mean in 2009..

    Bottom line 4 out of the 5 players mentioned played for Nortern in 2010.. Allen, McCain, Scales and Harris all played for NG at some point in time. All 4 of them were not NG homegrown talent..
    King ended up back in Eugene, OR

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