Friday Night Finish:Dominique Graves makes a great case for Guilford County MVP Tonight with 5 TD’s on the ground

Five TD’s on the ground and well over 200 yards rushing and Dominique Graves, from Eastern Guilford High School, made a great case for him being named 2017 Guilford County High School Football MVP on Friday night, as he led his EG Wildcats to their 44-29 victory over DH Conley….

To many local fans, DH Conley with their record-setting quarterback Holton Ahlers, came into Gibsonville as the favored team on Friday evening, but the difference in the ball game was the play of Eastern Guilford’s QB, Domnique Graves…

Coming out of that Third Round NCHSAA 3-AA East game on Friday night, Dominique Graves is “The Man”….

The kid was going to town and he a long run of somewhere in the neighborhood of 85 yards and he took that run up the middle, broke slightly to the outside and then Graves was Gone….By the time Graves hit the third level of the DH Conley defense, Graves was the only man in town and he was GONE…….Graves finished with 259 yards on 35 carries……

Dominique Graves dominated this football game…..Graves was way faster than Ahlers(DH Conley QB) and Graves showed he could manage a top-level football team and he was able to manage the game, as the master controller, and this showed and made Dominique Graves the man that should be the MVP for Guilford County high school football…

Graves has a very good supporting cast, with Christian McMullen running strong and Zach Milton making key catches/receptions and with the talent Eastern Guilford has on hand, this should be EG’s time to win it all and when it comes to naming and somebody winning the MVP award, Dominique Graves should be your man…

Graves will take his EG Wildcat team to Clayton next Friday night and we will see if EG can find some way to defeat Clayton and then maybe EG can come back home and face Cape Fear for the NCHSAA 3-AA Eastern Title, in Round Four, of the playoffs….

As of Friday November 17, 2017, Dominique Graves is your 2017 Guilford County high school football MVP…..The kid has worked hard and it shows in the numbers that Graves is grabbing and if things continue, Graves should be grabbing that MVP Trophy, as his college teams go at it on Saturday…………

Graves has some kind of O-line up front opening holes that men of all levels of football could be running through and with Kendyl Graves, Eric Walker, Henderson, Wesley Alderman and others opening those holes, EG with Graves at the helm, could be running for a lot more yards in the 2017 playoffs…

Let’s hear it for Graves for the Guilford County high school football MVP and how many people are with me on this one?????


  1. Don’t forget that the defense held a team who had averaged 50 points a game to 29 points. Good job defense. Their defense only gave up an average of 6 points a game so our offense busted that bubble. Our kicking game is also solid and our special teams deserve credit as well. I want all 3 phases to get credit when we win.

  2. Graves is the MVP. Underrated as a passer because of the ground game, but he can air it out as well. The DEF played a good game against DH Conley Friday night and special teams has always been on point.

  3. If we are going with the typical, “we have to pick a senior to be the MVP” then yes, Graves it is… but if we are going with who is actually the MVP…. then it is still too early to call.

  4. Is Dominique Graves the MVP in Guilford County this year???  I’d say yes.  I was at the game Friday night and I’ve seen him play a couple of times this season, he is the spark that makes the engine go.  He is quick and a hard runner and when he needs to throw he is pretty dependable.  If you don’t realize how valuable he is to the team the series when he was out of the game would probably open your eyes.  The offense looked completely out of sorts without him.  I’d argue that without Graves the team isn’t anywhere near as good as they are with him.  He is a hard player to replace. 
    Graves may have been the QB for the winning team, but Ahlers showed why he is a D1 QB prospect.  He threw for 363 years and they were all meaningful.  Also, DH Conley wasn’t just Ahlers.  They had a very quick and shifty running back and an outstanding number one receiver, #5 CJ Johnson, a junior ECU commit that has offers from every ACC school in North Carolina I believe.  DH Conley offense started slow, but once it got going it really got going.  When Ahlers began to connect with Johnson the run game opened up and the chase was on.  It was 24 – 0 before DH Conley got going, but it all started with a phenomenal, and I mean PHENOMENAL one-handed, falling backward, running at full speed catch by Johnson.  Should have been on Sport Center Top 10.  After Eastern went up 31 – 7 Conley was trying to notch another score before the end of the half.  With 6 seconds left in the quarter Ahlers appeared to connect with Johnson in the back of the end zone, but he bobbled the ball just a bit before gaining possession and the official called him out of bounds.  Remember that play.  Conley scored three touchdowns in the third quarter, two of which were thrown to Johnson when he was in single coverage.  This was a huge problem for Eastern………….until they made an adjustment (at least it appeared that they made this adjustment).  They manned up Nick Cheeley on Johnson the rest of the game.  That move paid off.  Cheeley knocked down TWO in the end zone TD catches by Johnson.  This was a 15 [point game in the end.  Two Nick Cheeley knock-downs and a bobbled waved off TD at the end of the second quarter.  Three plays that may have decided the game.  DH Conley’s offense wasn’t the problem though, they scored more points against Eastern than any team this year, including Page.  It was their defense.  They just couldn’t stop Graves.  295 rushing years from a QB, most of which was right up the gut. 
    Lastly, it was mentioned that Graves was faster than Ahlers.  Quicker, yes, faster……………maybe not.  Ahlers is 6’4″, 235 lbs.  It takes a second for him to get going and he isn’t a “dip and dive” type of QB.  That being said he walked an Eastern defender down on Friday night…………Conley was somewhere around the Eastern 30-yard line and Ahlers, being chased by two Eastern defenders, throws an interception as he is being tackled to the ground.  the pass didn’t go more than 10 yards in my estimation.  As the defender sprints down the sideline you think he is clear and free, but out of nowhere you see a player passing Eastern players.  It’s Ahlers.  He picked himself off the ground and caught the defender.  It looked like he caught and tackled him at the 1-yard line, but the officials called it a TD.  Ask anyone that was there, it was eye-opening.  That kid is a next level player.  As a matter of fact they put him in at safety for a time. 
    I just wanted to add those things in because it seemed a bit like DH Conley was being shorted in the coverage of the game.  Their offense is probably the best that I’ve seen all year.  It worked like an offense should.  The QB threw the ball, the running back ran the ball and the receivers caught the ball.

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