Remember these guys???/The Top Ten Referees and how will they do/grade out this season?????

It is a new high school basketball season and we look back at the Top Ten Referees/basketball officials from last season and peer ahead and wonder how this season will turn out on the court for the “Top Ten” referees…….Check them out as we look back at how they graded out at the end of last season/2016-2017………

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Referees play a major role in the outcome of games and are scrutinize very carefully. Sometimes they are judge too harshly when they have to make calls at the spurt of the moment. Too often fans believe that there is some sort of conspiracy against their team, especially when their team is on the losing in of a game. Instant replay has been installed over the years to help assist refs in making a more appropriate call. Even then, fans still believe the refs got it wrong and that the camera lies too. It is like a person taking a snapshot and then remark “This picture does not do me any justice”. The referees listed below are local and have been in many local High school and collegiate gymnasiums. Their integrity is always on the line and their ability to get promoted up the ranks is viewed by their superiors. Here are the names and rank of the local referees and some may have been left off unintentionally. (Please submit those names and let us hear from you)


1. Tim Bryant: Has done an outstanding job through the years on the high school level and has moved up to the collegiate level refereeing games in major conferences like the ACC. He has displayed the ability to manage a game and have good rapport with coaches and players during a game. Appears to always be in position to make the appropriate call and when in doubt will go to the monitor for review. He never allows the game to get out of control. GRADE: A

2. Michael Johnson: A very consistent referee that allows players to play and keep coaches in check during the course of a game. He is not afraid to call a technical when appropriate. Has risen through the ranks and refs in many collegiate conferences like the Big South,Southern,MEAC and CIA. Probably the fastest sprinter of the refs fraternity. GRADE: A-

3. Roy Jackson: Has moved up to the college ranks and refs in Big South, Southern, MEAC and CIA conferences. Tend to always have the same demeanor throughout the game. Lends and open ear to coaches and yet maintain professionalism. Michael Johnson and him would be a great race to see who get down the court the fastest. GRADE: B+

4. Mark Eggleston-Clark: Has made tremendous improvement over the past year and appears to be on an upward trend. Observed him having two excellent called games especially the game between Southwest Guilford and HPW girls. Mark’s upward trend started a year ago in games being observed. In the coming year(s) he may have an opportunity to take the next step up in the refereeing profession. GRADE: B+

5. Gary Holmes: A veteran of the local high school circuit who may have had his best year. Observed several games that he allowed the game to flow and yet have control no matter what the score was. Never appeared to be sidetracked by coaches or players in tense situations. Never made calls that affected the game and left it open for fans disapproval. An experience ref that is growing with the game and is not the focal point of it. GRADE: B+

6. Jerry Talley: A veteran that has been on the scene for quite sometime. Has a calming demeanor and will occasionally speak with the fans and yet maintain professionalism. Has the respect of local coaches in the area and appears at many HAECO Christmas Tournaments. Always a class act: GRADE: B+

7. Rick McClean: A referee that is starting to move forward. Improved over last year and should be even greater in the years to come. Has ref games at Guilford College Division III. Appears to always want to get better in a profession where ego can sometimes be one’s own detriment or demise. GRADE: B

8. Frank Johnson: One of the younger refs of the profession that is looking forward to the challenge and wants to grow. He is putting himself in position by staying sharp and refereeing as many times as possible. He will say he deserves a higher grade than this but he understands that he has to learn to crawl before he walks! GRADE: C+

9. Randy Johnson: An ‘ole’ veteran of the business that has been around before most were born. Has loss a step with his blazing speed but makes up for it with the whistle. Fun to watch refereeing and probably sweat more than most. Good with working with the fans in any gym. Especially Reidsville. GRADE: C+

10. Todd Foreman: Definitely will let folks know who is in charge from the very onset. Coaches are very mindful as well as players that they are one whistle away from a technical. Over 20 years of experience in the business and has probably forgotten more than most can remember. He is more than likely one of the tallest of the refs along with Tim Bryant. GRADE: C+

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