Friday Night Finish:Eastern Guilford Wildcats take a ‘Walk on the Wildside’ tonight in the Cats’ key win at Clayton

The Eastern Guilford Wildcats took a ‘Walk on the Wildside’, with the Cats’ victory at Clayton on Friday night….The EG ‘Cats now move on to the NCHSAA 3-AA East Regional Championship game and in turn, Eastern will face Wilmington New Hanover, next Friday night, for the East Regional Title….

EG for sure took a ‘Walk on the Wildside’ this Friday night and the ‘Cats will now battle #2 seed New Hanover, and this EG football team(seeded #4 coming in) will be ready to hit the road, and take the stiff opposition….

There were tons/loads of big plays for Eastern in their 38-31 win over Clayton….EG would hit on a big play and then Clayton would come right back with a big play touchdown of their own….EG scores, Clayton matched it, Clayton scored, EG matched it….

Between what Dominique Graves(senior QB for EG) and what the Comets’ Devin Carter(WR) was doing for Clayton, this game had its hands full trying to keep up with these two athletes on this night……Carter with 2 touchdown receptions and 252 yards receiving on the night and he 12 total receptions for the game for Clayton….Carter returned kickoffs too….Devin Carter was a handful and the Eastern Guilford Wildcats were taking a ‘Walk on the Wildside’, in trying to keep up with Carter…

Eastern Guilford lived off of the those big plays in this game and the EG ‘Cats just kept on ‘Walking on the Wildside’, and with that motto, their season continues next Fridayy night, at New Hanover….

You had the ‘Big Plays’ for Eastern with the 88-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Cameron Myers, Dominique Graves had a TD run for 23 yards late in the game where he just got lost along the sideline and Graves just rode the sideline for a TD run from 23 yards out/away and into the end zone, he went….Nic Cheeley had a ‘Big Play’, hauling in a 43-yard TD bomb from Graves, and Cheeley made a one-handed acrobatic grab and was able to maintain his balance and he ran his way into the promised land/end zone for the touchdown…

It was big-play, after big-play, after big-play for Eastern and every time Clayton would make a run, Eastern Guilford would match it, with another run of their own, or the ‘Cats would get a stop on defense when they had to have it, in a bad way….

The lines for Eastern really came through when they had to and you can’t say enough about the O-line and their blocking for Dominique Graves and Christian McMullen and holding their blocks and not intentionally holding somebody on the other team, to allow Graves the time he needs to get off those key passes….

Erik Walker, Wesley Alderman, Braxton Henderson, Terrell Owens and Kendyl Graves are the men that make that O-line click…

That ever-important Eastern Guilford defensive line is made up of Isaiah Wallace and Josh Haywood at defensive end nose guard Justin Spruill and tackle Elijah Dukes….

Josh Hayward recovered a fumble and scored a touchdown for Eastern Guilford on this Friday night…..

EG’s been taking that ‘Walk on the Wildside’, but the ‘Cats having been coming up with the big plays when they need them the most, and this formula is working to the tune of a Round Four Playoff game next Friday for Eastern, at Wilmington New Hanover…..

The EG ‘Cats have been taking a ‘Walk on the Wildside’, but it has been a good ride, as the ‘Cats have hit the ‘Wildside’, in stride…..

Several big plays receiving, running and on defense for Eastern’s Adam Akins in this game and Eastern Guilford is getting help from all of the key ‘Cats and they stretch out their 2017 season and play for the right to be called 2017 NCHSAA Eastern Regional Champions, if the ‘Cats can get that win next Friday night at New Hanvoer….

Eastern Guilford, the Eastern Regional Champions for the second straight year and that has a nice ring to it and if EG can continue to plow, they have a chance to be wearing State Championship Rings by the second week in December….

‘Cats on the move and we may see EG principal Lance Sockwell, moving a few EG students around on Monday, just making sure the football players get their necessary space, as they look to break through, for another week or two….

The ‘Cats are coming on and it won’t long until we know if Eastern Guilford has won the 2017 NCHSAA 3-AA Football Title….

Go ‘Cats……..

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  1. NCHSAA placed teams in certain parts of brackets based on numerous of factors. Dudley was a number 10 seed based on its conference play, losing 2 games.

    Majority of Dudley’s team suffered severe injuries.

  2. Right now Eastern Guilford is the top team in Guilford County…Last man standing and they have two offensive linemen that can line it up with anyone…..

    Two brick walls or border walls on the boundaries at tackle on that O-line in Kendyl Graves at RT and Erick Walker at LT…Both at 325 pounds-plus, that know how to handle their blocking schemes and they know how to move the opposition…

    EG is for real and they just get it done and they respond so well to what the other team on the other side of the line just did….

    The kid they faced last night from Clayton, Devin Carter was lights out for the Comets and that kid is ticketed to attend N.C. State next season and he was that go-to guy….Many at Clayton felt that the Comets should have been going to him more all season….

    Carter kid was lights out, but EG survived and the Wildcats will advance…

    Best team in Guilford County right now, Eastern Guilford Wildcats….Last man standing and moving on to Round Four…

    EG just got past two of the best receivers in the state over the past two weeks in Carter from Clayton and the CJ Johnson kid(4 TD receptions) last Friday night…

    Nothing spectacular about Eastern Guilford, just good hard-working determined football with some big plays thrown in for good measure, right when they need them the most…

  3. Is there something wrong here? How come the local area is not on here saying we want Eastern to win it all like they do when other schools are in the playoffs in the past?


    Is everyone sleep or just do not know?

  4. @ Jimmy,

    Eastern is the last man standing and I think most people around here will pull for the Wildcats since they don’t have a true ‘rival’ and not many of their fans post here. New Hanover is gonna be quite the challenge for Eastern but I have no doubt that Coach Robertson and his staff are hard at work as I type this breaking down film from the Cape Fear game and Hoggard game to put together a solid gameplan for next week. Gonna be a long bus ride to the beach. Good luck!

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