High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Eastern Guilford ‘Last Man Standing’ and lots/loads of Links to look back at

Looking back at Eastern Guilford’s 38-31 victory over Clayton, the thing everyone was looking at once that game was over and the EG Wildcats had that victory secured, was the score from Cape Fear vs. Wilmington New Hanover….Cape Fear was up 38-35 with just 52 seconds left in the game and some how, New Hanover fought back and got the win….EG was hoping to be back home and now they will hit the open road again, but the ‘Cats just knocked off the #1 seed and now time to go get the #2 seed in the 3-AA East bracket and bring the 2017 NCHSAA Eastern Regional Title, back to Eastern Guilford High School…..

Eastern Guilford, ‘Last Man/Team Standing’ from Guilford County….

Had to be a tough way to end the season for Page falling 9-5 to Mallard Creek and we read from the N&R reports, from Joe Sirera, that Page had two TD’s called back due to penalties…The score was what, 3-2 at halftime????? What a tough and crazy way to see your season come to a close…

Links on these games and more, on the way, but just a few of the games we are looking at, as we head toward the fourth round of the playoffs, next Friday night….

All Guilford County systems are pointing towards Eastern Guilford at Wilmington New Hanover….One of guesses for largest crowd in the state will be that Garner at Wake Forest game in the 4-AA East bracket(This game might draw 10,000 fans, who knows?)….Some other key games and these are attention-grabbers with Mountain Heritage at Reidsville, Havelock at Western Alamance(going to be tough to fit into that stadium with SRO, as in Standing Room Only and Squeeze-in Room Only), Cornelius Hough at Mallard Creek, Charlotte Vance at Charlotte Harding, and there will be more, but those games reached out and grabbed us on this Saturday Morning Rewind….
Here is one wild Friday Night Finish score for you….Wallace-Rose Hill 63, Northeastern 52….

Time to be looking toward the links…..

CLICK HERE for David Justice for the News and Record on Eastern Guilford’s win at Clayton….
“Sometimes you get in the playoffs and get into a game out of character for your team, and you just have to find a way to win,” Eastern Guilford coach Doug Robertson said after the thrilling classic in Johnston County. “It turned out that we made one more play to score, and then the defense made one more stop. We found a way to advance.”

CLICK HERE on tough loss for Page at Mallard Creek with Joe Sirera from the News and Record….
“We knew it was going to be challenging for both offenses,” said Page coach Jared Rolfes. “They hit one big play and that was it.”

CLICK HERE for the Wilmington New Hanover-Cape Fear game from Mike Foster at the Wilmington Star News and Cape Fear missed a field goal attempt at the very end of the game, so the Colts had a shot, but could not convert…New Hanover trailed 28-14 at halftime and behind their top receiver Wiz Vaughn and he had 4 TD receptions in the game, the New Hanover Wildcats got the win and now will host the Eastern Guilford Wildcats next Friday night….EG Wildcats-New Hanover Wildcats and New Hanover has the wiz kid, Wiz Vaughn and that means they will face one of our state’s top receivers for the third straight week…..C.J. Johnson(DH Conley), Devin Carter(Clayton) and now Wiz Vaughn, from New Hanover….Got to take them one at a time, I guess…

CLICK HERE for Page-Mallard Creek with Keith Cannon from the Charlotte Observer and what he called a grinding game, featuring of the very best defenses in the state on Friday night in Charlotte…Page was held to 99 yards of total offense and penalties limited what both teams were able to do and the teams just battled blow-by-blow, with the hits just constantly continuing to come, all night long….You almost have to sit back and put yourself in concussion protocol after reading about this game, the hits were so fierce….

CLICK HERE for the staff report on Eastern Guilford-Clayton from the Burlington Times-News….

CLICK HERE for Eastern Guilford at Clayton from the High School OT at WRALSportsFan.com….Good write-up on last night’s game…

CLICK HERE for New Hanover vs. Cape Fear from HS OT at WRALSportsFan.com and it does mention here that New Hanover has a turf field…


  1. I went down to Charlotte yesterday to visit a college buddy who is recovering from surgery. SO, I decided to stay over and catch the Page/Mallard Creek game before heading back to Greensboro this morning. Pulling for Guilford County of course! It was a hard fought defensive game with Mallard Creek making a big play to win the game.

    Unfortunately, what Page did after their attempt to win the game fell short, was to say the least, Disgraceful. I understand the emotion sports having played sports most of my life.

    However, kicking side line markers, throwing helmets, punching and pushing Mallard Creek players as they were tying to run the clock out is not acceptable on any level of sports.

    I sat on the Mallard Creek side with some friends of mine. I’m not sure how many people knew what County Page represented. Sadly, the one impression Page left on the Mallard Creek and Charlotte area fans was, “Those kids are a bunch of Hood Lums”.

    The page administration and coaching staff must clean this mess up!!!!!!

  2. Listened to the game on this stream and could not believe that neither team shook hands after the contest.Poor sportsmanship starts with the coach.

  3. Yes Gman, I forgot to mention that they did not shake hands after Page was assessed 30 yards in unsportsman like conduct penalties with 28 seconds left in the game. So the officials decided it would be best to go ahead and end the game. I don’t mean to keep harping on this but, it was ugly! I do not recall seeing any of Page teams act like this in the past. Not sure what is going on over there now. I do know it was embarrassing to the people who made the trip from Greensboro and Guilford County to show support.

  4. Guess Gman and Dudley1 missed the pregame, where a Creek assistant coach led their entire team over toward the visitors’ stands where they trash-talked and yelled obscenities at Page fans. Doesn’t excuse what happened at the end, but it was not unprovoked. Not a good look from either school.

  5. Dudley1, reports online on other sports blog state that page left pee all over Mallard Creek’s locker room and JV players helmets. MC AD forward the pictures and video to page ad.I suggest a bill for clean up should be sent as well a public apology. Taught to win with dignity and lose with class…not sure what is being taught at page

  6. It was all unfortunate and is not the standard we hold our young men at Page to. This crap will get corrected

  7. Pee was not found all over the locker room, and was not in multiple helmets…… there was one helmet in a toilet with pee in it. What was said on a message board yesterday by a Mallard Creek fan was blown out of proportion. still wrong but it like i said it wasn’t all over the locker room and not in multiple helmets. minimal damage…

    After going back and looking at some film, the TD called back for the chop block was pretty darn phantom, and the refs explanation contradicted what actually happened and Page felt like they had a legit TD called back. Hence the chipiness at the end of the game.

    Mallard Creeks players came over to the Page sideline pregame and taunted/tried to intimidate Page’s fans… that is beyond crazy.. atleast with Page it was a player/on/player thing.. but you don’t taunt innocent fans consisting of women and children…

  8. No excuse what Page did at the end of the game. I don’t care what happened in the pre-game warm up. I blame the coaching staff for not getting control of the players. I was there and heard the comments about how the kids from Page were Hood Lums from the projects. That hurt me because I know that is not the case.

    However, their actions was an embarrassment to Page and Guilford County.

  9. Dudley1, I completely agree with you. Don’t know why anyone would ever want to come on here and excuse the actions of these kids. What they did at the end of the game and apparently in the locker room is completely classless on their part and is a direct reflection of their head coach. One helmet or 50 makes no difference. The facts are Page at this moment is an embarrassment and I certainly hope that something is done quickly as this is absurd.

  10. As far as the “phantom call”, the Umpire was 100% correct in making the call. It’s call, BBE, block below the waist. In NFHS rules, no offensive lineman may block below the waist, EXCEPT, from a 3 or 4 point stance. The left tackle was in a 2 pt stance.

  11. No one is excusing any actions, simply stating that the damage was not as large as initially “reported” by the MC fans. It was blown out of proportion.

  12. Game over final score is in the book and time to move on…Not sure how many Page football players will transition over to basketball, but Page should have a very good basketball team this season…Jahlen King was playing football, but moved on to basketball, and Elijah Short had been playing basketball too…

    Time to pack away the football equipment and that is hard to do, but it is always good when you have more than one sport to fall back on, and Page does….

    New season and hoops is here officially for Page….

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