Changes/Amendments made for future High School Football Playoffs at today’s NCHSAA meetings

Several changes/amendments today for high school football playoffs in the future at today’s NCHSAA meetings…
from Nick Stevens at the High School OT/…

Changes were made today to the split conference application. In split conferences, the top-finishing team from a classification in a split conference must finish in the top three spots of the overall conference standings or have an overall winning percentage of .500 or higher to be seeded as a No. 1 seed.

If a top-finishing team in a split conference does not meet the minimum criteria, it will qualify for the state playoffs but will be seeded as an at-large team.

During the football playoffs, South Caldwell was seeded as a No. 1 seed and received a first-round bye despite posting a 1-10 overall record. South Caldwell is one of two 4A schools in its split conference and it finished higher in the conference standings, so it was seeded as a conference champion.

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  1. Great to see them see the error of their ways. Still needs tweaking but baby steps I guess. I am pleased to see that they approved the skill development rules for football to match all the other sports. This is a long time coming. Welcome to the present and future NCHSAA!!

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