Mid-Piedmont 3-A All Conference Teams for the Fall of 2017 with Football, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer and Cheerleading

*******Mid-Piedmont 3-A All Conference Teams for the Fall of 2017……..*******
Courtesy of Charlie Chapman:Mid Piedmont 3A Commissioner……….

Adam Akins Eastern Guiford
Dennis Brooks Eastern Guiford
Nic Cheely Eastern Guiford
Chris Goldston Eastern Guiford
Christian Goldston Eastern Guiford
Alex Gowda Eastern Guiford
Dominique Graves Eastern Guiford
Kendall Graves Eastern Guiford
Christian McMullen Eastern Guiford
Elizah Oakes Eastern Guiford
Terrell Owens Eastern Guiford
Collin Smith Eastern Guiford
Justin Spruill Eastern Guiford
Brent Apple Southeast Guilford
Anthony Badgett Southeast Guilford
Keshaun Baldwin Southeast Guilford
Tre Caldwell Southeast Guilford
Ryan Douglas Southeast Guilford
Jax Hackett Southeast Guilford
Julian Kenner Southeast Guilford
Johnny King Southeast Guilford
Tre Love Southeast Guilford
Cameron Burroughs Southern Guilford
Patrick Clegg Southern Guilford
Matthew Hedrick Southern Guilford
Roman Johnson Southern Guilford
James Parker Southern Guilford
Jevon Mobley Southern Guilford
Ruben Santos Southern Guilford
Youre’e Wilkes Southern Guilford
Isaiah Coleman Williams
Griffin Gee Williams
Drew Thomas Williams
Shemar Thompson Williams
Colby Scott Williams
Shane Whitte Williams
Cameron Bridges Southern Alamance
Isi Hatfield Southern Alamance
Deed Murphy Southern Alamance
Scottie Thompson Southern Alamance
Larry Williams Southern Alamance
James Collins Asheboro
Elijah Little Asheboro
Alex Schoenberger Asheboro
Michael Smith Asheboro
Adam Callahan Southwestern Randolph
Tanner Ferguson Southwestern Randolph
Brayden Jones Southwestern Randolph
Offensive Player of the Year – Dominique Graves – Eastern Guilford
Defensive Player of the Year – Roman Johnson – Southern Guilford
Special Teams Player of the Year – Collin Smith – Eastern Guilford
Coach of the Year – Doug Robertson – Eastern Guilford

Walker Gagnon Williams
Ashley Sturges Williams
Hannah Sumner Williams
Jenna Dudley Eastern Guilford
Hannah Robertson Eastern Guilford
Taylor Robertson Eastern Guilford
Samantha Lagrama Southwestern Randolph
Caeleylaine Price Southwestern Randolph
Rebekah Sugg Southwestern Randolph
Angie Pincus Asheboro
Georgia Shipley Asheboro
Erica Lane Southeast Guilford
Taylor Hook Southern Alamance
Jenny TeVazquez Southern Alamance
Zafira Harris Southern Guilford
Player of the Year – Walker Gagnon – Williams
Coach of the Year – Jay Moore – Asheboro

Courtney Britt Southern Alamance
Callie Gray Southern Alamance
Rachael Murray Southern Alamance
Annie Sykes Southern Alamance
Chloe Crane Southeast Guilford
Jenna Lothakoun Southeast Guilford
Gabby Jefferies Eastern Guilford
Carly Richardson Eastern Guilford
Hailee Cagle Southwestern Randolph
Riley Hammer Asheboro
Kayla Smith Williams
Player of the Year – Kayla Smith – Williams
Coach of the Year – Michael Park – Southern Alamance

Megan Banker Asheboro
Mary Cate Kovash Asheboro
Sami Underwood Asheboro
Skylar Doss Southern Alamance
Leighton Johnson Southern Alamance
Willow Williams Southern Alamance
Jordan Young Southern Alamance
Kendra Davis Southwestern Randolph
Taylor Mabe Southwestern Randolph
Alayna Woodard Southwestern Randolph
Paige Fryar Southeast Guilford
Sierra Still Southeast Guilford
Emma Walrond Southeast Guilford
Autumn Moser Southern Guilford
Mekayla White Williams
McKenzie Ray Eastern Guilford
Most Valuable Player – Megan Banker – Asheboro
Defensive Player of the Year – Taylor Mabe – Southwestern Randolph

Ajalee Blue Southeast Guilford
Katelyn Bourque Southeast Guilford
Megan Ehrhardt Southeast Guilford
Kristen Hogan Southeast Guilford
Caitlyn Little Southeast Guilford
Claudia Mortenson Southeast Guilford
Micah Pierce Southeast Guilford
Ava Rosado Southern Alamance
Serena Roland Southern Alamance
Sydney Tumey Southern Alamance
Anders Robinson Williams
Madison Priest Asheboro
Runner of the Year – Megan Ehrhardt – Southeast Guilford
Coach of the Year – Loring Crowley – Southeast Guilford

Jason Coble Southeast Guilford
Matthew Decker Southeast Guilford
Will Earnhardt Southeast Guilford
Jackson Gaydon Southeast Guilford
Spody Welch Southeast Guilford
Zach Clemmons Southern Alamance
Daniel King Southern Alamance
Zebulon Pickett Southern Alamance
Nathan Russell Southern Alamance
Tommy Allegretto Williams
Dylan Brown Southwestern Randolph
Jose Castellanos Southern Guilford
Runner of the Year – Zeb Pickett – Southern Alamance
Coach of the Year – Rodney Cain – Southern Alamance

Jonathan Abonza Southwestern Randolph
Fernando Castro Southwestern Randolph
Carlos Cuadros Southwestern Randolph
Yodoni Cuadros Southwestern Randolph
Kendon Gann Southwestern Randolph
Enrique Ramariz Southwestern Randolph
Jose Tinoco Southwestern Randolph
Jose Alfaro Williams
Daniel Besecker Williams
Nicholas Khorozov Williams
Brennan Lagana Williams
Dallin Vandro Williams
Ramiro Vera Williams
Fernando Castro Asheboro
David Corona Asheboro
Jovan Cotton Asheboro
Scott Villagrana Asheboro
Remi Bofolo Southern Guilford
Ramon Echavarria Southern Guilford
Ruben Santos Southern Guilford
Luke Hinshaw Southeast Guilford
Joseph Lowes Southeast Guilford
Nicholas Khorozov Southern Alamance
Nai Nai Oo Eastern Guilford
Offensive Player of the Year – Carlos Cuadros – Southwestern Randolph
Defensive Player of the Year – John Coble – Williams
Coach of the Year – Jeremy Krist – Williams

Olivia Hill Asheboro
Kakynn McNair Asheboro
Joi Artis Eastern Guilford
Kristen Frandock Eastern Guilford
Myra Hairston Southeast Guilford
Kagtelyn Rains Southeast Guilford
Jillian Andrews Southern Alamance
Amanda Askew Southern Alamance
Kalayah Evans Southern Guilford
TaiShauna Thompson Southern Guilford
Payton Pruitt Southwestern Randolph
Addison Ray Southwestern Randolph
Caroline Day Williams
Bailey Ponce Williams