Who should have been the final team to get in the College Football Championship Series:Alabama or Ohio State???

You had the good old 1-2-3 and then what about #4????

Should it have been Alabama or Ohio State?

#1 Clemson
#2 Oklahoma
and #3 Georgia, but about that 4th team?

One-loss Alabama or two-loss Ohio State?

Ohio State just beat the #4 team in the nation, Wisconsin, on Saturday night in the Big Ten Championship Game and Alabama didn’t even make it to the SEC Championship Game….Alabama lost to Auburn, who got killed by #3 Georgia, back on Saturday afternoon in the SEC title tilt and how does Alabama get in????? Ohio State won their conference championship game and the Buckeyes are playing much better football than Alabama is right now….

It looks like Alabama got in based on name and coach only…The Alabama name carries a lot of clout and Nick Saban, the coach of the Crimson Tide, has his share of clout too and you have to be sure that all of this caught the committee’s attention…

Alabama got in based on name and their coach’s name only, they are not playing good football right now, coming off of that huge loss to Auburn and Ohio State got ripped off and railroaded….The top three teams look OK, but Ohio State should be in the there at #4 and if Alabama beats #1 Clemson and goes on to win the NCAA Championship Game, we may never hear the end of this….

Two teams from the same conference in the Final Four?, that should raise some heavy eyebrows too…….

The committee got the Top Three teams right/correct, but if you ask me and just about everyone else from the state of Ohio, we know Ohio State got the shaft….And I’m not even from the state of Ohio, but I am today and we got the shaft…..


  1. Alabama didn’t give up 55 points to an unranked team. As much as I despise them as a Tiger fan, they should be in!!

  2. I think that word despise is really starting to apply to Alabama and it is time for The Committee to look at the fact that Ohio State was the better team at the end of the day this past Saturday December 2….What Ohio State did against Wisconsin back on Saturday night should have been enough to get the Buckeyes in and the true football fans know that…

    Out with Alabama and in with Ohio State…..I never did like Ohio State much, but given the alternative, Ohio State over Alabama any day of the week and twice on Saturdays….

    The overall college football fan base is sick and tired of Alabama and it hits home with what Greg mentioned above…

    Alabama has gotten so old to most of us diehard football fans, that we want somebody else up there and just flat out despise Alabama and we are ready for change….

    If this is the Greg Petty from the old Greenhouse Restaurant and Ragsdale High School football, this man is cooking and we need more Greg Pettys to stand up here and help push Alabama to the side of the road…

    We need Greg Petty, Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, Marlon Petty, Betty Petty and more to get on this train and ride it hard all the way to NCAA offices in Overland Park, Kansas….

    It is not over yet….It is not over until Woody Hayes says it’s over and if Woody was still here, he would say this is not over brothers and sisters….Bring back Hayes, Archie Griffin, Ray Griffin, Pete Johnson and Rex Stillwagon….

    Get on the wagon and get on it now…..Columbus, Ohio, here we come…

  3. Sure do miss ole’ Woody Hayes….If your college team beat him and Ohio State, then you had done something BIG on that day my friends….

    Hayes was in here from a different planet and today, he might have to call his plays from a jail cell while being incarcerated for verbal and physical abuse while on the job, as the head football coach at The Ohio State….

    Woody Hayes, Earl Bruce, Jim Tressel, Urban Meyer, have there been any other football coaches at Ohio State and among those call me crazy, but the one that really stands out at The Ohio State, is The Woody Hayes….

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