Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Scoreboard(12/5/17):GDS goes to (12-0) on 12/5

High School Basketball Tonight Finals:
Greensboro Day School boys 46, Charlotte Christian 36
GDS(12-0)/Charlotte Christian(6-1)
End of 1stQ:GDS 10, CC 9…Halftime:GDS 17, CC 16…End of 3rd Q:GDS 30, CC 25…Final:GDS 46, CC 36
Unofficially we had John Newman III with 17 points to lead GDS, Tripp Greene with 14 points, Will Dillard with 6 points, Austin Inge with 4 pts., Michael Fowler with 2 points and #50(Nicholas Evtimov) for GDS had three points and we will get his name in here in a few….
Liberty University head men’s coach Richie McKay at the game tonight, Fred Whitfield and Seth Bennett, both formerly from Greensboro and now on the staff with the Charlotte Hornets, were at the game tonight, good to see Wesleyan Christian coach Keith Gatlin, the former Maryland Terrapin at the game tonight…
Big crowd on hand for the game and I think Coach Freddy Johnson, from Greensboro Day, now had 1,004 wins for his career and they had a very nice ceremony honoring and recognizing Coach Johnson for his picking up win 1,000 and the ceremony came right after tonight’s game and a well-deserved time/moment, as they honored Coach Johnson…….
By the way we had the big man Preston, as the leading scorer for Charlotte Christian with 11 points…Seth Bennett’s son was a member of the Charlotte Christian team and Seth worked at both N.C. A&T and UNCG in the sports marketing departments, back in the day…..

More finals….
Caldwell Academy 82, Burlington Christian Academy 80
Grimsley girls 50, Asheboro 43
This is the 3rd win of the season for the Grimsley girls and they did not win one game last season, finishing something like (0-25) and they have taken a mighty leap forward this season with 3 wins already and Congrats to Grimsley girls and Coach Huntley, who came over to Grimsley from Southeast Guilford HS….
Grimsley girls (3-3) overall
Grimsley boys 60, Asheboro 44
Grimsley boys now at (5-2) on the season and they were led in scoring tonight by the former Vandalia Christian School Viking, who was teammates with Noah Dunn, now at GDS, with Resper and Dunn both at VCS, back in the day….
Flowers and Cotton, both with 12 points back up leading-scorer Devin Repser tonight for the Grimsley Whirlies….Lewis led the Asheboro Blue Comets with 15 points……
Page boys 59, West Forsyth 54
Page now (5-0) and just knocked off Rusty Larue’s West Forsyth Titans and Eastern Guilford boys at (5-0) coming over to face Matt Harder’s Page Pirates tomorrow night at the Mac Morris Gym on the Page HS campus….
West Forsyth girls 72, Page 38
Northwest Guilford girls 62, Southwest Guilford 47
Greensboro Day School girls 54, Charlotte Christian 17
Southwest Guilford boys 92, Northwest Guilford 71
Northern Guilford boys 57, Hillsborough Orange 52
Northern Guilford girls 60, Orange 22
Dudley girls 60, Northeast Guilford 49
Dudley boys 64, Northeast Guilford 30
Ragsdale boys 49, Southeast Guilford 39
Ragsdale 46, Southeast Guilford 40
RJ Reynolds Boys 63, High Point Central 31
High Point Central girls 67, RJ Reynolds 35
Bishop McGuinness 78, Oak Level 29
Bishop(5-0)/Oak Level(5-5)
East Forsyth girls 58, WS Parkland 30
East Forsyth boys 56, WS Parkland 52
North Davidson boys 64, West Davidson 52
West Davidson 69, North Davidson 62
North Forsyth boys 65, Walkertown 59
New Garden Friends boys 87, Community Baptist 63
Piedmont Classical School girls 48, Cornerstone Charter School 40

JV Boys Northeast Guilford 65, Dudley 52

Here was tonight’s schedule and we will have more scores coming in….

Charlotte Christian boys(6-0) at Greensboro Day School(11-0) 6:30pm

Page girls(4-0) at West Forsyth(4-0) 6:00pm
Page boys(4-0) at West Forsyth(1-1) 7:30pm

Asheboro girls(3-1) at Grimsley(1-3) 6pm
Asheboro(1-2) at Grimsley(4-2) 7:30pm

Northwest Guilford boys(0-3) at Southwest Guilford(3-1) 6pm
Northwest Guilford girls(3-0) at Southwest Guilford(2-2) 7:30pm

Dudley girls(3-2) at Northeast Guilford(3-2) 7:30pm

Southeast Guilford boys(1-3) at Ragsdale(3-2) 6pm
Southeast Guilford girls(1-3) at Ragsdale(4-1) 7:30pm

Orange boys(1-0) at Northern Guilford(2-1) 6pm
Orange girls(1-0) at Northern Guilford(1-3) 7:30pm

RJ Reynolds girls(2-4) at High Point Central(2-3) 6pm
RJ Reynolds boys(1-3) at High Point Central(2-1) 7:30pm

Burlington Cummings(0-2) at High Point Andrews(1-2) 6pm
Burlington Cummings(1-1) at High Point Andrews(0-3) 7:30pm

Charlotte Christian(0-5) at Greensboro Day School(6-3) 5pm

Burlington Christian Academy(2-3) at Caldwell Academy(1-2) 5pm
Burlington Christian Academy boys(5-1) at Caldwell Academy(3-2) 7:00pm

Australian National Team (Australia) girls at High Point Christian Academy(2-4) 5:30pm

Cornerstone Charter Academy girls(0-9) at Piedmont Classical School(3-3) 6:30pm
Piedmont Classical School boys(5-5) at Elevation Prep(5-0) in Charlotte 7pm

Community Baptist(3-7) boys from Reidsville at New Garden Friends School(2-2) 6:30pm

WS Parkland boys(4-1) at East Forsyth(2-0) 7:30pm

Smith, Eastern Guilford, Western Guilford, Southern Guilford and Wesleyan Christian Academy all OFF tonight….