Just Curious:Got any thoughts on the TV coverage for the NCHSAA Championship Football Games on TV 48 and 45???

Just seeing what anybody else who may have seen the games on Saturday might have to say?????

I would give the Sinclair Broadcasting Group an overall grade of C- and the C-minus goes for the games on Saturday and we have the list of the games we were supposed to be getting on TV 48 and TV 45….

The best part was got to see some of the games for FREE and the worst part was the last game of the day cut out, with the Reidsville-Wallace Rose Hill game going dark at the key part of the game, in the second half and with the game on the line….

The Reidsville-Wallace Rose Hill game just flat out went DARK and it was gone….TV 48 said, Sorry for the Interruption, and there was nothing there for like 10-15 minutes, on TV 48…A few commercials came on, and then finally they went/cut away to some kind of skiing show….

The game did come back with about two minutes left in regulation and we did get to see the Overtime period and the ending was very interesting/exciting….

I feel like that had to be the Worst part of the day from Sinclair and losing that Reidsville-Wallace Rose Hill game, which turned out to be the best game of the day, yes that was a true downer…

In the game featuring Mallard Creek vs. Wake Forest, from BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, there was good play-by-play and commentary, but no field or crowd noise….It made it sound like the announcers were calling the game from a studio and not from the football field….No crowd noise or sound and just the announcers in the booth, sort of giving us a dead call if you will, and no dis on the announcers, they did a decent job, but without the sound from the crowd and from the field, this did not seem or sound like a complete broadcast….

So thus the reason for the overall C- grade for Sinclair Broadcasting and I just feel like they could have done a better job….For the BB&T game, their station facilities, for TV 48 and TV 45, are only about 5-6 miles downhill from the BB&T Field and it seems like somebody from the station could have driven a crowd microphone over to the stadium and got that plugged in to help the broadcast….

The C-/C minus grade and let’s look back at the games we were supposed to be seeing on Championship Saturday, December 9, 2017 and the problem here is, and this helps in our assessment, leading to the C-minus and maybe we ought to shift this down to a D-plus, since we didn’t even receive all the games we were supposed to be seeing/getting…

We didn’t get any games on 45.2(Stadium TV) at any point of the day on Saturday….A few times there was just a blue block up on the Channel, saying the signal had been lost….

Here again was/is the list of the high school football games we were promised for Saturday from Sinclair:

(There were a couple of games where they had the same game on both channels or on two channels and not sure what the reason for that was?)

12:00 PM: 1A – NORTH DUPLIN VS. CHEROKEE – WXLV/ABC (45.1) & WMYV/MY TV (48.1)……Notes on this game, it was a good one, the overall broadcast was clear and precise……
(Congrats to Cherokee, for the first-ever NCHSAA football title/championship.)

3:00 PM: 4AA – WAKE FOREST VS. MALLARD CREEK – WMYV/MY TV (48.1)…..This game was on and it was not bad, a true defensive battle early on, but no crowd noise and not one sound from the field, the only thing audible was the play-by-play from the announcers and this made the game seem to be lacking an overall quality, with no crowd or field sound…..

3:00 PM: 3A- HAVELOCK VS. CHARLOTTE CATHOLIC – WXLV DIGITAL SUB-CHANNEL/ STADIUM (45.2)…..We did not get this game at all, Display on Stadium TV/Channel 45.2 said Signal not available…..

3:00 PM: 2AA – EAST DUPLIN VS. HIBRITEN – WMYV DIGITAL SUB-CHANNEL/ COMET (48.3)……We did not get this game at all, no explanation on Comet TV and checked on them all day long and NO games on Saturday, on Comet TV/Channel 48.3…..

4:00 PM: 1AA – TARBORO VS. MT. AIRY – WXLV/ABC (45.1)…..We did get this game and all in all it was a good broadcast….Tarboro a very tough team….I do not remember any major problems with this game….I am thinking since Mt. Airy is local, TV 45 made sure this one went out well to their viewers…..

7:00 PM: 2A – WALLACE-ROSE HILL VS. REIDSVILLE – WMYV/MY TV (48.1)……Best game of the day and Worst broadcast technical quality of the day….Announcers very good and pretty much your best overall announcing team of the day, but the game went DARK for 10-15 minutes of crucial game time and they gave us a few commercials and a Pardon the Interruption visual, but then they shot us to a Skiing special and we were ALL snowed over and we got the real “Snow Job”….Game came back later and we did get to see the conclusion, but the problems Sinclair had with this game, hit on what was the ‘Biggest, Best and most Competitive Game of the Day’ and the technical difficulties could not have come at a worse time….This was the “Game of the Day” and we were in the dark from Chapel Hill and the next thing you know, we were watching a Ski Contest….The old “Snow Job”…..

7:00 PM: 3AA – NEW HANOVER VS. A.C. REYNOLDS – WXLV DIGITAL SUB-CHANNEL/ STADIUM (45.2)……Might have been a real good and fun game to watch or at least watch parts of, but we got none of this game whatsoever….TV 45.2/Stadium TV showed us a visual on the screen that read, Signal Not Available…..I had some interest in this game, since our local Eastern Guilford team, had lost to New Hanover, just last week down in Wilmington….No game for this one on TV 45….

For the totals, we were promised 7 games by Sinclair on TV 48 and TV 45 and received 4 out of the 7 and you can see the problems above and that for the day overall, led to our overall grade for Sinclair, of C-….

And you might just say, “What do I know?”…..All I know, is what I just told you above and I would like to know, what you know????? What did you see/think and what do you know about these games?????