Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals(12/13/17):EG’s Jaylen Alston with what could be the “Dunk of the Year” so far for ’17/EG now (8-0)/Alston with 27 points for EG Wildcats

High School Basketball Finals for Wednesday December 13:
Popping the finals up, and headed back with some details…
Southern Guilford boys 65, High Point Central 39
High Point Central girls 71, Southern Guilford 46
West Forsyth girls 61, Page 34
West Forsyth(7-0)/Page(5-2)
West Forsyth boys 61, Page 60
Northern Guilford boys 57, McMichael 40
Northern Guilford girls 78, McMichael 23
Northeast Guilford girls 79, Eastern Alamance 60
Eastern Alamance boys 51, Northeast Guilford 41
East Forsyth boys 59, WS Carver 31
East Forsyth(6-0)
North Davidson boys 71, Oak Grove 28
Person County boys 65, Morehead 52 in league play…
Person County(5-1)/Morehead(2-4)
Eastern Guilford boys 65, Grimsley 37
Jaylen Alston from Eastern Guilford HS had could be the “Dunk of the Year” so far for this season in Guilford County, when he went up for a follow shot and he flushed the miss down with unseen for ’17 authority….The Flowers kid from Grimsley has the #2 dunk we have seen and he did in the first game of the year over at Smith, but Alston has taken over the top spot and he has it for now with the “Killer Flush” going into the Christmas break….
Eastern Guilford moves on to (8-0) on the season and Grimsley falls to (6-3)…..
Eastern Guilford girls 48, Grimsley 37
Jasmine Harris with 20 points and at least 10 rebounds to lead the EG Wildcats and Destiny McLean added 14 for Eastern….Rebecca Little with 20 points and a load of late 3’s to pace the Grimsley Whirlies….
JV Boys:Grimsley 65, Eastern Guilford 55
JV Boys:Page 57, West Forsyth 51
JV Girls:Page 38, West Forsyth 34
More Scores courtesy of Lamar Daniels:
WS Atkins Boys over North Iredell 63-54
North Iredell Girls over WS Atkins 53-52
Cox Mill boys over Lincoln Charter 58-56……..*****Big ball game here with Cox Mill featuring Wendell Moore and Leakey Black and both teams are defending State Champs….*****
WS Reagan Boys over North Surry 53-43
WS Reagan Girls past North Surry 55-38
East Forsyth Girls over WS Carver 65-6
Bishop McGunniess Girls over RJ Reynolds 66-30

EG-Grimsley girls game:
End of 1st Q:EG 14, Grimsley 5…Halftime:EG 23, Grimsley 11…End of 3rd Q:EG 39, Grimsley 19…Final:EG 48, Grimsley 37…
EG scoring: Harris with 20, McLean with 14, Davis with 5, Swain with 5, Dudley and Wright with 2 pts. each and Coltrane with 1 point….
Grimsley scoring: Little with 20, Dowtin with 5, Sawyers with 4, Cox with 3, Goldman with 3 and White with 2 points….

EG-Grimsley boys game:
End of 1st Q:Game all tied up at 15-15…Halftime:EG 32, Grimsley 19…End of 3rd Q:EG 50, Grimsley 33…Final:EG 65, Grimsley 37….
EG scoring: Alston with 27 points, Montez Venable with 15, Jaden Nesbitt with 6, Justin Matthews and Nic Cheeley with 5 each, Nathan White with 2 points, OJ Johnson with 2, Adam Aikens(from football season Akins) with 2 and Dominique Graves with 1 point….
Alston with 2 dunks out of this world tonight….
Grimsley scoring:Devin Resper with 9 points, Ahmil Flowers with 7 points, Caleb Allison with 6 points, Nate Urquhart with 5 points, Jalen White with 4 points, Jordan Gibson, Jalen Williams and Phillip Hawkins with 2 points each…..


  1. Eastern Alamance Boys 51-41
    Eastern Alamance Girls 79-60
    Atkins Boys over North Iredell 63-54
    North Iredell Girls 53-52
    Cox Mill boys over Lincoln Charter 58-56
    Eastern Guilford Girls 48-37
    Southern Guilford Girls 65-39
    Reagan Boys over North Surry 53-43
    Reagan Girls 55-38
    HP Central Girls 71-46
    Northern Guilford Girls 78-23
    West Forsyth Boys 61-60
    East Forsyth Girls 65-6
    Bishop McGunniess Girls over RJ Reynolds 66-30

  2. Yes, it is a bit of a change when the reserves come in and we have to go by the PA man for the uniform #’s and MaxPreps for the names and we got a name or two from Dennis White, our cohort at GreensboroSports Radio too…

    But all said and done, if you can get us a direct shot to the EG final numbers send them our way….Maybe the coaching staff or one of the scorekeepers can shoot us the end results…

    Big game and Eastern is having a big season….


  3. Yes, I think we got those numbers updated….MaxPreps had two #2’s listed on the EG roster and I think that is where we got lost….I believe we have it up-to-date now and sorry for any confusion…

    We are on the run in a pre-Christmas fast break.

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