Top Scorers from Friday night’s High School Basketball Games and Western Guilford put Northwest Guilford on the map last night

We will add in others as we can pull/reel them in…..
+++++We added in a few more players and got one or two adjusted for the listing….+++++

Top Girls Scorers from Friday night and working it toward out Top Ten…
26:Jeriel Nesbitt(High Point Andrews)
21:Lexi Bryant(North Davidson HS)
20:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
18:Lauren Carter(Southeast Guilford HS)
17:DJ Jackson(Smith HS)
17:Shaniya Jones(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
16:Liz Kitley(Northwest Guilford HS)
16:Symphony Jackson(Dudley HS)
15:Kennedi Simmons(Southeast Guilford HS)
14:Bria Gibbs(Northwest Guilford HS)
14:Olivia Stubbs(High Point Central HS)
13:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS)
13:Emma Heard(Page HS)
13:Stephanie Chandler(Northern Guilford HS)
*****Elissa Cunane(NG) with 15 rebounds/2 blocks….Rachel Flippen(Smith HS) with 10 rebounds and 4 blocks….*****

Boys Top Scorers from Friday night:
39:Ahmad Jeffries(New Garden Friends School)
32:Jayden Turner(Southwest Guilford HS)
32:Greyson Collins(Caldwell Academy)
27:Jahlen King(Page HS)
25:Andy Pack(Northern Guilford HS)
24:John James(Southeast Guilford HS)
22:Tyler Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
21:Trent McIntyre(Page HS)
21:CJ Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness)
21:Thomas Fulks(North Davidson HS)
21:Tim Boulware(Dudley HS)
19:Dean Reiber(Northwest Guilford HS)
*****Christian Martin(Southwest Guilford HS) with 15 points and 10 rebounds…Ryan Rassette(New Garden) with 7 assists….Jayden Turner(SWG) with 12 rebounds…Tristan Perry(NWG) with 7 pts., 7 rebounds and 5 assists…Christian Hampton(NWG) with 8 rebounds and 5 assists….Dean Reiber(NWG) with 4 blocks….

+++++As far as Western Guilford HS putting Northwest Guilford HS on the map, last night you had Mark Guenther, Western Guilford Hall of Famer for football, basketball and baseball and Guilford College Hall of Famer for baseball refereeing the NWG-Ragsdale JV boys basketball game, you had Mike Everette, Western Guilford star in basketball and baseball, he was an assistant coach for the Northwest Guilford girls basketball team, you had Mike’s wife Nancy Dorn, keeping the scorebook for the girls and she was the star at Western Guilford in volleyball and basketball and now coaches the volleyball at NWG, you had Stan Stafford at Northwest Guilford cheering on ‘Little’ Lindsay Gauldin on her Senior Night for the NWG girls basketball team and Stan was big in baseball at Western Guilford and throughout the Guilford College community and he played football for WG too and Stan had that big time Stafford family that were all WG people with Stan, Ron, Lynn, June, Kelly and their dad Ralph Stafford and they are all now Northwest Guilford fans of Lindsay Gauldin and you had the rep with Andy Durham, the Western Guilford man from way back when, there announcing the NWG-Ragsdale games on GreensboroSports Radio….

A lot of Western Guilford influence hanging around out at Northwest Guilford last night and you might say, WG had at least some small part of putting NWG on that map….Guenther, Everette, Dorn, Stafford, Durham and more thorough that NWG door, from WG last night….Kind of crazy how that all works out on some days…I have now seen 20 basketball games on the local high school and middle school scene over the past two weeks, so I am for sure putting Unleaded Gas on the local map….Been to NWG, Page, Swann, SEG Middle, Mendenhall, Kernodle, WG, Smith, Northern, Grimsley, and some other stops I can’t remember along the way…. +++++

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  1. Good call, we found him in our Southern Guilford box score…Saw the SG’s and missed out on John, thanks again….

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