Holland Auto Care Middle School Basketball Finals for Monday(2/5/18) in the Middle:Kiser boys(14-0)/SG boys(13-1)/Kiser girls(12-0)/SEG girls(12-0)

Hopefully more scores on the way in….
http://disegnoworks.com/portfolio/rubelli/ Southern Guilford boys now at (13-1) on the season…..
Finals: vigorously Kiser girls 35, Northeast Guilford 20
Kiser girls per their coach are (12-0) One more regular season game this week and then the Tournament next week at Northeast Guilford Middle…Southeast Guilford girls winners today at Southwest Guilford and the SEG Middle School girls team is now (12-0) on the season with three regular season games remaining…

contrastingly Kiser Middle School boys 74, Northeast Guilford Middle 31
Kiser boys are (14-0) and were led today by Tyler Albright with 17 points, Jackson Noble with 15, Cam Spencer and Jordan Wall with 9 each and Travis Shaw with 7 points…Those are Tiger starters and off of the bench #22 added 6 points for Kiser and these numbers are unofficial, but pretty darn close…We have NEG led by McIntyre with 10 points and Clay with 6…
End of 1st Q:Kiser 16, NEG 7…Halftime:Kiser 37, NEG 21…End of 3rd Q:Kiser 57, NEG 28…Final:Kiser 74, NEG 31…
Kiser has one of the best Top 5 lineups that we have seen in recent years here in the county and those young men can run the court…..

Eastern Guilford Middle at Jackson
Northern Guilford Middle at Kernodle
Southern Guilford Middle at Penn-Griffin
Western Guilford Middle at Allen
Hairston Middle at Welborn
The Academy at Lincoln at Allen Jay Prep
Jamestown Middle at Mendenhall

Northwest Guilford Middle OFF
Ferndale Middle OFF


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