High School Basketball Playoff Projections for this Week with EG boys at #1, Smith now a #2, could see SG vs. SWG in Round One/don’t forget about Cox Mill, NWG-SE Raleigh girls on collision course?, and so much more

from Nick Stevens at www.wralsportsfan.com:

We have NWG, Ragsdale, Page, HP Central and that Unbeaten Southeast Raleigh team is in here too….
CLICK HERE for the 4-A Girls NCHSAA Basketball Playoff Projections, from WRALSportsFan.com and the High School OT, out of Raleigh….

Boys 4-A’s show us NWG, Ragsdale, Grimsley and Page and this week’s Round One meeting has Grimsley at Page…
CLICK HERE to zoom in and see what Nick Stevens is thinking this week…..

CLICK HERE for the Girls 3-A Projections with Northern, Eastern, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Dudley, Smith all looking to be in and about half of them going West and the other half going East….

CLICK HERE for boys NCHSAA 3-A Projections with Eastern Guilford, Smith, Southern Guilford, Southwest Guilford, Dudley and hopefully more teams going at it this week the have SWG vs. SG in Round One…

Time for the 2-A girls with High Point Andrews in at #6 in the East…
CLICK HERE and join them in the East….

So far the HP Andrews boys just getting in and as a #32 would have the top seed, from the East in Round One..
CLICK HERE for the boys 2-A Projections…

CLICK HERE for the girls 1-A Projections and Bishop McGuinness is in the house…..

CLICK HERE for the boys 1-A Projections and Bishop is in the house here too…..

Check OUT J. Mike Blake’s Projections, from the News and Observer in Raleigh, and he has an interesting take with the Smith boys as the #2 seed in the 3-A West and then Eastern Guilford as the #3 seed in the West…Cox Mill with Wendell Moore and Leaky Black, still as the #1 3-A boys seed…
J. Mike only has the boys ready for this week, but he has the current set of projections and they just came out today, February 6….

CLICK HERE to see all of the boys projections, 4-A, 3-A, 2-A, and 1-A……

Here is the girls NCHSAA Playoff Projections list and it just out 19 minutes ago from J. Mike Blake….
CLICK HERE….4-A’s, 3-A’s, 2-A’s and 1-A’s……


  1. The playoff seeding obviously have no correlation to Maxpreps rankings…Mt Tabor (#3 ranking) a 9 seed in the west, for example.

  2. @DJones Actually, the MaxPreps rankings do have a correlation. While Mount Tabor may be ranked No. 3, the Spartans finished second to Smith in the Piedmont Triad 3-A. That No. 3 ranking gets them the top seed (or close to it) among conference runners-up. Conference regular-season champs are seeded first, in order of MaxPreps rankings, then other teams, also in order of MaxPreps rankings.

    The MaxPreps rankings are only used as a way to seed conference champs, then other teams.

  3. Not too much to do with the playoffs but any word on the Page kid that threw a punch at the Grimsley player a couple nights ago? He should be prevented from further participation this season.

  4. I don’t know anything about this Page kid that may have thrown a punch during a Grimsley game but why should it justify missing the rest of the season? I can understand an automatic 1 game suspension but all of the playoffs as well. Without more information 1 game seems reasonable for most such situations.

  5. Well knowing Page politics nothing will happen. At Page they shut down the game and threw fans out of the Grimsley side for nothing. At Grimsley the entire Page student section AND PLAYERS were allowed to come over taunt, make obscene gestures, and yell obscenities directly in front of the Grimsley student section. We are expected to take whatever Page dishes out with reaction.

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