‘Monday in the Middle’:Middle School Basketball for Today(2/12/18) in Guilford County*****Finals*****(Damani Whitehead with 26 points for Penn-Griffin girls today/Monday)/Kiser, PG, NG, SG and SEG Winners!!!

Kiser Girls 37, Eastern Girls 24
Kiser Boys 58, Eastern Boys 47

*****This should put both Kiser teams at (15-0)….*****
Penn-Griffin girls 42, Welborn 2
+++++Damani Whitehead had 26 pts for Penn Griffin in a 42-2 win over Ferndale++++++
Northern Guilford girls topped Southwest Guilford by 13 points on Monday….I talked to Little Harris at the NG-Morehead varsity girls game tonight/Monday…..
Northern Guilford Middle boys won 43-40 over Southwest Middle
(12-2)…Conference Champs…
Southern Middle boys 14-1 on the season, defeated Welborn on Monday
Southeast Middle School girls beat Mendenhall Middle 42 to 17
SEG wins the conference and remains Undefeated…..Should be right at (15-0)…..

Games set to start with girls at 4:45 and boys at 6pm…There will be some starts at 5pm and 6:15pm…

Kernodle Middle at Northwest Guilford
Jackson Middle at Western Guilford
Allen Jay Prep at Hairston Middle
Allen Middle at Swann

*****For several schools, their season is complete…Tournaments start up next Monday at NEG and at NWG Middle Schools…*****


  1. Northern boys won 43-40 over Southwest Middle last night and won whatever conference they play in. I think their final record was 12-2.

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