Middle School Basketball Tournament Action from Wednesday:SEG girls(16-0) over Jamestown and Falcons will face Northern Guilford on Friday for Tournament Title/Kiser girls winners and now at (13-0)

*****The Southeast Guilford girls defeated Jamestown 58-20 and the Northern girls beat Northwest in the Big 7 Tournament at Northwest Guilford Middle School….Southeast Guilford will play Northern Guilford Middle at 5 on Friday.
We’re thinking it was 35-27 NG over NWG today…
SEG Middle girls now 16-0……*****
SEG info courtesy of Coach Mark Dunker…..
*****Kiser Girls remain undefeated (13-0) after a hard fought win over the Northeast Girls. Championship Game on Friday.*****(Expect Kiser Tigers had big games on Wednesday from Destiny Timberlake, Kate and others…..*****

“Wednesday in the Middle”, with those Middle School Basketball Tournaments going on today and here is what we have for you so far today/tonight:

On the scoreboard we are showing the Southeast Guilford Middle School girls over Jamestown Middle and the SEG Falcons remain Unbeaten and will face the NWG-NG winner for the Tournament Title on Friday afternoon, at Northwest Guilford Middle School…

SEG Middle School girls still Unbeaten and we await word from Coach Mark Dunker, before we list the team’s overall record for 2017-2018….

We hope to have other scores coming in tonight from the three different tournaments and we plan to list more games, as they continue on Thursday at NWG, NEG and at The Academy at Lincoln….

I ran into some SEG Middle School folks today at Jason’s Deli in the Friendly Center and was able to pick up the game result from them and we thank #2 from SEG and her mom, for providing the tournament game result for us….Thank-you again and good luck to #2 and her team on Friday, as they face the Northwest Guilford-Northern Guilford girls winner, in the Tournament Championship Game…

We always seem to be seeing players and teams out there somewhere in the day or night and it allows up to keep our posts popping and thanks again to those that helped us with the info today….

+++++On those tournaments we have the Cross County Tournament, The Big 7 Conference Tournament and the one going on out at Northeast Guilford Middle, going on…..+++++

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  1. Kiser Girls remain undefeated (13-0) after a hard fought win over the Northeast Girls. Championship Game on Friday.

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