Loading the Truck up to the Dock and letting loose on Loads of Links from Saturday’s NWG and NG Girls Championship Games

Here the links and me thinks these will be good ones that share the notes, quotes and memories from Saturday’s NCHSAA Championship Games….

CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy(News and Record) on the win by the Northwest Guilford Vikings in the Girls 4-A Title Game…..

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera, from the N&R/News and Record on the Northern Guilford Nighthawks’ 3-A victory, on Saturday, in Raleigh…

CLICK HERE to check out J. Mike Blake’s take on Northwest Guilford-Southeast Raleigh, from the News and Observer, in Raleigh….NWG shot 23 free throws and SER only shot 8, I know it’s late, but there seems to be some sort of debate, about this may have changed SER’s fate, according to one source in this link….Me think this might stink, but check out the link and it’s all just talk now, but WOW what a game….NWG takes its first lead with just 1:09 left and then the Vikings finish and that is what you have to do….

CLICK HERE for Rick Scoppe with the scoop on Northern Guilford-Jacksonville from the Jacksonville Daily News and the Jacksonville Cardinals were able to rally, but when you look at the final tally, it reads Northern Guilford 60, Jacksonville 52….Good points on Janelle Henderson’s five points for NG and the key three she hit to help change the course of the game into NG’s favor for good, and the two teams battled for control of the game, in the stretch run of that decisive fourth and final quarter/the last minutes of the game….

*****Most of these links are accompanied by some great photos, so be sure to check them out too….*****

+++++After a short break to discuss photographs, let’s get back to the links….+++++
CLICK HERE for the quick pick from Nick, Nick Stevens from WRALSportsFan’s High School OT and here is just a quick from Nick quote and you can read the rest of the link and like my old uncle that lived in the cellar used to say, “You be the Shrink”….
Free throws were the difference in the game, according to Southeast Raleigh coach Nicole Meyers. Southeast Raleigh was 5-of-8 from the free throw line while Northwest Guilford was 18-of-23.
The Quote:
*****”To have eight free throws in a 32-minute game is baffling to me,” Meyers said.*****

from AD at GSOSports:
+++++My uncle also used to say, “What’s wrong with those apples”…..+++++

CLICK HERE for WRALSportsFan.com High School OT on the win by the Northern Guilford Nighthawks over the Jacksonville Cardinals and how NG was able to grab the early lead and the Nighthawks never let loose of that lead and if you don’t lose the lead, you can not lose the game…..
+++++Another strong quote from my old uncle down in the cellar, “If you don’t lose the lead, you can’t lose the game”….Purely Genius….

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