David Hines, former head coach at Eastern Guilford HS and assistant head coach at Southeast Guilford HS, has stepped down as the Head Football Coach at East Davidson HS

Michael Lindsay with the High Point Enterprise reporting and Chris Hughes with CarolinaPreps.com reporting and now here you go the info on David Hines, the former head football coach at Eastern Guilford High School, and the former assistant head football coach at Southeast Guilford High School, has stepped down as the head football coach at East Davidson High School……

Here is the word on Twitter>
EDHS Football
56m56 minutes ago
*****A big THANK YOU to the EDHS players and community for making our family feel welcome. We appreciate y’all more than words can say. Best of luck in the future! Go Eagles!*****
David Hines

CLICK HERE to view the complete David Hines statement that can be seen on Twitter…..

*****What is up next for high school football coach David Hines?????*****

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  1. Are we really serious here. Why would someone leave a HC position that’s 27 miles from your home only to take a DC position with your former HC that’s 25 miles from your home. Why do these adults continue to make these moves when it effect so many young people who look up to them. 1 year at ED, 1 year at EG, short stay at Southside and a shorter stay at Cherokee. The dream of being a good HC can’t be accomplish until you put roots into a football team and community. Good Luck Coach Hines

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