Basketball Floor will stay at Page High School, but it needs a new/different Sealant/Finish to ‘Seal the Deal’!!!

You have seen some of the pictures this week and heard some of the talk going around about the basketball floor/gym floor at Page High School and it has had some wondering, if and when that basketball floor may be going out the door and be gone…

It is true the new floor has only been around for a little over 2 years and it seems to have developed a ‘Pirate Personality’ of its own….

The floor is still pretty much new and nobody knew when the new floor was installed, how much of a ‘Pirate Pain’, it might be…..

Problematic floor, but it is more than just the floor….The floor is usable, but the real problem has been with the finish on the floor and the Floor’s Finish is created by the type of sealant you use to create that finish and the basketball floor installers are finished with the finish that they have been using, and they are going to be applying a new type of sealant to the Page Pirates’ Basketball Gym Floor, in the Mac Morris Gym and the workers assigned to this task/role/duty, are hoping the new sealant/finish will become the “Finished Product”, that the Pirates can be proud of…

The basketball gym floor, which was a new gym floor for Page was being sealed with a finish that began to break loose and become flakey….

The sealant was breaking loose and you could see it all over the place and the real problem began to appear, as Page was finishing up their 2017-2018 high school basketball campaign.

Page AD Rusty Lee said you could see the flakes of sealant piling up as the basketball floor/gym was swept….”Start sweeping the floor and you look down and you think you are seeing pieces of the floor coming up, but it was the sealant that the workers used as a “finish” on the floor”….

The basketball floor per say is OK, but now with all the problems that the wrong sealant has been causing, the floor installers have had to come back to Page and strip the floor of the Mac Morris Gym and take that whole floor back down to ‘Ground Zero’, and do a re-do of the finish of the floor, and everyone in the Page Pirate Nation is hoping this time the basketball floor installers can “seal the deal” with the right/correct sealant…

In basketball and many other sports as well, they say it is all about ‘how you finish’ and at Page High School, when work is being done this week on the floor inside the Mac Morris Gym, those words of sports wisdom have never been more true…

“It is all about the finish”…..The sealant that the floor installers use must be the right sealant to create the right finish for that Mac Morris Gym Floor, or it will be out the door and more work to be done…..

The whole re-do of the Mac Morris Gym Floor at Page High School is about a nine-day project so the ‘floor finishers’, who are almost like a team of Navy Seals, as they work to seal that basketball floor and they have the five days this week and the four days of school next week, prior to start of Spring Break on March 30, and then the following week, the floor can seal and finish the deal, while the Page students are away on Spring Break….

This time around the floor installers must put down the correct chemicals on the Mac Morris Gym Floor and seal this deal with a strong, but proper finish, or we might see more in store, from the Flakey Pirate Gym Floor and that means, better lock the door and say a silent prayer and hope the floor is ready for hoops again, ASAP, after Spring Break….

Do not want to a ‘Floor Flake’, after Spring Break…..

And if the Mac Morris Gym floor becomes one that all can adore, how long SHOULD a floor like this last???

The old floor with all of its lines and luster was able to muster a game life of 50 years…..Yes, fifty years, that is how long the old Pirate Floor held up and lasted and that is not a bad shelf life right there….

The Pirate logo/emblem now hangs in the Page HS lobby, where you walk into the gym, as Page AD Rusty Lee was able to ‘Sail with the Pirate’ and let him hang in full glory in the ticket area, near where the basketball fans pay to enter the basketball games…

Sections of the old floor, that served at least three 4-A State Championship teams, while Coach Mac Morris was at the helm of the Pirate Ship, sections of the old floor were cut up into collectable pieces and given away those who wanted to take home some nostalgia….

It will be at least nine days in on the new project and time for the floor to seal in the Mac Morris Gym and then all of the lines for basketball, volleyball and other needed features will be added in and the Page Pirate will make his return to turn the place back into a true ‘Buccaneer’s Bounty/Pirate Palace’….

So now you know most of the story behind the basketball floor in the Mac Morris Gym, on the Page Pirates campus, and that would be thanks to me and the Page AD Rusty Lee, so as you can see, AD Rusty Lee, with some help from AD(Andy Durham) has helped you see how these ‘Floor Finishes” go and if we messed anything up, here in this post up about the basketball floor, I hope we can get the floor installers to fix it, with a better finish and that will for sure seal our fate…..

How we turned the story of a Flakey Basketball Floor into an evening visit at/to is beyond me, but I just hope we do not see another Flake, after the Spring Break…..

*****Like we said all the way through, the workmanship has been good, we just have to get the right finish/sealant on that Wood….*****

+++++Floor your Information/FYI:
The floor used in the Mac Morris Gym, is the same type floor used in the new gyms and in the floor replacements at other gyms in Guilford County, the difference is in that sealant….+++++