Todd Withers(Northeast Guilford HS) and Solomon Smith(Greensboro Day School) leading Queens University(Charlotte) into NCAA DII Basketball Semifinals/Coached by Bart Lundy(HPU)

Todd Withers, from Northeast Guilford High School, averaging 14 ppg and 8 rebounds per game, along with Solomon Smith, from Greensboro Day School, at 3.5 ppg, with Withers a senior and Smith a freshman, they have helped Queens University(32-3) reach the NCAA DII men’s basketball semifinals tomorrow night, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota…..

Queens University, coached by Bart Lundy, who was at Queens a few years back and had success there, then he went on over to High Point University, had success there and moved on to become as assistant coach at Cincinnati and then Lundy came back to Queens, and now he has his men, rolling again…

All the way to the DII Semifinals led by Withers, from NEG and by Smith, from GDS…..Queens the #2 seed at (32-3) vs. Northern State, from South Dakota, at 35-3 and the #3 seed…..Tip-off set for 9:30 tomorrow night/Thursday night with Queens vs. Northern State….Bart Lundy(296-164) in 15 seasons of college basketball coaching….

*****Wonder if Bart Lundy might look at returning to High Point U.?????*****


  1. Thursday night’s/Tonight’s games will be aired on the CBS Sports Network.

    Todd Withers(Northeast Guilford HS) with 26 points in the quarterfinal win by Queens….

  2. Bart Lundy isn’t going back to HPU as long as JV Donald Trump is president of that university.

    Lundy did a pretty good job there, as did Scott Cherry, who just got fired. Good luck to whomever Nido hires next. He’s going to need it.

  3. If they can’t get Lundy, why not go after J.P. Mundy or Rick Monday or even a modern-day Billy Sunday….Joe Friday, or even Wednesday from the Adams Family or Tuesday Weld from the old actors guild or it might be a stretch, but Jeff Saturday might be a real find/steal…..As far a Thursday, today is Thursday, so that how we will work that in….

    In a real world though, I can’t figure out for the life of me, or for the ‘basketball life’ of Scott Cherry, why High Point got rid of Scott Cherry?????

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