What’s Up with the North Carolina Central Women’s Basketball Program???:Four Central Players have their scholarships stripped/taken away

What is going on with the women’s basketball program at N.C. Central University???

As the 2017-2018 season came to close, four N.C. Central women basketball players had their basketball scholarships stripped/taken away….

First-year coach Trisha Stafford-Odom revoked the scholarships of freshman forward Alyssa Thompson, junior guard Dominique Adams, junior forward Deja McCain and junior guard Jayla Colhoun…..

The four players received Emails, with the notification that their scholarships would not be renewed….

Coach Stafford-Odom declined to comment on the matter, but in a statement issued by the school/North Carolina Central University, the school said:

“Athletic scholarships at NCCU are granted for one academic year. The decision to cancel, reduce or renew a student-athlete’s scholarship award is within the purview and discretion of a coach. The university also carefully complies with its obligations as per NCAA Bylaw, providing notification to student-athletes about a reduction or non-renewal of their annual scholarship by the required July 1 deadline. Student-athletes whose scholarships are canceled, reduced or not renewed may appeal the decision in accordance with NCCU’s scholarship appeal process for all scholarship recipients at the university.”

The reaction from the parents of Alyssa Thompson, Dominique Adams, Deja McCain, and Jayla Colhoun is that they will enter an appeal with the university/N.C. Central, but that the players do not have any desire, or intent, to play for coach Trisha Stafford-Odom ever again….

Scholarships go out the window, but is the ‘window of opportunity’ still open for these student-athletes, at N.C. Central University…..

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