Page Baseball must surrender win to Northwest Guilford Vikings due to exceeding the pitch count on March 22:Violation will cost Pirates a ‘W’ and $500.00

The Page Pirates pitcher in question threw 129 pitches vs. Northwest Guilford on March 22 and the pitch-count limit is 105 pitches per day, as established by the NCHSAA and with the violation, Page must forfeit that game to Northwest and the Pirates will be forced to pay a $500.00 fine to I would think, the NCHSAA…This is the first time we have heard of the pitch count count violation coming into play in Guilford County, but we were alerted, by one of our readers, back on the night of March 22 just after the game had been completed, that the Page would be forced to forfeit the game to NWG…At that time no further details were available….

Here is how the rule works, as it was enacted on the national high school level….Again, the pitch-count limit in North Carolina is 105 pitches per day….

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has mandated that its member associations impose pitch limits starting with the 2017 season after seeing the results of a study using data gathered through High School Reporting Information Online (the data collection tool for the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study). That study found that the majority of shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball were sustained by pitchers, and most of those injuries were chronic and were caused by overuse. More than 25 percent of the athletes with elbow or shoulder injuries missed more than three weeks of the season, the study indicated, and 11 percent of the elbow injuries ended a player’s season.

As well as requiring rest between pitching appearances, the NCHSAA imposed a limit of 105 pitches per day, although a pitcher can finish an at-bat with a hitter that started when he had thrown 104 or fewer pitches.

Read much about this process from Joe Sirera, at the News and Record HSXtra site/, when you CLICK HERE…..


  1. That’s too bad for Page. Blame lies solely on the Coaches here. I wonder what the NCHSAA’s definition of “rest” is. If you throw 100 pitches on a Monday, can you play another defensive position on Wednesday? That’s not really “rest”. Just curious. Does anyone know what “rest” really means?

  2. On a bit of a side note/sidebar…Northwest Guilford at Page baseball tomorrow/Friday night….

  3. That’s what I have been looking for all of these years, REST.

    Have not been able to find it since I left UNC.

    Just can’t get no satisfaction.

  4. Kudos to the coach and the AD for allowing this to happen and then not having the guts to talk to the newspaper reporter.

  5. Has the different travel ball circuits adopted any policies to protect arms? They could play up to not sure but I’m guessing 4-5 games on a given weekend.

  6. And more than likely will be forfeiting a jv game the very next week for not allowing the appropriate number of days rest before pitching again.

  7. The pitch count rule is a win for the athlete. While most coaches keep the well-being of the athlete first, the pressure of competition clouds judgement at times and pitching athletes are overused resulting in injury. By implementing this rule the NFHS has stepped in to protect the athlete from harm. Unfortunately these protections apply only to the H.S. segment of the athlete’s baseball calendar leaving them vulnerable to the pressure induced by multi-game weekend tournaments of the baseball industrial complex that is Travel Baseball.

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