Videos from Saturday’s 7 on 7 Football Action at Guilford College and Dudley HS:WS Parkland tops East Forsyth to take Guilford College 2018 Title/Southeast Guilford defeats HP Christian to win the Dudley Title

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+++++High Point Christian stops Dudley in the Dudley 7 on 7 semifinals and then Southeast tops High Point Christian in the Final Game, as the SEG Falcons take/win the 2018 Dudley 7 on 7 Championship…+++++

**********WS Parkland tops East Forsyth to take Guilford College 2018 7 on 7 Title and we are still looking to find out who was the Finals Winner at Dudley High School?
+++++East Forsyth tops Carrboro, Northern Guilford and then the Eagles fell to the WS Parkland Mustangs in the Guilford Final…+++++

*****In the Semifinals at Dudley we saw Southeast Guilford, High Point Christian Academy and Dudley all in the Semis….*****
+++++Alston Hooker quarterbacking Dudley, Ryan Douglas QB’ing SEG and not sure who the HPCA qb was, but he was tall and so were his primary receivers…+++++

Videos are rolling now from the Saturday 7 on 7’s and we begin at Guilford College…
Guilford in and Dudley is in….

Click Below for Northern Guilford in action at Guilford College…

Northern Guilford in action..

Next Up Southern Guilford in action and Storm start out on defense…

Southern Guilford going on Offense with Ty Norwood calling the plays…

East Forsyth in action on Defense…Coach Beal leading the charges…

EF switching from D to Offense…

EF on Offense…

DUDLEY 7 on 7…
Western Guilford on defense…Click Below

Southeast Guilford vs. Western Guilford…Click Helow

Carrying on with Southeast, Western Northeast Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Dudley and High Point Christian in action….

Got some NEG-NWG working now…

Back up on the main field for Dudley-HP Christian…


  1. Great day for the Falcons. They should have gone undefeated on the day, but a ref made a VERY questionable call that nullified a last play TD. They played with a lot of heart and are starting to look like a team.

  2. WS Parkland over East Forsyth in the Guilford College Final….Looking for the Dudley Winner….

  3. Southeast Guilford won the Championship over tough High Point Central team 14-0………..Southeast Guilford has Talent…………;-)

  4. Southeast Guilford won the title over a tough High Point Christian team 14-0. Southeast Guilford has Talent……… 😉

  5. Let’s wait and see if SE can beat anybody this year. They went 9-0 against teams with losing records last season and 0-3 against teams with winning records. Winston Salem Prep and High Point Christian aren’t exactly powerhouses either.

  6. @Wait and See………..that is a good point, but of those three games (against two teams) they were in every game pretty much until the end except the 1st Dudley game where Rush went off at the end of the third and into the fourth. Also, those two teams did well in the playoffs and were each of them was play or so away from going to the next round. Not that last year is this year, but considering we rarely had a chance a beating strong state title contenders they took a step in the right direction.

    Either way, you might want to talk about Dudley because they lost to HP Christian. Southeast, we are a bunch of country boys and kids from the burbs that aren’t supposed to be good anyway, but Dudley…….they are supposed to CRUSH a school like High Point Christian……….just saying.

  7. You can’t put to much in 7 on 7. Southeast is heading in the right direction. But everybody knows at the end of the day Dudley runs the ball first and put pressure on the QB. When you play against Dudley you must stop the run.

  8. Dudley Fan,

    You are right about Dudley being a run team. It will be interesting to see how things play out with them this season.

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