Keeping an eye on what’s on the 7 on 7 Back-Burner for this Week:East Forsyth and Dudley at Northwest Guilford on Tuesday

7 on 7’s for this week…..
*****Northwest Guilford, Dudley, and East Forsyth at 9am at Northwest Guilford High School, on Tuesday morning…..*****

Next week the high school football teams will be off for the Fourth of July holiday week and this week, we are looking for games that will be played in our area, so we can get those posted….

They are working on a 7 on 7 for Tuesday morning at Northwest Guilford HS and we will keep you posted on that one, as it comes together….

Page was at the Carolina Panthers 7 on 7 last weekend, June 15-16 and not sure how that one went for them, but Page also faced Southeast Guilford last week and it would be interesting to see and hear how that one turned out, since SEG won the Dudley 7 on 7 this past Saturday, over at Dudley HS….

As get more and learn more, we will posting more, on the upcoming 7 on 7 passing games/tournaments……Elon used to have a big 7 on 7 event usually spread out over two weeks and Wake Forest has had one in the past, with Wake usually going 7 on 7 on Friday or Saturday, and then coming back with a combine on Sunday….Not hearing as much about the combines these days, but I guess they are still rolling……..

3 thoughts on “Keeping an eye on what’s on the 7 on 7 Back-Burner for this Week:East Forsyth and Dudley at Northwest Guilford on Tuesday

  1. I was at the Page/SE 7v7 last week and Page was the better team that day by far……..BUT I have to be fair to SE. They played like a completely different team on Saturday. There was more effort, more camaraderie, and better execution all around and I don’t believe that was because of the level skill/talent on the other side of the ball. People may discredit High Point Christian because they are a private school, but they have a lot of talented guys over there. Also, from what I can tell SE is still trying to determine who is playing where. We lost 20+ seniors last year. We have some experienced varsity guys, but we also have a lot of inexperienced varsity guys as well. I was really impressed with how the rising seniors stepped up and how some of the less experienced guys (varsity experience) stepped up and made contributions.

    Either way, none of these teams will know what they really have until they put on some pads and see what these offensive and defensive lines will look like.

  2. You might want to talk to the staff at Page about how the combines went for one of their players……….;-)

  3. Page pretty much dominated which was also the case earlier in the week against Glenn. Doesn’t surprise me that SEG regrouped and played well on Saturday. Some good players and coaches there. Also, it’s still early as SEG has Talent indicates so everyone is learning. All I know is I’m glad we have football to talk about!

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