Keith Gatlin moves to High Point University as the Panthers assistant basketball coach, now wondering who will be the new head coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy???

With all of the developments surrounding Keith Gatlin leaving Wesleyan Christian Academy, to become the mens assistant basketball coach at High Point University under head coach Tubby Smith, it makes you wonder, who now will be the new boys basketball coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy, in High Point….Keith had some very good teams at WES over the years(the list of players is long), with Aaron Wiggins, Jaylen Hoard, Theo Pinson, Harry Giles, Trey Chapman, Jalen Johnson, JaQuel Richmond, Michael Buckland, Montay Brandon, Brandon Childress and many others and the job at WES should be very alluring to an up-and-coming coach, and for any coach, even a veteran coach, for that matter…The WES job is an elite job and the new coaching choice for WES AD Glen Foster, will be an important one….Keith Gatlin, with all of his key basketball contacts, has made the WES program, one of the tops in the nation and they have been nationally ranked over the past several high school basketball seasons….

Here is what they are saying over at HPU, as Keith Gatlin begins his college coaching career after spending many years coaching high school basketball in our area…..

“We are so excited to have Keith join our coaching staff,” High Point University head coach Tubby Smith said in a news release today. “He brings years of teaching and coaching experience. He has competed at every level of competition and played for outstanding coaches in high school, college and professional basketball. He is well respected in North Carolina and around the nation.

“Having been a head coach at Wesleyan Christian, where he developed an excellent basketball program with good players, we know he will help us recruit and develop successful young men at HPU. Keith is an extraordinary father, husband and coach that will make Panther basketball better.”

In the news release today, Gatlin said: “I am excited to join the Panther community. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside the incredibly accomplished and future Hall of Fame coach Tubby Smith and all of the HPU men’s basketball coaches and staff. I especially look forward to working with all of the talented student-athletes on the HPU basketball team!”

Now for the new coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy???
New coach will still have the Langley twins, Kobe and Keyshaun…Plus Aaron Wiggins younger brother(Josh) is coming up from JV’s too…

Let the speculation begin…..

5 thoughts on “Keith Gatlin moves to High Point University as the Panthers assistant basketball coach, now wondering who will be the new head coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy???

  1. Wesleyan is a great school which has some amazing programs and very loyal players and coaches. Wesleyan would be an amazing place to coach and they have an excellent support system with Glen as their AD he is one of the best I have seen.

  2. I Currently live in trinity, and I would love to see them reach out to Tim Kelly Jr. Son of Tim Kelly at Trinity

  3. I think Tim Kelly Jr. was/is the coach at Wheatmore, right???

    Are there any assistant coaches on the WES staff that worked with Coach Gatlin, that might make the move and become the Trojans’ head coach???

    This really is a high-profile job….

  4. Correct he is still at wheatmore. I think that him being in his early 30’s which I could be incorrect. Would allow them to have someone who could stay awhile

  5. I wonder if Brandon Clifford, the former head coach over at High Point CHristian Academy, would be interested in relocating/returning to the Triad area and taking over at Wesleyan Christian Academy…

    He did a good job at HPCA and no disrespect to the HPCA Cougars, but I think the WES job would be a step up for Brandon Clifford….

    He was with the Dallas Mavericks for a year, in an operations position and last year, if I am not mistaken, he was coaching high school basketball, at an Academy in Tennessee….

    Who is next for WES?????

    You know what, it would be a BOLD move, but Jeff Smith, the top assistant at Greensboro Day School, he should look into that job a WES…

    Why not, for many coaches it is all about finding that head coaching position that works for them and for some, if they have not been a head coach, and if they are getting older and if being a head coach is something they really want to do, now might be the time to make a move….

    Pretty bold move when Jeff Capel left Duke and went to be the head coach at Pittsburgh….

    Again, who is next at WES?????

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