15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Monday we visited Northwest Guilford HS)

We are trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the next 15 days and we made the stop today at Northwest Guilford High School and we had 5 Key Questions for the Vikings’ head coach Kevin Wallace….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Johnny Pagano

2)Top Running back?
We have at least three….Andre Donnell, Caleb Andrews and Jacob Hardy…

3)Top Receiver?
Cameron Cloud and Brandon Thomas is looking real good too..

4)Top Defensive Player?
Pete Hennigan, the brother of former NWG Viking, Thomas Hennigan, now a top player for the Appalachian State Mountaineers…Hennigan(Pete) not a big man, but he makes up for any lack of size and speed with his “nose for the football” and you can’t beat the pedigree….Brother Thomas and Uncle Mike, an LB who played in the NFL…Also on ‘D’, you have Safety Ethan Smith, who has really come on strong….

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
Finish….Must stay Healthy, in order to Finish and the key is Finish everything…Every practice, Every Workout, Every play, Every Game, Every Move, FINISH….

*****Click Below for practice in progress…Not LIVE, but you know what we mean, they are going at it/going to work…*****

Northwest Guilford has seen the return of former player Christian Dix(Brevard College), now back at NWG, to become part of the coaching staff and he is working with the linebackers….Longtime NWG Coach Ron Bare is still there and going hard at it and one of the former McMichael coaches has come on board and NWG would love to bring back Coach Simmons if they could ever get that worked out….As some were saying, not bad to see some of the old coaches or players, off of Coach Joe Woodruff’s staff coming around…..

+++++And that is it for our first practice today and hope to back on the road for “15 Schools in Days with 5 Key Questions for the Coaches”, on Tuesday….+++++

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