15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Friday morning we visited Southwest Guilford High School, in High Point)

15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Friday morning we visited Southwest Guilford High School)

We are trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the next 15 days and we made the stop this morning at Southwest Guilford, and we have 5 Key Questions for the Cowboys’ head coach Eric Rainey….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Devan Flowers and Jaden Rogers are fighting it out for the top spot…..Flowers played a lot on Varsity, at QB, last season…

2)Top Running back?
Tyree Graham

3)Top Receiver?
Caleb Curtain….QB Flowers and WR Curtain were teammates on the Southwest Guilford Middle School team that went Unbeaten and won the Guilford County Championship, back in 2016….

4)Top Defensive Player?
John Oxce and Miles Murphy
***Top Offensive Lineman:Wes Cooper(One of the few returning O-Linemen for the SWG Cowboys and a Senior)…

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
We are a young team and we need Game Experience…The scrimmages we have lined up next week will help us…We will face Southern Alamance next Wednesday and then travel to meet the Glenn Bobcats on Friday, of next week….Again, what this bunch needs right now is experience and it needs to be Game Experience…..That is one of the big differences this year from last year…We lost a lot of seniors who had taken a lot of snaps for us, and now we must re-build that experience factor…..These young men need LIVE action/snaps in a real game setting…..

*****Click Below for the Cowboys’ practice in progress, as they are going at it in the Southwest Guilford High School Jim Coggins Gym on Friday morning, due to the rain and wet fields outside….*****

+++++Click On Below to see the Videos….+++++

Cowboys’ Varsity working on some plays….

Cowboys’ JV’s warming up….

Hand-off drill in progress…


  1. I see you are STILL trying to crown the 2016 Southwest Guilford Middle School Team “County Champs”. Lotta good players on that team, but I saw them play and I’ll say that crowning SW county Champs without them playing each other is pushing it. We had TWO kids that made the USA Football National team that season and a better line than SW AND we beat our common opponent (Jamestown Middle) in much better fashion. I know that you like “certain players” at SE, but please give credit where it is due. I guess you can tell that I’m still irked.

    Either way, SW has some good kids on their squad that work hard and will do well. Much success to them this season……….other than if they play SE in the playoffs………….;-)

  2. You gotta love that Middle School Football and I have really enjoyed my days on the Middle School Football Trail and I am surprised I can remember anything after that hit I took in the head in the Buster Douglas fight, or was that the Oliver Douglas fight??? That might have been the fight with Mr. Douglas(Oliver) over the Green Acres land rights….

    I gotta use the names where I can and I have some good Southeast Guilford coverage up on the site today, and that was from yesterday’s/Friday’s SEG Varsity football practice….

    Coach Dave Beasley and his staff at Southeast Guilford Middle School have had excellent football teams for what is probably a 25-30 year period…Southwest, or not many other teams for that matter can measure up to that success that SEG has had over the years….

    Coach Dave Beasley and his SEG Middle School Falcons have got it done for an extended period of time and they deserve that recognition and if we haven’t stated that before, then it is for sure up on the docket for today’s session….

    The SWG coach, they call him Coach Joey, that led the SWG team back in 2016 is now an assistant coach with the SWG Varsity team, so congrats to him, on his step up….

    Congrats to all on their first full week of practice and let’s hope all went well, as the players put on all of the pads and went with the full gear for the first time today, although many were in the gym…..

    Looking forward to getting back on that Middle School trail this year/season and I hope the high school seasons for all of our Guilford County teams are productive as well….

    Everybody get plenty of rest this weekend, we have a hard but potentially prosperous week ahead us, come Monday….

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