MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Tuesday afternoon we closed out the tour by visiting Southern Guilford High School)

We wrapped it all up today/Tuesday afternoon by visiting 15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(This afternoon we stopped by at Southern Guilford High School, on Drake Road and off of Kivett Drive.)

We were trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the last 15 days and we did it, by hitting Southern Guilford this afternoon, and we had 5 Key Questions for the Storm’s head coach(Bear Bradley)…..

Upcoming This Week:Friday night Ragsdale at Southern Guilford…..

Questions for the Coach, SG’s Bear Bradley……….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Miles Crisp and he is only a sophomore, and he is ready…

2)Top Running back?
Jamiah McMillin, Desmond Thompson and Trevon McKinnon…..

3)Top Receiver?
Anthony Morrison, Amari Lee and Jayden Smith

4)Top Defensive Player?
Roman Johnson, Jamiah McMillin and Abdullah Kahn

***Top Offensive Linemen:
Korey Wright, Jayden Ferere and Jeff Oates….*****

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
We had to get used to the system….We have had to develop a certain level of Trust….Trust in the practice, Trust in the off-season workouts, Trust in yourself and believe in yourself, even on those Mondays after a very tough Friday Night loss….We must become as a Family and Southern Guilford has had that family-like atmosphere over the years, but this has to be the ‘Bear Bradley Family’ and I want all of my players to be right here in the middle of this “Family Circle” with me….We are all in this together and it can get HOT!!! It is going to get HOT and it will stay HOT for a long time and we have to develop that mentality that we can win when it is cold and we can win when it is HOT, real HOT…..We have to have that Family Trust on Offense and on Defense….We must see it on Special Teams and coming out of the locker room for practice and then when we shut it all down at the end of the day, and go into the locker room and head for home, to be with our other families……

“This is a Family and it is going to stay a Family”……
(We have become a Family in the midst of a Storm.)

*****Click Below for the Southern Guilford Storm during ‘Game Week’ practice Tuesday afternoon on the football practice field, just outside SG’s C.K. Siler Stadium this afternoon. ‘Game Week’ and just 2 days until the Main Event, on Friday night….*****


  1. Is High Point Christian not in Guilford County? Would’ve thought a team with two private schools state titles in three years would merit a preview, too. Or did I just miss it?

  2. Our journey was to the 15 Guilford County Public Schools or the GCS/GPS as in public schools….

    We should have done a better job of specifying that point….

    Hope to get HPCA on one of our shows from KickBack Jack’s this Fall and let it all fall where it may…

    High Point Christian is getting there, but they are still not where schools like Charlotte Christian are, year-in, year-out…..

    I hope one day they can get more top-level public schools on the HPCA Football Schedule…

    There is a very big difference in the level of play with Private School Football and Private School Basketball…

    Most all of the Private School Basketball teams can compete with the top-tier Public Schools, but that is not yet the case, for say Private School Football vs. Public School Football….

    It took a number of years for the schools like GDS to get there and they did, and some day the same might said for HPCA Football…

    As crazy as it might sound, HPCA football may be edging ahead of HPCA basketball in the ability to compete at a higher level…Since Brandon Clifford left HPCA boys basketball, the rebuilding period has been an extended one…

    Coach Bell has done a very good job in developing HPCA football, but it still may be a while before the Cougars are right there with the area Guilford County Public School teams…

    There are several that HPCA could go with right now, but start throwing in the Page, Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Southwest Guilford, Ragsdales, Eastern Guilfords and a few more and not sure we would want to see that final score, at least not for the sake of HPCA….

    HPCA has a very strong QB in John Saunders Jr. and two or three upper level defensive players, but as a whole and then when you get to the depth level, that is where you begin to see a major difference between them and the Top Ten Guilford County Public School teams….

    Rolling in Top Ten Territory with the teams we have been talking about,

    Southeast Guilford
    Eastern Guilford
    Southwest Guilford
    Northern Guilford
    Northwest Guilford
    High Point Central

    And that might make a good Top Ten right there and not sure HPCA is in that Top Ten….

    But if they stay at it long enough, I’m sure their day will be coming….They will need to get at least 5 Guilford County Public Schools on their schedule each year to make a leap like I’m sure they want, and that will come with developing relationships with the Guilford County AD’s and the Guilford County HS football coaches, and that won’t be easy either, but it can happen…

    There just isn’t enough Private School football competition around here to make HPCA a legitimate Private School powerhouse….

    If they can get into the Private School 3-A level of football play and play at that Championship level and win out each year, then you have something….

    Still gonna have to be able to play the Guilford County Public Schools and beat some of the best of them on a regular basis to be a legit Guilford County Schools high school football powerhouse…

    Just a few thoughts and I for sure do not have all of the Answers, but I have a few good ideas and the key point is that I am willing to listen….

    But if I keep writing on this topic in this comment box, Dr. Franklin Gillan or Gilliam, the President over at UNCG, is going to call me in, in May, and present me with an honorary doctorate with a major BS, in Bull Durham…..

    Just a few thoughts from a man who saw some, but did not see it all….The all part is yet to come, so keep your eyes wide-open every single day….

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